I Received a Fake Summons from the SAT for Tax Evasion After Trying to Sell My Timeshare

In recent years, timeshare owners have been targeted by scam companies posing as reliable intermediaries for reselling these properties. These companies use deceptive tactics to obtain contact information and trick customers with false promises. Here’s how these scams operate and how you can protect yourself from them.

The Scam Method

  1. Obtaining Information: Fraudulent companies acquire lists of timeshare owners through dishonest hotel vendors or by purchasing these contact lists. With this information, they contact the owners with the promise of helping them sell their timeshares.

  2. False Promises and Hidden Payments: Initially, these companies assure the owners that their fees will be paid upon the completion of the sale. However, as the supposed sale process progresses, they begin to invent various payments, claiming they are government taxes that need to be covered. None of these payments actually go to the government; they are simply a way to extract more money from the victims.

  3. Fake Accounts and Phone Lines: To give a false sense of security, the scam companies claim that the money will be transferred to a bank account in Mexico. They provide fake phone numbers that, when called, appear to be from the bank but are actually managed by the scammers pretending to be bank employees.

  4. Threats and Fake Summons: Once the owner refuses to pay more, the scams often escalate with legal threats. The scammers send forged emails, posing as the Tax Administration Service (SAT), with threats of arrest for tax evasion. They use fake email addresses and phone numbers to add credibility to their threats.

Examples of Fakes SAT Emails:

Email #1

  • Fake email account: tramiteinternacional@servicio-tributario.mx
  • Name or Company Name: ########
  • Folio: #########
  • Sender: Tax Administration Service

"This notice is to inform you: #######

You have been accused of tax evasion before the Federal District Prosecutor’s Office, Mexico City, and must appear before the court to resolve this matter.

The attached document is a legal record of the filing. Failure to appear will result in an arrest warrant.

You must appear before the JUDICIAL AUTHORITY, located at GENERAL GABRIEL HERNÁNDEZ 56, COL. DOCTORES, 06720 CUAUHTEMOC, MEXICO CITY, MEXICO at ##:## AM CST on ### ##, ####, to expand your statement as CITED, on actions AGAINST FEDERAL INSTITUTIONS. You are informed that you have the OBLIGATION to appear, assisted by a lawyer of your choice, otherwise, a lawyer will be assigned to you. You are informed that you have the OBLIGATION to appear, and if you do not, this summons will become an ARREST WARRANT.

When appearing before the JUDICIAL AUTHORITY, you must present this letter and an official ID. Without further ado, consider this declaration as a legal summons for ###########

Tax Administration Service

If you ignore the previous message, they keep insisting and sending emails to scare you into paying.

Email #2

  • Name or Company Name: ########
  • Folio: ##########
  • Sender: Tax Administration Service

"This notice is to inform you that there is an arrest warrant for failure to appear in the United Mexican States. You are accused of tax evasion and have been placed on an alert list. If you enter Mexico, you must report it to the authorities. This is an official notice from the Ministry of the Interior.
Tax Administration Service

How to Identify and Avoid These Scams

Verification of Communications: The SAT uses specific and authorized channels to communicate with taxpayers. The only valid email addresses for SAT communications are sent from buzontributario@sat.gob.mx. Any other address should be considered suspicious. To verify the authenticity of communications, you can contact the SAT through their official channels:

  • Email: denuncias@sat.gob.mx
  • Complaints and Reports Phone: 8852-2222 (National) and 1 844 28 73 803 (International)
  • SAT Website: www.sat.gob.mx

Do Not Make Additional Payments: Do not make any additional payments requested by these fraudulent companies. No legitimate process for selling timeshares will require surprise payments.

How to Safely Get Rid of Your Timeshare

If you are looking to free yourself from timeshare payments, avoid dealing with timeshare resale companies. These are, in most cases, a waste of money and time. The best way to cancel your membership is through specialized and reliable companies.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we have specialists who can help you. We offer free consultations and do not charge upfront. To schedule a free consultation, you can send a message to WhatsApp +52 1 333 239 6589, fill out the contact form, or call +1 714 277 3662.

Protect your investment and peace of mind. Don’t fall into the traps of timeshare resale scams.

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