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Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Common Lies

Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Common Lies
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At the moment of the timeshare presentation, the timeshare salespeople will tell you anything you need to hear to make you sign the timeshare agreement. This is the case of Pueblo Bonito, one of the most fraudulent resorts in the timeshare industry, as we have already seen in:

Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Complaints

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 This timeshare developer works under the names of Pueblo Bonito, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Pueblo Bonito Rose, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Pueblo Bonito Blanco and Samba. Its legal nameis Operadora de Inmuebles Los Arcos S.a. de C.V., Terra pacifica S.A. de C.V.

Pueblo Bonito  has resort sales locations in Cabo and Mazatlan; besides they work with resort collections as Concord Servicing Corporation in Phoenix, AZ. Also, they work with Suite Getaway and Elite Retreat, which are rental companies.

10 Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Common Lies

  1. If you already own a timeshare they promise to sell your old timeshare to pay for the new timeshare. At the end they never sell your timeshare and you end up with two timeshare memberships.

  2. Pueblo Bonito promises bonus weeks and a rental program.

  3. They tell you that purchase a Pueblo Bonito is an investment opportunity. NOTE: A timeshare is never a good Investment.

  4. Timeshare salespeople tell that Pueblo Bonito timeshare is the best in Mexico and you can use your weeks anywhere in the world for ridiculously low prices. This is another lie; you are not even able to book in the hotel.

  5. They say you can sell your timeshare weeks to make money. But if you take a look on eBay, there are timeshares for pennies.

  6. The timeshare salesperson tells you that the maintenance fees are fixed and they will not increase for the life of the contract. But timeshare maintenance fees highly increase every year.

  7. They tell you will have no problem renting the timeshare because there is a waiting list. That waiting list does not exist.

  8. They tell you that if you buy a  timeshare you can make timeshare exchanges with no fees. When you try to do it, they tell you need to upgrade your timeshare to have the benefits.

  9. Pueblo Bonito timeshare salespeople say is impossible to terminate the timeshare contract after you sign the documents. They never mention that by Mexico Law you have 5 days to cancel it.

10. The timeshare salespeople offer false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals, etc. This never happens.

If you were told these lies at the timeshare presentation at Pueblo Bonito, it is very likely that you are a timeshare scam victim.


 What to do if I end up being a Pueblo Bonito timeshare scam victim?

If you are stuck with a Pueblo Bonito timeshare and you realized that all the verbal promises that the salespeople make in the timeshare presentation are lies, probably, you are looking to get out of this nightmare. The good news is that there is a way out.

By law you have 5 business days to cancel your timeshare contract with no penalizations, just follow these steps:

-Read your timeshare contract very carefully and look for the clause about the timeshare cancellation.

-Write and send a timeshare cancellation letter via certified mail to Pueblo Bonito and keep evidences.

-If you do not get response, maybe you will have to hire a timeshare attorney.

Also read: 7 steps to successfully rescind a timeshare

On the other hand, cancel a timeshare contract when you rescission period has expired is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. The best thing you can do is contact a timeshare lawyer to help you go out of your situation.

There are some timeshare cancellation companies who take advantage of people that were scammed once. If they ask you for an upfront, then is a scam.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is your best choice. We do not ask for fees in advance, this is our guarantee. You only pay for our services once your contract is properly cancelled. Contact us for full advice and get a free consultation on your timeshare matter. Is time to get away of your timeshare.

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Leave you comment below and share your opinion with us. If you want to know more about how to cancel timeshare memberships in Mexico, visit:

How do I know if I was a timeshare scam victim?

How long do I have to rescind my timeshare? – Mexican Law

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  • Vítor Hugo September 4, 2019, 5:30 pm

    También fui estafado. Me ofrecieron crucero bien barato por contratar y cuando quise usarlo ya el precio era el normal y no había nada de regalo. Lo malo es que PROFECO no me sirvió de nada porque si no responden los de pueblo bonito ya no pueden hacer nada, sólo me hicieron dar vueltas y al final me dicen que no pueden hacer nada. Busque por otro medio poniendo una denuncia y ahí si respondieron pero ya que se le presentaron al juez todas las pruebas nuestro sistema judicial responde que no procede demanda en manos de quien estamos no hay ni quien nos apoye en nuestro gobierno. Debemos unirnos para exigir nosotros mismos lo que nos prometieron o nos devuelvan dinero. Vamos a unirnos..?

  • Bruno December 9, 2018, 7:04 pm

    Las personas de pueblo bonito no tienen verguenza, mis papas compraron una membresia con ellos hace unos años y es hora que lo que les prometieron en la presentacion del tiempo compartido les cumplen, investigando nos dimos cuenta que miles de personas alrededor del mundo viven esta estafa.

  • Isabel S.October 12, 2018, 11:10 pm

    Desde el primer dia que firmamos el contrato para comprar la membresia sospechaba que esto del tiempo compartido con Pueblo Bonito seria un fraude, sin embargo nos gano la emocion y terminamos firmando, actualmente estamos muy arrepentidos y no sabemos como lograr cancelar ese contrato.

  • TylerFebruary 19, 2018, 12:10 am

    My wife and I, and a few of our friends went to their timeshare presentation to cash in on the voucher discounts that were promised us upon arrival by the the man who set us up with a taxi. While sitting in their sales pitch, the woman pitching to us was quite cordial and nice at first. Halfway through her spill, and after finding out I was a nurse “Paula” all but ignored my presence and focused on talking exclusively to my wife. (Thought my wife was the breadwinner since I had such an emasculate job I guess?) so I proceeded to research their timeshare pitch to see if it was fraud and found your website, and took what I found to my friend at another table while Paula was “using the bathroom” (really standing in back talking to the rest of the sales sharks) After her return I asked her about the concerns I had about her sales pitch promises and asked her if it was a scam. Being very tactful and respectful expressing my concerns she cut me off and preceded to yell at me. (My friend was thinking of buying and the shark pitching to him glared at me after he too raised the same concern) she then started a five minute lecture about how I have much to learn and I am just a child. (Amazing the insight she could ascertain speaking only six sentences to someone!) she then told my wife she needed to “watch me” and raise our kid to not turn out like me. All this we learned after she told us she was recently divorced. (I tried to appreciate the irony of a divorcée instructing us on healthy relationships) after she was finished she told us we had to follow her to the waiting room we met in, and continued to tell my wife what a horrible person I was. We followed her to the waiting room where my wife who was almost in tears was trying to still smooth things over. I held my tongue so I wouldn’t jeopardize loosing our entire parties shot of redeeming our vouchers. Thankfully after a few minutes we text our friends and informed them we’d been put in “time out” and they did what they needed to, to get out of the timeshare presentation. Long story short, they had a good free breakfast, and did make good on their voucher promises which saved us around $500. If you go for the vouchers and food be prepared for the condescending and patronizing lectures. They did give us ours, but I’ve read other reviews where people didn’t get theirs. Just providing this as a heads up for people who maybe wondering what to expect.

  • LUIS JESUS AMADOR RODRIGUEZ July 4, 2017, 11:46 am

    Al igual que ustedes tambien pague 47.000 mil pesos, con promesas de semanas a precios de ensueño y obvio nada fue cierto, estoy a punto de hacer una denuncia en profeco sobre este fraude, ojala mas de ustedes pudieran sumarse y asi lograr que no se engañe a nadie mas y que recuperemos lo perdido. Quien se apunta ?

  • Edgar Mendoza FloresMay 3, 2016, 11:02 am

    Firmé contrato en febrero de 2016 y dí un enganche de 47 mil pesos. Se nos prometió que en un mes nos llegaría información para aprovechar todos los beneficios. No obstante ya me he comunicado a servicio a clientes y nos aclararon que absolutamente nada de lo que nos prometieron es cierto. Deseo explorar la posibilidad de recuperar al menos parte de lo que ya he pagado, o en su defecto, que cumplan al menos con parte de lo que nos prometieron.

  • Claisalia April 1, 2016, 3:43 pm

    Pueblo bonito ya tiene mucha fama de ser un fraude , su personal encargado son un asco e incompetentes, jamas pudieron ayudarme y siempre ellos tenian la razon , finalmente estoy librandome de la membresia que compre con ellos por mas de 10 años, el colmo fue que subieran ridiculamente las tasas de intereses de mantenimiento .

  • Ken MurpheyAugust 31, 2015, 3:32 pm

    Looks like we will hire an attorney to help us with this Pueblo Bonito timeshare scam. Profecto is helping but they are very slow. I have looked and spoken to a couple that charge a minimal fee after the deposit is returned. One even puts them on a blacklist on their website once confirmed. Do you have any experience or recommendations on attorneys that are reputable? Don't want to get duped twice.

  • MK3July 16, 2015, 10:43 am

    My husband and I only purchased the timeshare for the promised bonus weeks and rental program. We had 4 other adults in our group that heard this same presentation. Our experience is that the timeshare salespeople lied and that Pueblo Bonito is aware of it and unwilling to make this right.

  • kris culloughJune 26, 2015, 3:53 pm

    Timeshare should be stopped! There should be more laws that will protect the timeshare owners. So, if you're getting rid of your timeshare, just make sure that you're dealing with the right and credible company.

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