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What is the problem with Eskape by Krystal Timeshares?

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Mexico is one of the most important countries in the tourism industry. In recent years, the number of national and international tourists visiting Mexico has increased dramatically. This is due to several reasons, but the most important are its beautiful landscapes, elegant resorts, and cultural traditions. Many resorts offer excellent...

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Timeshares, Are They a Good Purchase?

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Some people love them, some people hate them, but the truth is that they are still one of the best-selling products in the travel industry, despite the bad economy.

There is lots of misinformation about them, yet appearances deceive. What appears to be a “good investment” can become one of your worst financial enemies.

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Mexico Timeshare SCAM

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Beware of timeshare scams in Mexico, The second country with more timeshare developments in the world

According to recent tourism studies, Mexico is the second country in the world with the most timeshare developments, which means the timeshare industry is very strong in this country.

To date, there are over 500 resorts in Mexico operating...

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Making Public The Krystal Timeshare Scam: Deceptive Sales Tactics

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Krystal's resorts have recently been known for their poor service and deceptive sales tactics. Learn more about one of the biggest timeshare scams in Mexico

According to the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world.

 As a result, Tourism is the third most important economic activity ...

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