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Based on what clients have told us when requesting for our help, we decided to let people know hereby about the complaints received day by day and how people have been affected by Villa del Palmar.

Villa del Palmar is a resort that belongs to Villa group timeshare in different locations throughout Mexico like Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit. Villagroup time share resorts count with different recreational spots like pools, tennis courts, gym, spa & nearby golf course for you to enjoy and experience a relaxing vacation in a place where you can find from villas to condos, suites and penthouses, all for public in general there is no “only members” area.

Villa del Palmar timeshare reviews show that regardless of all amenities that these resorts offer they are scam experts at what they do, the Villa group timeshare personnel know how to talk like professionals, negotiate like professionals and rob money from you like professionals, many people have fallen victim, so protecting yourself from a Villa del Palmar timeshare scam is the best thing you can do.

It is obvious that resorts will worship their company and submit about their great services on forums created by themselves, this is a new tactic that resorts are using to not appear as bad as they are. So, when you search about Villa del Palmar complaints you’ll find yourself with many articles or websites that mention totally the opposite, these again, is work done by them. Luckily there exists reliable websites that expose what they really are. 

Villa del Palmar’s sales area has a well recognized reputation because of the lies, scams and salespeople misrepresentations of the contract just for you to sign up for a timeshare with Villa Group. Under so many complaints about Villa del Palmar timeshares, the pressure and lies from the salesperson are the most spotlighted ones in forums around the web and the main reason for a vacation to turn into a nightmare. 

Villa del Palmar sales associates like any other sales person will tell you the wonders you want to hear in order for you to make a purchase, starting for example with offers of fascinating gifts just to attend a sales presentation. Then, lie about timeshare presentations lasting only 90 minutes, but at Villa del Palmar you can be up to 4 hrs in one, just to end up being one more victim of the Villa Group scam.

Do not let their astonishing words lure you away from reality, it is extremely important to read the contract before signing. Usual Villa del Palmar timeshare complaints in reviews forums are from people being attracted by the salesperson's promises and enden up with something totally different. The contract clearly states that any verbal promises made by the sales representative that are not noted on the contract are completely invalid.

Villa del Palmar timeshare salespersons affirm that owing a space with them is the best investment you can do in your life, really? investment? There will be no economic income, no renting, no reselling, you are only paying for future vacations at a high price, for the same place and date, period. Purchasing a membership at Villa del Palmar is not an investment, and it’s also stated in the contract. Thus one more lie, one additional to Villa Group timeshare scam.

Being a member of Villa del Palmar timeshares is not as glamorous as advertised, among so many Villa group complaints, not in conformity with having purchased a membership with them is the predominant.

If you are a current owner of a timeshare at another resort, the sales associate at Villa del Palmar, will offer you a trade in, promising to sell your existing timeshare and give you a better one with them. One of the major Villa Group timeshare scams is exactly that, the sales associates will “sell” your existing timeshare through a resale company and give you a better one with Villa del Palmar, but you end up owning both timeshares. This scam is being spread around all the resorts belonging to Villa Group, such as Villa del Palmar Cancun timeshare and Villa del Palmar Cabo timeshare

Instantly, the urge to contact the person that lied to you arises, and the attempt to reach them starts. You then realize that you can’t get in touch with the salesperson, what happens is that sales people change their name oftenly so you can’t get in touch with them, some others change from resort since they’re already burned at the one they are at. This can occur at resorts, Villa del palmar flamingos rentals companies.

It’s crucial being informed about any type of association before getting into any resale or rental company, many of these promise to list your timeshare and sometimes insist they have a buyer interested in your property, however you have to provide an upfront payment, red flag, most companies that ask for an upfront fee are not a legitimate company. 

Now, something that’s true but they don’t tell you is that they are not obligated to sell your timeshare, so what they do is inform you they’ll take your timeshare and sell it, but they really just put it into their inventory, which is considered as listing, and keep you there waiting while you remain paying until a buyer magically appears, or you simply stop paying thinking your free from them, obviously the selling process never goes through and you end up owing them and sent to collections. 

Villa del Palmar usually works with Monterey Financial which is a collection and at once a financial company. 

Another common lie that sales associates at Villa del Palmar mention is when you finally decide to start with your Villa del Palmar timeshare cancellation process, they affirm that your contract is under the United States Law because their headquarter office is located in San Diego, which is not true, the contract is under the laws of the place where the purchase was made, so if the contract was signed in Mexico means it is under the laws of Mexico

Additionally, the repeated lie regarding the rescission period, which if it has already passed, you cannot cancel. Fairy tale, according to the Mexican Law you have a recession period in order to ask for your Villa group timeshare cancellation, though it's not stated in the contract. 

You must be very cautious as some parts are not stated in the contract and can affect you significantly. Besides not containing the rescission period clause, it also does not include the contract cancellation clause, where it mentions that you are able to cancel the contract, evidently they don’t want you to ever abandon them.

In some cases, other clauses are included in the contract but do not help you somehow, instead it can cause an impact when attempting to cancel your membership. As for example, the 30% penalty fee if you request for the cancellation of the contract, warning, it clearly mentions the cancellation request only, it does not mean that by paying the 30% penalty, they’ll cancel the contract. When the time comes, you’ll be told that the cancellation application was not successful and you’ll remain having the contract. Don’t keep falling into their tactics to get more money from you. 

Moving further with another scam tactic is at the moment of signing your agreement, salespeople will eventually tuck in a waiver where you rescind your right to cancel your timeshare contract, this eventually would be their shield at the moment of trying to cancel your Villa del Palmar timeshare contract. Though a waiver is an illegal action in Mexico, they recur to it hoping not to get caught, otherwise they would be penalized. Therefore making you sign it it’s one of their fraudulent missions.

Between many of Villa Group timeshare reviews you can also find about Villa del Palmar’s customer service, which honestly is not like how they brag about it, its customer service is awful. They never answer the phone, and if they do answer, quote, “whatever problem you may have can be solved by paying a fee”. Sales assistants never know when to just stop with their sales practices.

Bottom line, be prepared to be harassed by the sales staff if you are not a current Villa Group timeshare owner yet and scammed when you are one.

If you plan on attending a sales presentation or get tricked into one, inform yourself before making any kind of purchase, and even if you are rushed, read the contract carefully before signing it. Make sure that what you were told is stated clearly in the agreement, ask as many questions, doubts you have or if there is something you don’t legibly understand. Remember it’s your money, it’s your purchase, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

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To receive more information about Villa del Palmar Timeshare complaints and how to cancel it send a WhatsApp to +52 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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I called Mexican Timeshare Solutions with hopes of getting my contract cancelled with my credit score unaffected. Mexican Timeshare Solutions did better than that, within 2 months they had the contract cancelled and 100% of my money was returned to me. I was amazed at the timely manner in which they resolved my dilemma. Also, I paid no money for their services until the money was returned to me, job complete. They worked for me on a contingency plan. If they were unsuccessful, I would pay nothing.
July Syms | Royal Elite Timeshare scam victimView more testimonials
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