Unveiling The Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam: Deceptive Tactics, Hidden Realities, and a Way out

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Read more on how Mayan resorts timeshares creates "perfect" atmospheres to lure prospects into unnecessary timeshare purchases and become mayan palace timeshare scam victims.

Mayan Palace scams are luxurious timeshare resorts with locations in Acapulco, Mazatlan, Nuevo Vallarta, Puerto Peñasco, Puerto Vallarta and Rivera Maya, with spacious accommodations, world-class restaurants, golf, tennis, a high level of services and amenities, programs for children and themed events.

Mayan Palace sales tactics are hardcore, and they will tell you anything you want to hear to get you into the contract and keep you in contract with them.

It is too common for the sales representative to offer you an upgrade if you already own a timeshare with them.

Most of the Mayan Palace Timeshare Scam being committed by the Sales representative is that they don’t let their buyers know they have a 5-day cooling period if they wish to cancel; instead, they repeatedly tell their buyers that once the contract is signed, there is no cancellation period.

The Mayan Palace sales representative also offers a trade-In, letting the buyer believe that Mayan Palace is going to take their other timeshare and sell it for them and deducting the cost of their new timeshare with Mayan Palace, but at the end you end up owning two timeshares and payments due for Mayan Palace turning it into a double Mayan Palace timeshare Scam.

Mayan Palace's Sales Pitch will explain you all the places you can go with your timeshare, and how much you are going to love your vacations with them, and how exclusive and prestigious it's to own a Mayan Palace's timeshare.

What they fail to explain to you is how the timeshare works and what are the real possibilities of traveling to those places.

Mayan Palace’ sales representatives also fail to explain what kind of unit you are in fact purchasing and more often than ever it is now the unit the sales representative shows you in the tour, They also promise to get you discounts in airfares and certificates for cruises which both of them are false.

Dealing with Mayan Palace after the purchase of your timeshare can be a little frustrated.

Especially because customer service won’t get you the answers you expect to get when it comes to how to use your timeshare or trying to book your next vacation, you are lucky if you are able to book anything.

Before a purchase

Before you purchase, you need to think carefully about how you will use it in your life, and if you have the money to spend, take your time and don't make any commitments on your first visit.

Also, don’t forget to do an internet search on the company, and if the company is legit, they will let you come back another day if you wish to make the purchase.

Thousands of people every year fall victim to fraudulent timeshare sales practices while vacationing in Mexico.

The sales teams have carefully crafted and proven techniques to close sales, and are very skilled in ensuring that potential clients become timeshare owners.

Take action

Do not feel ashamed of your purchase, instead, take action to prevent others from financial ruin and to resolve your own situation.

Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today for professional advice on how to get rid of your Mexican timeshare contract, so that you can take vacations on your own terms.

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