Mexico Timeshare SCAM

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Beware of timeshare scams in Mexico, The second country with more timeshare developments in the world

According to recent tourism studies, Mexico is the second country in the world with the most timeshare developments, which means the timeshare industry is very strong in this country.

To date, there are over 500 resorts in Mexico operating as timeshare developers, and the number is still growing.

Every day, many vacationers are invited to a “free breakfast” and a “free tour”, with the intention of selling them a timeshare.

Although many of them accept the invitation with no intentions to buy, a considerable percentage leave the presentation with a new contract and no idea of what they just bought.

Learn more about the Mexico timeshare scam and how to avoid falling for it.

Mexico Timeshare Scam

Tourism in Mexico is a very big industry; in fact, Mexico appears on the list of the 10 most visited countries in the world.

With millions of tourists arriving annually, timeshare companies see this as the perfect opportunity to sell timeshares.

From the airport to the streets, there are many timeshare salespeople, A.K.A., timeshare sharks, trying to invite vacationers to the resorts for a “free tour”. 

Why are there more cases of timeshare scams in Mexico than in the US and Canada?

Mexico is a developing nation, and its economy relies heavily on tourism.

With its beautiful beaches and surroundings, it should be easy to sell timeshares in Mexico, but because of the bad reputation the concept is gaining, it’s not easy to do it in an ethical way.

Therefore, many timeshare companies use fraudulent sales tactics to boost their sales, which is a Mexico timeshare scam.

The government in Mexico is working on making stronger regulations regarding timeshares, but there are still many timeshare developers who do not respect the sales practices regulations.

Most Fraudulent Timeshare Companies

PROFECO (Mexico's Consumer Protection Agency) is an organization of the Mexican government with the objective of protecting consumers against frauds or scams made by companies operating in Mexico.

With over 5000 complaints per year, timeshare is one of the items they receive the most complaints about. According to PROFECO, from January to March 2012, these were the timeshare companies with the most complaints:

To learn more about fraudulent companies, visit our black list of timeshare resorts.

Law and Regulations

Due to the increasing number of complaints about timeshares, on May 17, 2010, new regulations were established in Mexico. Some of these regulations are:

  • It is strictly forbidden to offer of any promotion, such as free breakfasts and vacation certificates, without informing the consumer the real purpose of the offer.
  • During the presentations, customers should be aware of their right to cancel the contract within 5 days after the agreement was made.
  • All verbal promises must be established in the timeshare contract.
  •  All charges that are intended to be made must be clearly described.
  • Timeshare salespeople have no right to harass people during their vacation.

Any Company that doesn’t respect these rules is committing a Mexico timeshare scam and should be reported to PROFECO. Within 2 years, it is planned to reduce the number of timeshare sellers on the streets and remove them from the airports, but those plans are not yet confirmed.

When you think it’s too late…

There are hundreds of people who have become victims of a timeshare scam in Mexico.

Many of them have tried to contact PROFECO to solve their cases, but unfortunately, because of the huge number of cases, their ability to assist timeshare defrauded customers is very limited.

If you have purchased a timeshare in Mexico and feel that you were not given what you were promised, contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions for help.

At MTS, our professional staff will work hard on your behalf to ensure that justice is obtained. Contact MTS for a free consultation on how to cancel your timeshare contract.

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