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El cid Resort Timeshare Complaints

El Cid Resorts, El Cid Vacations Club, El Cid Moro, El Cid Castilla, El Cid Marina, El Cid Cozumel, El Cid Marina Cancun.

El cid Resort Timeshare Complaints
  Legal Name:
El Cid Vacation Club S.A. de C.V.
  Resort sales locations
Mazatlan, Cancun, Cozumel.
  Resort collections
Resort Communications, Inc (RECO), San Diego CA; Textron Financial Corporation
  Rental Companies:
Phoenix Vacation Property Management, Platinum Exchange Services Corp.
Hotel Representatives:
Rui Veloso, Jesus Osuna, Benjamin Goon, Enrique Huerta, Luis Felipe Rodriguez, Olivia Avila Rojas

Common Complaints:

  • Salespeople offer clients false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals etc.
  • Salespeople claim that the points have more value than they actually do for exchange purposes.
  •  Clients are sent the full contract on a CD to their home address. They do not receive a full copy to review and decide whether or not they want to cancel within the 5 day rescission period allowed by Mexican Law.
  • Salespeople offer to resell a previously owned timeshare or take it over in trade so that the client is only responsible for the maintenance fees for the new timeshare. This never happens.

El Cid Resorts Mazatlán
Toll Free
01 800 716 98 00

Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort
Quintana Roo
Toll Free
01 800 003 62 92
011 52 (998) 872 8999

El Cid la Ceiba Hotel de Playa
Toll Free
01 800 670 32 77
011-52 (987) 872 08 44

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294 Complaints
  • DickApril 14, 2017, 3:20 pm

    Sales people tell nothing but lies! Best not to go to ElCid Run,Run, Run as fast as you can out of the sales office.

  • Oscar Mauricio SantosApril 5, 2017, 3:48 am

    Hola, acabo de comprar un programa de estos pero veo que tiene muy malos comentarios, me gustaría ver qué opciones tengo para cancelar

  • Veronica CoronadoMarzo 27, 2017, 9:45 am

    Is there any way to stop EL CID and get our money back?? I also bought last year and now I want to make reservations and ends up I still have to pay 1,680.00. The time share is worthless, I have asked what does the time share cover then? They claim they pay for accommodations, but I still have to pay for all inclusive fees, so I asked to put me somewhere that doesn't offer all inclusive... well behold they cant find any. ITS SAD THAT THE STOLE MY DOWN PAYMENT A HALF A YEAR OF PAYMENTS. With all that money, I could have gone on a trip across the globe without any timeshare.

  • ValeriaMarzo 26, 2017, 2:30 pm

    Pesimo servicio, la membresia que te venden es totalmente un fraude, en nuestro caso llevamos casi 4 años y solo hemos podido usar el tiempo compartido en una sola ocasión, nunca tienen disponibilidad, llevamos años queriendo cancelar la mebresía pero parece que es imposible, estas personas de el cid son unos rateros !!!

  • MarthaJanuary 19, 2017, 8:33 pm

    I bought the timeshare in August of 2016 and like everyone , i was promised easy access to hotels any where I wanted. It's been almost 2 months trying to make a reservation. I was forced to find a hotel my own hotel at a cost of $3000 dollars. False promises (don't fall for it).

  • Jorge TorrejonDecember 2, 2016, 3:07 pm


  • Ximena November 6, 2016, 10:39 pm

    Puedo decirles con seguridad que el cid es una estafa en cuanto a las membresias que te venden, realmente nada es cierto ! de verdad alejense de este resort y nunca vayan a ninguna de sus presentaciones de tiempo compartido , nosotros buscamos la cancelacion INMEDIATA, no podemos seguir pagando un solo centavo a estas ratas

  • Cory ReimanOctober 16, 2016, 11:31 am

    My wife and I have been a part of the Millionaires Club at the El Cid Resort in Mexico for well over 4 years now. My wife, my mother-in-law, my mother and I are on the contract. My wife and I have spent over $120,000 to be a part of this time share Club.
    My wife, 2 children (ages 12 & 14) and I have spent months and months down over the years, my wife and I got engaged at the El Cid Resorts and got married there as well so we’ve always enjoyed our time there. Not only does it allow us to get away from the MN winters, we typically spend Christmas and New Year’s there and spend time with my wife’s family who also are a part of the Millionaire’s Club.
    This summer, my children wanted to spend more time with their Grandparents so we brought the girls down to Mazatlán to spend time their Grandparents at the El Cid resort. My wife spent a week with the girls and her family and then the girls stayed with their Grandparents for another month and then my wife went back down to spend another week before come back with the girls.
    A couple days before my wife went back to get the girls, her parents were having issues with spoiled food being served to them. On top of that, both of my girls found a foreign substance in their milk shakes which appeared to be some kind of ground granules and/or glass. Of course, my in-laws were upset and were told that the milk shakes would be sent to a lab to determine what foreign substance was in the milk shakes that were served to our daughters.
    Upon my wife returning to spend time with the girls and her family before returning, she kept asking for an explanation as to why this occurred and what was in our daughter’s food. She was told that they were still waiting for the lab results and would let her know as soon as they found out.
    We kept emailing and calling after my wife and girls returned to find out what was going on as we were very concerned that some tried to hurt our children by putting something foreign in their food.
    Then about a month ago, I received a letter addressed to me but the entire letter was written in Spanish. Thankfully, my wife is from Mexico and read the letter which stated that they had suspended our contract with El Cid indefinitely due to numerous complaints that we were abusive to other guests and staff. You can imagine my shock and confusion to this ridiculous claim!
    No one on our time share contract with El Cid has ever been abusive to a staff member or other guest in all the time we’ve ever vacationed at El Cid. I asked for documentation about these false allegations as I couldn’t believe what I was being accused of and was given nothing to show that these false claims made by El Cid Resorts are true or supported. They simply made up lies to support their fraudulent action of suspending our contract indefinitely.
    It was a strange coincidence that as soon as we started sending more and more emails and calling down to the resort insisting that they give us the lab results and explain what happened to the milk shakes that were served to our daughters, we magically received this bogus letter.
    Upon this happening to us, I started doing more investigation into El Cid’s time share program and I, unfortunately too late for us, found multiple complaints about their fraudulent methods on people with their time share program. I found multiple complaints about deceptive business practices, lies told to get people to sign contracts, people who canceled within 5 days (which is allowed per Mexican Federal law) but never received refunds and/or were forced to pay $1300 in “fees” to cancel it even though it was done in the time allowed by Mexican law as well as multiple complaints to the BBB and/or State Attorney Generals in the US.
    It appears that once we were all paid up on our contract and they had our $120,000+, they created a bogus claim to steal our money and/or to bilk us out of using the next 16 years that we had left in our contract. The claims made against us are utterly false and fraudulent and are complete defamation of character on the part of anyone on our contract.
    We’re in the process of finding an Attorney in Mexico, as they already have all our money, to try to get restitution of the money they have taken for us fraudulently and are trying to deny us the 16 years remaining on our contract. I know State and Federal Law in the US cannot help me recoup my tremendous losses that are being fraudulently stolen from us but I don’t want this to happen to anyone in the US or Canada ever again.
    If they’re willing to steal from someone in their Millionaire’s Club whos has spent over $120,000 to have 20 years of time share and attempt to hurt minors by putting something in their food and making up false and unsupportable lies to support their fraudulent breach of contract that they have inflicted upon us, they have no ethical business practices at all.
    To business entities receiving this letter, I cannot strongly suggest enough to completely reconsider any business you do with this resort if they’re going to engage in these type of illegal and fraudulent activities against Americans and/or Canadians. They have a long and consistent record of doing business, especially their time share program, in an unethical and fraudulent way. I plan on monitoring any company doing business, promoting and/or endorsing El Cid Resorts and will use media both socially and news channels to investigate why any company in MN would want to be associated with a business that rips off tourists in Mexico.
    To any government agency receiving this letter, I would like a full investigation completed on this report as it’s ripping off Minnesotans as well as Americans and Canadians and any contract that this resort has an American sign, should not be enforceable unless both parties agree to do business together in the future due to their consistent and pervasive unethical business practices.
    El Cid Resorts has a long history of fraudulent, unethical behavior. Their more prominent way of ripping off tourists if first, taking the down payment and never returning it, even if it’s canceled in the allowable time by Mexican law. Second, they have a subsidiary in AZ that will send your contract to collections and threaten to ruin your credit if you don’t keep paying them. Third, they will insist you keep paying your maintenance fees, even if you can or if your contract is “suspended”, as was the case for me, or else they will send it to collection and try to ruin your credit.

    If a law was passed that any contract from this resort or other time share resorts in Mexico, if the other person on the contract filed a formal complaint to a local State and/or Federal Department, as they felt they were misled or unethical methods were used to procure a contract with El Cid, El Cid or another time share resort in Mexico would not have the right to collect fees, payments and/or have the right to send it to a collections company until it was resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, El Cid Resorts and other unethical time share resorts in Mexico would be forced to act in an ethical and professional business manner.
    If you take away El Cid’s and other Mexican time share resorts right to threaten people whom feel they were duped into a time share contract, as they often find out later it was not was they were told it would actually be, then Americans and/or Minnesotans will be better protected against this predatory practice.
    It’s too late for me for this kind of law to protect me but I don’t want what has happened to my family to happen to any other person in the US or Canada. What they’ve done is despicable, unethical, illegal, fraudulent, and immoral and has been extremely devastating to my family both financially, emotionally and mentally and I don’t want this to happen to another person ever.
    We’ve done absolutely nothing wrong what so ever, have been falsely accused of things we’ve never done, they tried to hurt my children by putting something in their food and for them to be able to just steal away 16 years of our vacations, time with family and a very large amount of our savings cannot be ignored and justice must be sought out!

  • Susan K.August 8, 2016, 11:06 am

    Scam alert !Fake promises about this resort, dont acquire anything with them, their timeshare are totally a mess! dont waste your money, dont waste your time and avoid their timeshare pesentation.

  • JimJuly 22, 2016, 8:24 pm

    Watch out folks!

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