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Royal Sunset Timeshare Fraud

Royal Sunset Timeshare Fraud
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If something is too good to be true, then probably is a scam. Thousands of travelers fall victims for timeshare scams by the amount of false promises timeshare salespeople tell.

Some timeshare offers are legitimate, but the lots of scams and shady deals have made that timeshares earn a bad reputation. Most timeshare brokers use hard-sell tactics and other practices that are definitely unethical. We have already spoken about this situation in:

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Mexico is the second country with more timeshare developments in the world, that’s why people need to be aware of timeshare scams in Mexico. Royal Sunset is one of the most scammers resorts. 

Royal Sunset timeshare fraud occurs in Cancun. Royal Sunset is one of the variations of Sunset Group. All of these variations are scams.

Complaints about Royal Sunset Timeshare

Below, you will find a list of the most common timeshare complaints about Royal Sunset Timeshare. Read it carefully and avoid being taken advantage by this fraudster resort:

  1. At the timeshare presentation, they promise many things that are not in your contract.
  2. Timeshare salespeople sell the timeshare purely as an investment.
  3. They offer a rental program enrollment form promising to pay $6800 per year in rent.
  4. They use deceitful sales tactics during the presentation.
  5. The timeshare presentations at Royal Sunset are very long lasting.
  6. Royal Sunset timeshare salespeople tell that you can make timeshare exchanges.
  7. They say that your timeshare will be easy to sell when you don’t want it anymore.
  8. Timeshare maintenance fees are too high and also, they increase every year.
  9. The timeshare salesperson says that a timeshare with Royal Sunset is a lifetime investment.
  10. They don’t agree to cancel your timeshare contract even if you are on your 5 days cancellation period.


 How to know if you are a Royal Sunset Timeshare Fraud victim

The first thing you need to watch out for is the timeshare sales pitch. Timeshare vendors often encourage people to go to a timeshare sales presentation by offering incredible prizes if they stay the entire presentation. Also, they will tell you that you are making an excellent financial investment, and that you can rent or sell your timeshare weeks for a profit. So, if you listen to these promises, you better go away, is probably that you will become a victim of a Royal Sunset Timeshare.

 What to do if you are already a Royal Sunset Timeshare fraud victim?

If you are already a Royal Sunset timeshare fraud victim, you shouldn’t be hopeless, not everything is lost. Probably, you are looking to get rid of your timeshare contract, and the good news is that there is a safety way to be relieved of this timeshare nightmare.

By law you have 5 business days to cancel your timeshare agreement without penalizations. You need to read your timeshare contract carefully and locate the clause about the timeshare cancellation. Next you must write and send a timeshare cancellation letter via certified mail to Royal Sunset and be sure to keep the evidence that you canceled on time. You should receive your answer soon with your timeshare contract cancelled.

On the other side, if you want to cancel your timeshare but your cancellation period has expired, the best thing you can do is to contact a timeshare lawyer. If you hire a timeshare attorney, he or she, can evaluate your contract to cancel the timeshare in a better way, because timeshare cancellation is a process that requires lot of negotiations with the resort.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is one of the few companies that do not ask for any money upfront. You only pay until your timeshare is cancelled and any financial obligations with Royal Sunset timeshare are dismiss. Contact us for a free consultation of your timeshare situation.

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  • Margaret May 9, 2018, 2:52 pm

    Dont get caught ! sunset resorts actually have massive reports of people that had felt in their timeshare traps, false memberships and stuff, its never available and the customer service is the worst i ever seen out there, please avoid their timeshare presentations and stay away from sunset, totally a rip off!

  • Angelica Cantu September 12, 2016, 11:33 am

    Muy mal estas personas, no cumplieron nada de lo que nos prometieron cuando adquirimos el tiempo compartido , lo unico que quieren es que en ese momento firmes y ya despues ni te hacen caso ! nosotros caimos al igual que muchas personas , no les recomiendo este resort, son un fraude !!!!

  • Mirna July 1, 2016, 12:03 pm

    Avoid royal sunset resorts at all coast , we acquired a timeshare with them like 5 years ago and only we have used once, can you believe that !?? the worst thing ever that you could do is to get involved with royal sunset, they only sell you a bunch of lies, be careful and dont get caught by those scammers

  • Alejandro HinojosaMay 9, 2016, 5:45 pm

    Pesimo servicio , de verdad que una membresia de tiempo compartido con royal sunset por mucho es uno de los mas grandes errores de mi vida, hace unos años adquiri con ellos, en ese entonces estaba con pareja y sobre todo por eso acepte comprarla , ahora quen o tengo ya no lo uso , de hecho solo 1 ves lo use, porque nunca habia disponibilidad, llevo 6 años intentando cancelar y estas personas estafadoras no me dejan ir ! necesito ya cancelar la membresia no puedo seguir pagando algo que no uso.

  • Jordan February 1, 2016, 11:01 am

    Totally agree with the article , dont hesitate to invest with royal sunset is not a good investment , believe me actually im looking the way to cancel my timeshare , but is not easy so think it twice before acquire with them , dont even get close to their timeshare presentations they are such scammers that dont give you what you deserve !

  • Victor RamirezJanuary 4, 2016, 10:47 am

    En lo personal no recomiendo este resort en lo absoluto, si pueden compar algo mejor con el dinero que invertiran en royal sunset haganlo , ya que nada les garantiza que podran usar su tiempo compartido , lo digo por experiencia propia ya que pague unos miles y no puedo usarlo cuando quiera al menos que adquiera la membresia mas cara cosa que no me dijeron en la presentacion del tiempo compartido , tengan cuidado.

  • Mauricio CastillaDecember 28, 2015, 11:50 am

    Muy mal este resort, a mis padres los estafaron porque creyeron en todo lo que les prometieron , los hicieron firmar y dspues ya ni caso les hicieron , no pueden usar su membresia porque deben curbrir unas cuotas de mantenimiento altisimas , tengan cuidado con estos estafadores, no recomendado.

  • Mad TomDecember 8, 2015, 10:59 am

    worst investment ever, the salespersons are very agressive when they want to sell something , you know is not the way , if we say no thank you is NO , THANK YOU , such a shame how this people operate forcing tourist to sign something with no regret , stay alert , royal sunset are scammers.

  • DonnaDAugust 31, 2015, 3:22 pm

    Do not attend a presentation at Royal Sunset. They lie and misrepresent what they have and then scam you in worst way. We looked them up on reviews and rescinded our contract the next day after researching the reviews on internet. profeco is handling our complaint. We also cancelled our credit cards and the charges from them before they got through the bank. I still can't sleep right after the experience.
    We knew better but 8 hours in the sales room and we were too tired to read contract while salesman continued talking to us as we read. They ruined our vacation.
    Now if I can just start to sleep better now that complaint has been filed with Profeco

  • Teresa H.June 22, 2015, 10:23 am

    De vd que estas personas son de lo peor, no respetan para nada lo que prometen , yo y mi esposo fuimos totalmente engañados y no nos dieron nada de lo prometido , para no hacersela muy larga , nos quitaron mucho dinero y la vd es que lo que pagamos no valio para nada la pena , hasta la fecha nos arrepentimos muchisimo

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