How to CANCEL MAYAN PALACE Timeshare Contract?

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Thousands of people fall victims to Mayan timeshare scams while vacationing in Mexico. The timeshare salespeople are well-trained and very skilled in ensuring that potential clients become timeshare owners.

If you enter into a Mayan Palace timeshare contract, you are able to cancel your timeshare agreement if you act quickly.

Mayan Palace timeshare does not have a good reputation in the timeshare industry. Read more on how this fraudulent resort creates the perfect situations to lure prospects into timeshare purchases:

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Reasons to Cancel the Mayan Palace Timeshare Contract

There are many reasons to cancel a Mayan Palace timeshare contract, but here are the most common:

  • You are not able to afford the timeshare fees.
  • You were pressured into buying the Mayan Palace Timeshare.
  • Most of the verbal promises made by the timeshare salespeople are not written in the timeshare agreement.
  • You can travel for a cheaper rate on your own.
  • Timeshare is not a good investment.
  • Booking with Mayan Palace is very difficult.

How to Cancel a Mayan Palace Timeshare Contract

To cancel your timeshare contract properly, there are three important factors to take into consideration:

  • The date of purchase
  • The city where the purchase was made
  • The brand of the resort

How to Cancel the Mayan Palace Timeshare Contract Within the Rescission Period?

Every timeshare contract has a rescission period. When purchasing a timeshare in Mexico, as in the case of the Mayan Palace, you have five calendar days to cancel your timeshare contract. You may follow the following steps:

  1. Read your timeshare contract with Mayan Palace and localize the clause about the cancellation of the contract.
  2. Write a timeshare cancellation letter and send it to the resort via certified mail to Mayan Palace. Keep evidence that you canceled on time.

How to Cancel a Mayan Palace Timeshare Contract When the Rescission Period Has Expired?

Once the rescission period has expired, it becomes more difficult to cancel your timeshare agreement.

Timeshare cancellation is a process that requires lots of time and negotiations with the timeshare resort, Mayan Palace in this case, and several people aren’t able to accomplish the process for themselves.

It is important to know that there are many timeshare cancellation companies that claim to charge upfront fees to get your timeshare contract canceled, but this is another scam.

Before you make any formal deal, it is important that you do research and investigate the company.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions works on a contingency basis and only collects fees if the contract is fully canceled; otherwise, no fee is charged.

Contact us today for professional advice on how to cancel your Mayan Palace timeshare contract so that you can take vacations on your own terms.

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