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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Complaints

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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Complaints
  Legal Name:
Operadora de Inmuebles Los Arcos S.A. de C.V.; Terra pacifica S.A. de C.V.
  Resort sales locations
Cabo, Mazatlan.
  Resort collections
Concord Servicing Corporation, Phoenix, AZ.
  Rental Companies:
Suite Getaway, Elite Retreat
Hotel Representatives:
Sergio Cayeros, Tele Gutierrez, David Larson, Alfredo Ramirez, Briselda Ahumada, Eugene Miller, Veronica Escamilla, Roberto Guzman, Melanie Glazier, Omar Alvarez.

Common Complaints:

  • Salesperson has client sign a waiver giving up their 5 day right to cancel as it is a special one-day only offer. This is illegal in Mexico.
  • Salesperson promises to sell their old timeshare to offset the cost of the new timeshare. In the end the client is referred to a resale company that does not sell the old timeshare and the client is stuck with two timeshares and the maintenance fees for both properties.

Cabo San Lucas
Estados Unidos, Canadá: 011 (52) (624) 142 9999
International: + (52) (624) 142 9999
México: (624) 142 9999
Estados Unidos, Canadá Fax: 011 (52) (624) 142 9957
International Fax: + (52) (624) 142 9957
México Fax: (624) 142-9957

Playa El Médano
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canadá: 011 (52) (624) 142 9898
International: + (52) (624) 142 9898
México: (624) 142 9898
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 143 5972
International Fax: + (52) (624) 143 5972
Mexico Fax: (624) 143 5972

Playa El Médano S/N
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9797
International: + (52) (624) 142 9797
Mexico: 01 (624) 142 9797
Estados Unidos, Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 143 1995
International Fax: + (52) (624) 143 1995
Mexico Fax: 01 (624) 143 1995

Cabo Pacífica
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9696
International: + (52) (624) 142 9696
México: (624) 142 9696
Estados Unidos, Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 142 9605
International Fax: + (52) (624) 142 9605
México Fax: (624) 142-9605

Cabo Pacífica
Predio Paraíso Escondido
Cabo San Lucas,
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (624) 142 9999
International: + 01 (624) 142 9999
Mexico: 01 (624) 142 9999
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (624) 173 6101
Internacional Fax: + (52) (624) 173 6101
Mexico Fax: 01 (624) 173 6101

Zona Nuevo Mazatlán
Estados Unidos, Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 0525
International: + (52) (669) 989 0525
Mexico: (669) 989 0525
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 988 0718
International Fax: + (52) (669) 988 0718
Mexico Fax: (669) 988 0718

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 8900
International: + (52) (669) 989 8900
México: 01 (669) 989 8900
Estados Unidos o Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 914 1723
Internacional Fax: + (52) (669) 914 1723
Mexico Fax: 01 (669) 914 1723

Residencias Emerald de Pueblo Bonito
Estados Unidos,Canada: 011 (52) (669) 989 0525
International: + (52) (669) 989 0525
Mexico: 01 (669) 989 0525
Estados Unidos,Canada Fax: 011 (52) (669) 988 0320
International Fax: + (52) (669) 988 0320
Mexico Fax: 01 (669) 988 0320

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337 Complaints
  • LoverboyApril 24, 2019, 3:25 pm

    We purchased the old Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan in Nov 2018. Been trying to get out of it ever since. The Agent never showed us the units. We looked at them a few days after purchasing and they are cold, clammy, cheap and very poor quality. We were promised 5 Star resort. It won't even be a 3 star. They also stated the phase 1 remodel would be done in 2018. i doubt is will be done in 2019. Then told the main larger part of the resort would be done in 2019. They won't even start on that until 2020. The Sales agent lied and deceived us because we had owned there prior and had trust they would do a nice job. Unfortunately the new owners are cheap and stupid and don't care about quality. We visited the Mayan and Torres remodel jobs and they are beautiful, perfect and warm and definitely 5 star. Not the case with this one..

  • Barbara-Jean L OttleyMarzo 30, 2019, 7:02 am

    DO NOT BUY A TIMESHARE OR FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP FROM PUEBLO BONITO! If you are reading this post, you have probably already signed the contract. Once you sign the credit card agreement for the down payment, you are waiving your right to cancel the contract and have your down payment refunded. In Mexico, you have 5 business days to rescind/cancel a contract. BUT, this law does not help you! Profeco, the Mexican consumer protection agency is there to help you. BUT, when you send them your complaint, your documents will be too large to be sent by email attachment and you will not be able to send them what they need, and your time limit of sending these documents will expire, and they (PROFECO) WILL CLOSE YOUR CASE!!!! Your only hope to get out of this plight is to immediately call your credit card company and ask if you can cancel the credit card that you used so the charge cannot post. If it has posted but is still pending, they may be able to help you. THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE IS TO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL DURING THE TIMESHARE PRESENTATION SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE INFORMED DECISIONS WITHOUT COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT! Try to enjoy the rest of your week in Mexico.

  • Jorge ramos Marzo 14, 2019, 3:23 pm

    Adquirimos la membresía pagamos el enganche pero jamás hemos disfrutado absolutamente nada! Hoy según ellos debemos la millonada, no queremos nada con ellos, no hemos disfrutado absolutamente nada! No queremos nada, les regalamos el dinero que les dimos pero no estamos obligados a lo imposible! No podemos pagar lo que piden ni en sueños! Qué podemos hacer??!

  • Karina R.September 3, 2018, 12:52 am

    Muy bonito y todo pero el servicio que dan por la membresía que compras con ellos es lo peor que nos pudo pasar, no estan respetando el acuerdo que nos dijeron durante la presentación, ademas no hemos visto beneficio alguno, llevamos casi 2 años con la membresía y nos estan exigiendo que paguemos mas para poder hacer uso de otros beneficios, una total estafa

  • Ricardo Corona June 10, 2018, 4:28 pm

    Pueblo bonito son un fraude total, mis papas tienen ya unos años con una membresia con Pueblo Bonito, al principio todo muy bien, unos años hacia aca las cosas empezaron a cambiar y empezaron a querer cobrarles mas por una actualizacion de su membresia, mis papas no accedieron y de ahi en adelante les ponen trabas para poder usar su membresia actual, buscamos urgente la forma de cancelar la membresia !

  • WandaMay 15, 2018, 12:53 pm

    My husband and I purchased a timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas. We were told if we wanted to cancel we had to mail them a request for cancellation. The only problem is the address on the contract is not an actual address according to the USPS and FEDEX. I tried mailing them and FEDEX made the correction anyway, and my mail was still refused by Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Providing a fake address is a breach of contract.

  • Ma. Elena GutierrezMarzo 30, 2018, 3:54 pm

    Horrible se queda corto con lo que hemos vividoa traves de los años con la cadena de royal holiday, hace un par de años compramos una membresia de tiempo compartido con estas personas y la hemos pasado mal, con la ilusion de que seria una buena inversion para la familia, nada de lo que nos dijeron en la presentacion han cumplido, hemos buscado de mil formas librarnos del contrato pero no lo hemos logrado, unos amigos nos recomendaron este sitio, ayuda! gracias

  • AraceliMarzo 8, 2018, 2:35 pm

    In Jan 2018, I purchased into a "vacation fractional ownership", they are doing away with the term "timeshare" because that carries a negative overall sense (as it should). At the time of the signing the agreement, the very convincing salesman advised that I would get a $3000/annual credit (which could be used towards airfare, golf, cruises, hotel stays at other resorts and hotels, car and merchandise), he even showed examples of the merchandise via his presentation books. Further, he told me I could use that same credit for my airfare returning back to Pueblo Bonito or other destinations. Needless to say, this is not a true fact, but rather a "savings credit" which gives you up to $3000 supposed in discounts on any of the choices stated above. You still pay for whatever you are seeking. Its bogus and total b.s. I have yet to experience other problems, but this is just the beginning and very early into my experience with PB Sunset Beach. Keeping my fingers cross.

  • Harish ChandraJanuary 18, 2018, 2:50 pm

    Total rip off company,
    promised my account is cancelled, now they show on my credit report.
    Have been dealing with them since our last vacation to have this cancelled no luck so far -Account Cancelled Account# 13460157740

  • Robert B. & Jane A. SnowJanuary 10, 2018, 12:42 pm

    Do Pueblo Bonito properties recommend Elete Retreat Timeshare sales group for selling an owner's units? They have represented themselves in that capacity. You have repeatedly warned against dealing with any timeshare re-sale companies. We cannot find anything positive about them. Only dissatisfied customers. Please advise if you indorse this company. Thank you, Robert Snow

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