Liablility limitation of opinions.

Some Clients of (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS, share on our website their written testimonials related to how (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS helped them to cancel their timeshare contracts and, in some cases, to recover their money. Such testimonials may contain stories of possible scams and any other form of fraudulence rise from timeshare contracts, and they may incriminate, blame or accuse specific companies or individuals, however, all such stories are personal point of views of each client’s situation and their experience using our services at MTS MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS and may not be considered as a statement of (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS.

Additionally, according to the information contained in the testimonials of our Clients, we have classified said testimonials by “Resort”, just as they were referred in each testimonial, however this classification cannot be considered as a statement from (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS against such Resorts, because we just only have mentioned the number of cases for each resort that we have gotten to know according to our client´s testimonials.   

In this regard, it is under their own responsibility the point of views, materials, testimonials, information or any kind of opinion, submitted or posted on our website by users, clients or any other third personand have not relation at all with (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS.

(MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS does not accept liability for the accuracy, opinion, content, material or link posted by users, clients or any third person, on our website. (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites, which may be posted on our website by users, clients or any third person.

According to section I of the article 76 BIS of the Mexican Consumer Protection Federal Law, at the moment that any person decides to post any opinion, content, material or link on this web site, hereby agree and consent that his/her full name, photo, and/or video, and any other information shared on this web site, may be used by (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS and its parent companies. At the same time, when any person posts any testimonial on our website, said person hereby accept the legal liability of the statements contained in said testimonial, therefore these statements are no made on behalf of (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS.

On the other hand, any user, client or third person who publishes any photos, images or content on our web site, must have the legal authorization from the copyright owner of said works.At the same time (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS receives an authorization to use said intellectual property according to its needs.The opinions, materials, information or any kind of content that you post on our website, may be edited or removed at the sole discretion of (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS without notice at any time. However, most of the testimonials of our Clients have been posted on our website as they were substantially written by every Client without edition.

According to article 16 of theMexican Consumer Protection Federal Law, the information submitted  by users, clients or any third person that have been edited by (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS before posting on our website, could be modified as a request of its owner, whenever he/she considers that the final posted information is not a faith summary or abstract of his/her statements or information submitted.

Regarding the article 32 of the Mexica Consumer Protection Federal Law, (MTS) MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS declares that its client´s testimonials and statements posted on our website, were truly expressed by such Clients, therefore could be a partial, ambiguous or faithless view of facts rise from the experience of our services, that´s why in order to avoid confusions and fake information, we recommend you to consult to our experts.      

So, If you require specific advice for your individual circumstances, contact directly to a MTS MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS' expert. Do not rely on the general material on this website, neither on the opinions or information posted on such website by our clients, users or any third person.

So, the final result obtained in each casereferred in testimonials, not necessarily will be the same for you. Each case has particularities that need to be analyzed by our experts, and the final result obtained depends on the specific circumstances of every case. Therefore, in order to get an appropriate advice we recommend you to consult a MTS MEXICAN TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS' expert directly.