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Our staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions have extensive knowledgeable about the timeshare scams perpetrated in the vacation ownership industry and our mission is to share articles about this changing industry in order to prevent innocent vacationers from purchasing timeshares fall under fraudulent premises.

Fraudulent Timeshare Companies

If you are thinking of purchasing a timeshare, you have to learn about many situations that you face with it. Having a timeshare is a big economic responsibility and often unnecessary. Today, many owners are looking to get rid of their timeshares with the help of professional companies. However, several fake companies are engaged in timeshare fraud.

Why get rid of a timeshare?

Getting out of a timeshare...

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Is a Real Club timeshare worth it? - Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Real Club is a chain of hotels in Mexico which is known for offering lots of comforts as well as the famous all-inclusive service. Located in Cancun, Quintana Roo and the Riviera Maya, guests have access to restaurants inside the hotel with gourmet dishes, drinks and the most luxurious accommodations in Mexico.

Besides hotel rooms and a resort experience this hotel is known for selling timeshare ownerships...

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Mexican Timeshare Solutions reviews

Is Mexican Timeshare Solutions reliable?
When someone is looking to hire a service from a company they are not familiar with, they will obviously feel distrust towards it. Even more so after being scammed by a timeshare seller.

There are way to build that trust and reliability. The main way is trhough the age of the company.

A fraudulent company will often commit the fraud, take people´s money,...

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Looking for a legal timeshare cancellation?

If you are one of those people who thought owning a timeshare would be a great idea but in the end you realized that you made a big mistake, you cannot continue paying it, or you were simply scammed by the resort sellers, this article will be very helpful. Maybe you are looking for a way to get legal timeshare cancellation or have doubts about how timeshare rescission works in Mexico.

It is possible...

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Legal Timeshare Aid

It is estimated that purchasing a timeshare is one of the worst investments people can make, it is not even considered an investment nowadays, but few people know about this. At least, people who have been scammed by the same resort that sell timeshares. Now they are looking for timeshare legal help as well as ways to get rid of the timeshare property.

Such people stated that before taking the decision...

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Timeshare Contract Loopholes

As it has been discussed in the past on this blog, the main reason that people who have bought a timeshare end up hating it, is because of these same general financial problems that seem to have no solution. either because of the incompetence of the timeshare sellers or because the owners did not know what they were getting into by attending the famous meetings.

It's unbelievable the trouble a person...

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Common Timeshare Complaints

Mexico is the second country in the world in development and commercialization of timeshare properties, after the United States. Cancun and Riviera Maya cover 60% of the sales of this service in the country. But also, when it comes to common timeshare complaints about scams, the numbers are pretty elevated in Mexico.

If you are someone interested in acquiring a vacational property for you and your ...

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H10 timeshare and resorts

This chain of hotels it’s mainly located in the Caribbean in the Canary Islands, Mallorca, Costa Dorada, Riviera Maya in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. The rest of the resorts, also called urban destinations are in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, London and Berlin.

The Caribbean hotels, which belong to the Ocean by H10 Hotels division, created in 2008, are five-star resorts located...

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What is the timeshare price based on?

Do you want to go on vacation with your family? Unlike renting a vacation home or hotel, a fractional ownership, or better know as timeshare, allows vacationers and families to own property legally theirs fro specific amount of time each year. How much does a timeshare cost? it is the most common question when considering purchasing a timeshare. The cost of having a timeshare can be considered as ...

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Timeshare Resale Market

Are timeshares worth it?

It is widely known that tourism is a very large field for productivity and for doing business as well in the United States as in Mexico. It is common to find a timeshare as part of this business world, which is commonly presented as a great option for vacation to exotic destinations, having your own suite available with just one reservation away.

The timeshare industry it&rsquo...

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