Global Golf Connections:A FRAUDULENT way to spend money at Grand Mayan

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Rental and resale timeshare companies are getting more creative every day. Learn the new trick from these companies to lure vacationers to spend their money on a "money-making machine" called Global Golf Connections. Learn their trick so you do not fall for their fraudulent speech.

Timeshare awareness in Global Golf Connections.

To all those who own Timeshares at Mayan Palace, be aware of the new scam being used by this company. They are announcing a way of renting out the weeks that will not be used by owners to golfers.

This service is called” GGC (Global Golf Connections)”, and they claim to specialize in finding golfers to stay in their resorts, play in their clubs, and buy their extra weeks.

They do all this to make the deal more attractive for buyers to purchase a new Mayan Palace timeshare.

Reality in Global Golf Connections.

This is a lie; they don’t have golfers waiting to rent timeshare weeks. This "rental company" will take the money they charge upfront and will only list the timeshare week for far more than it will ever rent for, and that will be the last time the timeshare owner will ever hear from them.

They have no intention of renting the timeshare; otherwise, Global Golf Connections would not charge an upfront fee.

Be aware of any new advertisement or promotion that these places might offer you; they are all scams and will not deliver on the promises that are made to you at the time of purchase.

This is a common ploy used by timeshare salespeople. The salespeople lure people into buying by telling them they can rent their extra weeks for big bucks. It is just not true.

Many of these "rental agencies" will state they do not require annual dues or commissions from the property owners.

They allege an MP owner can list as many weeks as they wish.

This is a false statement. They will charge upfront fees for the weeks that are supposedly being rented; they make their money from the upfront fees and commissions that will be billed to you.

Mexican regulations forbid the offering of gifts, free vacation certificates or any other promotion strategies without informing the consumer of the specific purpose of the offer; this includes the rental of a timeshare.


In order to protect yourself, avoid any person who approaches you, inviting you to a free breakfast and a tour of the resort that you are staying at.

This is the way they will attract your attention by offering free tours, gifts and many more prizes.

Avoid them altogether because once you fall into their trap, they will find a way of convincing you to purchase a timeshare, no matter how unnecessary it is.

If you feel you have been misrepresented into buying a fraudulent timeshare contract, contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions (MTS) for a free consultation on how you can get rid of your timeshare.

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