Casa Velas Hotel Boutique, Velas Vallarta Suite Resort & Convention Center, Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort Riviera Maya, Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort Riviera Nayarit.

Legal name
Desarrollos Turisticos de la Costa S.A. de C.V., Promotora Turistica Las Velas S.A. de C
Rental companies
Sierra Rentals and Resales
Cheryl Manaker, Monica Dellagrave

Common Complaints:

  • Claim to sell fractional ownerships instead of timeshares, but in reality they are not deeded properties, just contracts for timeshare weeks.
  • Salesperson claims that all travel expenses would be a tax write off against the property ownership because it is a fractional ownership.
  • Salesperson claims that Sierra will rent out their timeshare weeks for a profit. Sierra charges a listing fee, but then never rents the weeks, and they stop answering the phone.
  • Many clients have received calls from Sierra about a year after their purchase stating that they have a buyer for their Velas Vallarta property. They are told that they just need to pay for the title search and taxes into an escrow account and then they money from the buyer will be released to the seller. The seller wires the money to the escrow company, and then never hears from them again.
  • Offer an annuity program where clients are promised to get their full investment back after 25 years if they pay an extra 5-7% of the purchase price to Lloydshare, the third party company that organizes the annuity.

Velas Vallarta Phone number:

Reservations: 1-877-418-2859
Agencies (USA & Canadá): 1-888-210-9590
Agencies (México): 01-800-685-2048

To receive more information about Velas Vallarta Timeshare complaints and how to cancel it, send a WhatsApp to +52 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

What clients say

I called Mexican Timeshare Solutions with hopes of getting my contract cancelled with my credit score unaffected. Mexican Timeshare Solutions did better than that, within 2 months they had the contract cancelled and 100% of my money was returned to me. I was amazed at the timely manner in which they resolved my dilemma. Also, I paid no money for their services until the money was returned to me, job complete. They worked for me on a contingency plan. If they were unsuccessful, I would pay nothing.
July Syms | Royal Elite Timeshare scam victimView more testimonials
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