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What is A Timeshare And How Does it Work?AVOID THE SCAM!!!

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Are you interested in acquiring a timeshare in the near future? Do you want to get rid of your timeshare? How long does it take for a timeshare refund? A timeshare purchase is a legal matter, not an agreement, so you will have to consider the pros and cons carefully.

There are many things you have to be aware of related to timeshare ...

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Reef Coco Beach and its Resale Company: TIMESHARE SCAMMERS!

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All-inclusive has different meanings in different resorts, and there is no standard agreement on what is or is not included in the resort’s package price.

Likewise, when booking at The Reef Coco Beach hotel, where a vacation stay could leave you without your savings if you’re not careful about falling into one of their vacation...

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Timeshare Lawyers - Mexican Timeshare Solutions

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Get out of your Timeshare Contract Legally

When you finally realize what you really own being a timeshare owner you have to understand that the resort's sales team has already taken in advantage the necessary steps to protect its manipulative measures, every step of the sales process is already carefully designed to benefit the resort...

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Is it Possible to CANCEL a TIMESHARE Directly With The Resort?

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Mexico is the second country with most timeshare developers in its main tourist centers like Cancun, Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mazatlan, Cozumel, etc.

These destinations offer a lot of temptations that make it difficult to refuse to buy timeshares, besides the hard sell tactics timeshare salespeople uses...

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CANCEL a Timeshare Contract How Many Business Days Do I Have ?

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If you just signed a timeshare contract in Mexico, and you realized that you really don’t want your timeshare, or you feel that was a mistake, you can cancel your timeshare contract if you are still in your rescission period.

Learn about the business days to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico.

Many people think about reselling...

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How to get out of a timeshare? This is a common question that timeshare owners ask every day. Read this article and find out the possible solutions to your question How to get out of a timeshare contract.

A timeshare purchase is never a good idea. Some people buy timeshare properties with the idea of a financial investment, but people...

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How to CANCEL MAYAN PALACE Timeshare Contract?

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Thousands of people fall victims to Mayan timeshare scams while vacationing in Mexico. The timeshare salespeople are well-trained and very skilled in ensuring that potential clients become timeshare owners.

If you enter into a Mayan Palace timeshare contract, you are able to cancel your timeshare agreement if you act quickly.

Mayan Palace...

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What are the Rescission LAWS for TIMESHARES in MEXICO?

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The right to cancel cannot be denied. If you try to cancel, the timeshare salespeople will tell you that you lost that right when you signed the contract.

But this is not true. Mexican law on timeshare cancellation provides that purchasers have the legal right to cancel their timeshare contract without penalty.

Learn about the rescission laws...

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7 steps to Successfully RESCIND a TIMESHARE

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Owning a timeshare is becoming unattractive.

There are thousands of timeshare owners who purchased such property, and they realized they needed to get rid of it because they really don’t need it, or because it is not what they were expecting.

Learn the 7 steps to successfully rescind a timeshare.

Most people who attend a timeshare presentation...

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How to Deal With Timeshare Collection Agencies

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Many timeshare owners could think about stopping paying their timeshares, especially those who are tired of paying expensive fees.

This decision could be a huge mistake, because the resort can affect your credit score by sending you to a collection agency.

Read this article to learn how to deal with timeshare collection agencies.

Sick of ...

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