Cancel a Timeshare, What Are the Advantages?

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The timeshare industry has been in the lion’s mouth for the last couple of years, and it has generated lots of controversy and discussions in many forums and blogs on the web.

However, since we’re living in an economic downturn, anyone would expect that the timeshare sales would collapse, but instead,  the sales seem to be increasing, but this comes with a trap: timeshare scams are increasing too.

That leads us to the question: then, why keep people investing in timeshares?

Well, the first thing we have to understand is that timeshares are not investments but a purchase that requires lots of expenses a year.

The thing is that the timeshare salespeople use rhetoric as a massive weapon, bombarding the potential victims with lies and practically pushing them into getting a property.

So, for those who already fell for a timeshare scam, you might ask yourselves: how do I cancel a timeshare? Is it a viable option? Find out the answer to those questions by reading the rest of the article.

Cancel a Timeshare: Why is it the best option?

Many owners don’t know how to get rid of their properties, and a big part of them have been trying to do it for years.

They were told that they could rent their units out and even make a profit, or that they could resell the timeshare very easily and for a higher value.

That sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? But then, if you take a look at eBay, you’ll see several timeshare offers for a buck or even less! That’s because renting or reselling a timeshare is not an easy task at all; in fact, it is almost impossible.

Therefore, to canceling a timeshare becomes the easiest way to dump a property.

Cancelling a Timeshare: The Advantages

There are numerous advantages when you cancel a timeshare. It is not only the easiest way to dump a timeshare but also the most effective solution.

We'll give you ten reasons for you to think about why to cancel a timeshare is an efficient alternative:

  1. No more threating calls
  2. No more maintenance fees
  3. No more attachments to the company
  4. No more unnecessary responsibilities
  5. No more debt
  6. No more special assessments fees
  7. No more credit problems
  8. Freedom to go anywhere
  9. Financial stability
  10. Sense of relief

For those reasons, among others, we consider that timeshare cancellation is an efficient alternative.

How do I cancel a timeshare?

Every timeshare contract must mention a rescission period that goes normally from 5 to 10 days, depending on the regulations established at the place where you bought the property.

In Mexico, that rescission period is on a 5-day record, and then you have 5 days to inform the company that you want to cancel the contract.

Nevertheless, in most cases, people look to cancel the timeshare when the cooling-off period has already passed.

In those cases, it is advisable to contact an expert. There are various timeshare cancellation companies that claim to help people who are victims of a timeshare scam, but still, many people don’t trust these companies, which is completely understandable given that the timeshare industry is full of scammers.

That is why it is always important to research a company before making any kind of deal with it. You also have to remember that to cancel a timeshare, you don’t have to pay an upfront fee.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions works on a contingency basis and only collects a fee if the contract is fully cancelled; otherwise, no fee is charged.

Contact MTS for a free consultation and full advice on your timeshare matter. It’s time for you to get away from that contract.

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