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Who are we?

Mexican Timeshare solutions is a timeshare cancellation company with 25 years of experience.

We help people that cannot keep paying their timeshare or who feel were scammed by fraudulent timeshare salespeople

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What are the benefits of hiring us?

No upfront Payments

If we cancel your timeshare contract we get paid, if not, you don’t pay anything.

Recover your down payment

You have worked hard for your money and we´ll strive to get a refund for you.

Keep clean your credit score

Contact us today to ensure that you maintain an impeccable credit rating.

Stop payments immediately

Stop waste money on an unwanted timeshare; hire our services today and stop paying now.

What clients say

I called Mexican Timeshare Solutions with hopes of getting my contract cancelled with my credit score unaffected. Mexican Timeshare Solutions did better than that, within 2 months they had the contract cancelled and 100% of my money was returned to me. I was amazed at the timely manner in which they resolved my dilemma. Also, I paid no money for their services until the money was returned to me, job complete. They worked for me on a contingency plan. If they were unsuccessful, I would pay nothing.
July Syms | Royal Elite Timeshare scam victimView more testimonials

Black list of timeshare Resorts

Welcome to our Mexican Timeshare Solutions resort black list. This blog is an open forum for timeshare owners to share their personal experiences with timeshare scam resorts. Our staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions does not have any influence on the comments listed in our blog. The resorts are ranked by the number of complaints or comments received. Please feel free to post your thoughts or questions about your timeshare experience.

If you have a timeshare with one of these resorts or any other from Mexico and in some cases the USA and would like to cancel it. We can help you, we have a 100% cancellation rate, with no upfront fees.

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