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Frequently asked questions

Answers from the best timeshare consultants in Mexico

  1. It is possible to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico and recover my deposit from outside Mexico?

    In 100% of cases, we, MTS are able to achieve the cancellation of a timeshare contract. In many cases, depending on different factors we are also able to collect our client´s deposit back. If we believe we cannot, we will let you know right away. Timeshare Cancellation ensures that you do not have to make any more payments to the resort.

  2. What is a timeshare scam?

    A scam, fraud or misrepresentation occurs when a sales representative creates false expectations with the intention of creating a sale. Common promises include such things as renting a timeshare to create a substantial income; promising the sale of another timeshare and use the money as equity to absorb the cost of the new one; or simply, creating unrealistic expectations to exchange their timeshare for airfare, exclusive hotels, or highly demanded locations.

  3. Will my credit score be affected if Mexican Timeshare Solutions cancels my contract and get my monies back?

    Your credit score will remain intact.

  4. What result can I expect if Mexican Timeshare Solutions handles my case?

    We look forward to give your peace of mind ASAP.
    These are the three main goals when representing you as a client:

    1. Cancel your contract promptly and avoid further payments.
    2. Cancel any further obligations with the timeshare developer.
    3. In some cases, recover any payments given to the timeshare developer.

  5. What sets Mexican Timeshare Solutions apart from other timeshare cancellation companies?

    Various reasons:

    1. We are the only firm in Mexico who specializes in resolving Timeshare fraud claims.
    2. We have been victims of fraudulent timeshare sales practices in the past and empathize with the feeling of being taken advantage of. We see value in providing a service that is rooted in integrity.  Our testimonials say it all.
    3.  We are professionals who know how to use legal aid to prevent you from getting robbed by a salesperson.
    4. We are here to aide owners with their timeshare problems.  If we cannot assist, we will let you know up front without incurring any costs.
    5. Our work is based on a contingency basis, we only get paid if we can cancel your timeshare contract.

  6. How fast can I stop making payments?

    You can stop your payments as soon as we have received an agreement and authorization to represent you as our client.

  7. What is the process?

    The process is very simple. First, call our toll free number, send us an email or fill out our contact form to explain your situation. We´ll contact you shortly after to gather some initial information. Then, we´ll set you up for your free consultation with one of our associates who will be able to advise you about your specific timeshare scam problem.

  8. Will I have to go to court?

    When Mexican Timeshare Solutions handles your case, your timeshare scam/fraud claim will most likely be settled out of court. In fact, 99% of the cases we handle never see the inside of the court room.  Recognizing our record, the Vacation Ownership developers usually prefer to settle out of court when we are representing the victim who purchased a timeshare. However, unlike some other firms, we have qualified attorneys who are prepared to go to court if necessary.

  9. How do I know I have been taken advantage of?

    There is a few hints below, if you can identify with any of these, you probably should get professional legal assistance immediately.

    1. You have been told a timeshare is a financial investment.
    2. You have been told you can make a money by renting your timeshare (Rental income is presented as a "sure thing")
    3. You have been told that if you get tired of your timeshare you can easily resell it and even make a profit on it.
    4. You have been told that you waived your 5 day right of rescission as part of the deal. (You can't waive them no matter what you do or say!)
    5. You have been promised something else as part of your package (discounted airfares, extra days of stay at the property or other properties).
    6. You have been told that there are tax advantages.

  10. How long will it take to resolve my case?

    Each case depends on a variety of factors, such as the complexity of your problem and the tactics of the timeshare company you purchased from. Your case is also subject to the scheduling of the courts. One aspect is for sure, THE SOONER YOU FILE A COMPLAINT, THE MORE CHANCES OF GETTING YOUR INVESTMENT BACK.

  11. What is your success rate?

    We have a 100% success cancellation rate. We put all our efforts into representing you with the highest commitment level so that we can achieve a positive outcome of your case.

  12. My payment is due in a few days. Should I pay for it?

    If you are certain that you want to cancel your contract, contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions now; you should not pay for it. This is another reason to pick up the phone and call our toll free number immediately.  Remember, as soon as we represent you, you will be protected by experts with more than 18 years of experience and thousands of successful cases resolved like yours.

  13. I had a terrible experience where I paid a timeshare cancellation company money upfront to cancel my timeshare and I still own it. I am wary of using any provider that makes similar claims. How is your firm different?

    Our work is based on a contingency basis. Remember that we don't get paid until your contract has been cancelled.

  14. I signed a waiver rescinding my right to cancel; my five day cancellation window will be over shortly and I don´t know what to do.?

    It is a common practice from timeshare developers to prevent you from rescinding your contract; This constitutes fraud. If you have been in this situation, call our free number (888) 275 35-95

  15. Can PROFECO obligate a timeshare company to reimburse the charges to my credit card and cancel my contract?

    Because of the administrative nature of this federal office, they cannot dictate mandatory resolutions to resolve controversies presented to them.  They act as conciliators between the parties. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of PROFECO´S resolution, you should seek legal advice.

  16. My purchase was determined by verbal lies, can PROFECO cancel my contract and recover my investment based on those misrepresentations?

    Unfortunately, all misrepresentations in the timeshare presentation are done in scratch paper and are said verbally, lies are not usually stated in the contract. Verbal promises are not valid for PROFECO’s procedure.

  17. I was told by a the timeshare customer service department that they will not cancel my contract and I am stuck with it. is there anything that can be done in order to stop paying anymore?

    Yes there is. If you wish to cancel your contract you have the right to do so even if a timeshare resort is not granting you the cancellation of your contract. Contact MTS now for a free consultation on how we can cancel your timeshare contract for you.

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