Is timeshare a good investment?

Plain and simple: No, timeshares are a purchase and are not a financial or real estate investment. Learn how people are trick into thinking that timeshares are a growing asset.

Timeshare is a good investment only if your purpose is to have a place to  spend your vacations and not as a financial investment to have a profit.

We received a call a few weeks ago about a recent timeshare purchaser that was invited to a presentation while on vacations and bought a $20,000 USD villa for one week yearly. He asked us is timeshare worth it?

 Timeshares need to be looked up as a purchase and not an investment.

Regardless of how timeshares are presented, they don´t perform as well as a house or stock investment.

If you look around the resale market for timeshares on websites like EBay, Redweek, or TUGBBS will find that you can buy a timeshare for far less money than what the first owner purchased it for.

This is an answer for your question "are timeshares a good investment?" here we show you a few of the reasons why timeshares are not a strong financial investment are:

  • Many timeshares are a right to use, they have an ending period so their value decreases trough time.
  • There are maintenance fees, property taxes and other annual costs associated with the purchase of a timeshare.
  • Timeshares are not attractive properties and prove of this is that resorts need to offer incentives to attend a timeshare presentation.

An friend´s advice would be to be cautious before making a purchasing decision.

Better yet, don´t buy these apply to you:

  • You love going back to the same place over and over again and are flexible as to the time of the year you travel.
  • You trust the managers of the property that they´ll perform a great maintenance to your property and your maintenance fees will be well spent.
  • You have extra money to spend and don´t mind buying a timeshare for $20,000.00 USD and selling if for a dollar (if lucky).

I have friends who have a timeshare at Mayan Palace and seem to enjoy it.

They know their best bet is to go back to their properties and avoid their sales presentations.

I asked them recently if they believe it was a good investment for them and reply to me: "it´s paid for, gotta use it. Right?"

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions we strive to give back freedom to people who purchased timeshare under the wrong reasons such as the financial investment spiel.

Call us for a free consultation on how we can help you cancel your timeshare contract.

Remember, our service is risk free as we work based on results so you do not waste any money paid up front.

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