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Surely you have heard about timeshares, as a way to stay at the world's most popular vacation resorts for what they like to call an affordable price.

On the surface, a timeshare might seem like a good investment with an excellent value, being that you get to share the expenses of the property with others.

However, when all the timeshare fees are paid, you will realize that you could have saved more money by planning your vacations on your own.

 In this article, we'll find out what timeshare weeks are, how they work, where to get them, and how to get rid of them.

Timeshare ownership

Before going deeper into discussing what timeshare weeks are, let’s talk about timeshare ownership in general.

A timeshare is a very particular type of ownership or use rights in a certain resort, That allows you to use the unit for a specific time every year, usually for a certain number of years, usually from 5 to 50.

Timeshare prices vary depending on several factors, such as the brand of the resort, the location and the size of the unit, however, the average price of a timeshare is about $20,000 USD.

Timeshares are complicated products; therefore, they cannot be entered into lightly. Unfortunately, the timeshare industry does not have the best reputation.

That is because timeshares are generally sold during high-pressure sales presentations, and most of the promises made by the timeshare salespeople are just illusory.

Timeshare Weeks

Timeshares are regularly sold as a one-week program, which means that you purchase the unit for use during a specific week of the year.

Most of the time, when you buy a certain number of timeshare weeks, the developer still owns the resort, which means that you only purchase the right to use your unit.

How does it work?

Every year has a total of 52 weeks, of which you can choose the one that meets your vacation needs better. The following chart shows the timeshare weeks for this year:

2013 Timeshare Weeks

Week #

Fri to Fri

Sat to Sat

Sun to Sun

Week 1

Jan 4, 2013

Jan 5, 2013

Jan 6, 2013

Week 2

Jan11, 2013

Jan12, 2013

Jan13, 2013

Week 3

Jan18, 2013

Jan19, 2013

Jan20, 2013

Week 4

Jan25, 2013

Jan26, 2013

Jan27, 2013

Week 5

Feb 1, 2013

Feb 2, 2013

Feb 3, 2013

Week 6

Feb 8, 2013

Feb9, 2013


Week 7



Feb17, 2013

Week 8

Feb22, 2013

Feb23, 2013

Feb24, 2013

Week 9

Mar 1, 2013

Mar 2, 2013

Mar 3, 2013


Mar 8, 2013

Mar 9, 2013

Mar10, 2013

Week 11

Mar15, 2013

Mar16, 2013

Mar17, 2013

Week 12

Mar22, 2013

Mar23, 2013

Mar24, 2013

Week 13

Mar29, 2013

Mar30, 2013

Mar31, 2013

Week 14

Apr 5, 2013

Apr 6, 2013

Apr 7, 2013

Week 15

Apr12, 2013

Apr13, 2013

Apr14, 2013

Week 16

Apr19, 2013

Apr20, 2013

Apr21, 2013

Week 17

Apr26, 2013

Apr27, 2013

Apr28, 2013

Week 18

May 3, 2013

May 4, 2013

May 5, 2013

Week 19




Week 20




Week 21




Week 22


Jun 1, 2013

Jun 2, 2013

Week 23

Jun 7, 2013

Jun 8, 2013

Jun 9, 2013

Week 24

Jun14, 2013

Jun15, 2013

Jun16, 2013

Week 25

Jun21, 2013

Jun22, 2013

Jun23, 2013

Week 26

Jun28, 2013

Jun29, 2013

Jun30, 2013

Week 27

Jul 5, 2013

Jul 6, 2013

Jul 7, 2013

Week 28

Jul 12, 2013

Jul 13, 2013

Jul 14, 2013

Week 29

Jul 19, 2013

Jul 20, 2013

Jul 21, 2013

Week 30

Jul 26, 2013

Jul 27, 2013

Jul 28, 2013

Week 31

Aug 2, 2013

Aug 3, 2013

Aug 4, 2013

Week 32

Aug 9, 2013


Aug11, 2013

Week 33




Week 34




Week 35



Sep 1, 2013

Week 36

Sep 6, 2013

Sep 7, 2013

Sep 8, 2013

Week 37




Week 38




Week 39




Week 40

Oct 4, 2013

Oct 5, 2013

Oct 6, 2013

Week 41

Oct11, 2013

Oct12, 2013

Oct13, 2013

Week 42

Oct18, 2013

Oct19, 2013

Oct20, 2013

Week 43

Oct25, 2013

Oct26, 2013

Oct27, 2013

Week 44

Nov 1, 2013

Nov 2, 2013

Nov 3, 2013

Week 45

Nov 8, 2013

Nov 9, 2013

Nov10, 2013

Week 46

Nov15, 2013

Nov16, 2013

Nov17, 2013

Week 47

Nov22, 2013

Nov23, 2013

Nov24, 2013

Week 48

Nov29, 2013

Nov30, 2013

Dec 1, 2013

Week 49

Dec 6, 2013

Dec 7, 2013

Dec 8, 2013

Week 50



De 15, 2013

Week 51




Week 52




So, do the math: 52 weeks, sold for $20,000 USD each, which gives us a total of $1,040,000 for each timeshare unit! Isn’t it an incredible business for the resorts?

Where Can I buy timeshare weeks?

All timeshare companies would be happy to sell you a timeshare, but we would suggest you not buy direct from the developer. The secondary market has many units available, usually at half-price or even less.

However, our biggest recommendation would be to think twice before buying a timeshare. We assure you to read and understand all and each one of the points written in the contract, and calculate the total cost of the unit to see if you will be able to use it and afford it.

The inconvenient truth about timeshares

Not all timeshares are bad, in fact, fractional ownership can be considered a good option for some people, especially for big families who enjoy revisiting the same destination every year.

Nevertheless, timeshares are not for most people. Also, there are lots of timeshare complaints about the yearly fees and how it becomes almost impossible to pay them, given that they increase every year.

How do I get rid of my timeshare weeks?

We know that getting out of a timeshare contract can be a big issue, and the bad news is that timeshares are definitely not easy to sell, mainly because the resale market has collapsed and there are few incentives for buyers.

Nevertheless, the good news is that there is another possible way to get rid of your timeshare weeks efficiently.

Timeshare cancellation is the real and most effective solution to getting rid of a timeshare. When properly canceling a timeshare, there are no further strings attached to the resort.

timeshare weeks

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How do timeshares work?

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