Timeshare Complaints: Black list of timeshare fraud resorts

Timeshare complaints - read this before purchasing a timeshare.

Welcome to our Mexican Timeshare Solutions hotel blog, where you can spot timeshare blacklisted companies part of the Mexico timeshare scams. This blog is an open forum for timeshare owners to share their personal experiences with timeshare resorts and Mexican timeshare scams. Our staff does not have any influence on the timeshare complaints listed in our blog. The resorts are ranked by the number of timeshare complaints or comments received. please feel free to post your thoughts or questions about your timeshare scams in Mexico in this timeshare blacklist.

The blacklist timeshare companies below are popular for the Mexican timeshare fraud business that has been going on in the touristic cities like Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Los Cabos and the Cancun timeshare scams in Quintana Roo.

A timeshare is in a few words buying a space to stay during a vacation for for a certain amount of time by paying a monthly fee to your credit card plus an annual maintenance fee. It is not really about purchasing a property, but the right to use a space in a hotel, resort or villas, for a specified for a period of between 10 and 99 years. With Mexico timeshare companies most of the time it is not worth investing in since the majority are timeshare blacklisted companies and buyers are not aware of this.

Mexican timeshare scams occur when tourists sign a contract without knowing everything it implies owning a timeshare, they are distracted by the wonderful stuff they’re told in the presentation, the impressive photos of the luxurious units, smiling people, and the manipulations of a sales person from one of the Mexico timeshare companies looking for a large commission. This is how a mexican timeshare fraud might begin. Such companies are probably listed on our timeshare blacklist below.

Though in Mexico timeshare scams happen, we do not mean timeshares are bad, not all Mexican resorts are in the blacklist timeshare companies. You can find some which are legit. If you are alert all timeshare scams in mexico reports had several red flags before the contract is done. The Cancun timeshare scams victims complained about being put under a lot of pressure to sign and other people claimed they experienced bad treatment from the hotel staff after rejecting a timeshare seller or declaring they were not interested.

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