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Timeshare Presentations: How To Survive Them

Timeshare Presentations: How To Survive Them
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Timeshare presentations are long lasting and hard selling; similar to walking into a used car dealership. Know the timeshare presentations process to avoid becoming a new victim of these so called "vacation homes"

Timeshares have been a boom over the last twenty years, however it has changed and evolved to give a better service, as it has, the name of this type of memberships were changed for “Vacation Club”.

Importantly, these memberships are not an investment because they are not real estate; you are buying a service to enjoy leisure time with family and not to do business, and it is how it should be seen. In some countries, these types of memberships are for life (deeded) and can be inherited to the relatives of the owner of the membership.

In the sale of Timeshares or Vacation Clubs participate different persons like, LINER (the person showing the product and tries to convince the customer to buy), CLOSER (this person comes after the "liner" and as its name implies, comes to closing the deal); FRONT TO BACK (this makes the work of "liner" and "closer")


Timeshare presentation deals

Most people would not want to attend a timeshare presentations on their vacations. Resorts know this and give away incentives to tourists to attract them to their sales floors. some of the gifts they give away are:

Free breakfast
Tours around the city
Fishing trips
Flying certificate
3 Nights, 4 Days stays
Discounts during the stay if client is staying at the resort.

Timeshare presentation steps

Such memberships are sold to consumers following a "step by step" guide which we inform here:

a) GREETING, in this first step the seller meets the family or the people who will participate in the presentation of the product, here; the seller has a great smile and is introduced to all members of the family, without ignoring the young children, due that these will influence the decision of parents to buy his product. This step is usually done outside the showroom and does not last more than 3 minutes.

b) INTENT STATEMENT here will be so noted and explained that the presentation will last no more than 90 minutes or less, depending on customer interest, and this is where the seller makes guests to feel relaxed and not feel pressured to buy, this step takes 2 to 3 minutes

c) WARM UP at this time the guests and the host usually will be a breakfast that is provided to prospective clients; you talk about everything but the product that will be presented; the seller, by training, search customers something that "clicks" with them and so, gain their trust.

d) DISCOVERY while eating breakfast, the sales representative asks questions regarding their way of vacationing, due to his training this information is, in order, to "qualify" the customer and get an idea of the kind of package that you may be offered later, so there is always something for the buyer.

e) TOUR (PRODUCT PRESENTATION) once breakfast is finished, the seller must make the presentation of the product, this could be done by computer or in the traditional way, which would be on paper, sometimes used pens or colored markers due that our brain perceives these colors and it is easier to persuade the customer to buy, (part of their training), once explained the functioning of the holiday program, prospects are invited to stroll through the resort's facilities and learn about the different areas of the resort, then, the salesman takes his guests to see the rooms they will enjoy in the future. Once at the rooms, salespeople knows how to "put in the movie" the customers and have their emotions flow and want to keep the membership. After the tour through the rooms and resort salesman and gests go back to showroom

f) CLOSING when they return from touring the facility, the seller asks questions to customers with the sole intention of passing them to the "closer". Sometimes the "liner" shows the prices of the memberships, and most of the time, customers can not pay these prices so, time to request assistance from the "closer" which is about the intention to clarify the questions that were previously done by customers and, in turn, he makes what is called "Drop" is a "discount on price” shown previously, this is where begins the work of "closer" who have been trained to refute all the objections that the customer can give and get the sale.

If you are not interested in purchasing a timeshare, do not attend a timeshare presentation! The free gifts are not worth wasting a day of your vacation, and putting your hard earned money at risk of being scammed by the timeshare salespeople. If you have already purchased a timeshare, contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We offer professional and efficient services to cancel your timeshare contract as soon as possible. At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we will work hard on your behalf and with no upfront fees. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Leave your comment below and share your opinion with us. To know more about timeshare scams go to: Timeshare Promotions: Are they good deals?

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  • AngelicaSeptember 28, 2015, 10:11 am

    simplemente ignorando todo tipo de invitacion a culquier tipo de presentacion , eviten ciertas comisiones por asistir, eviten toda clase de productos , descuentos o paseos "gratis" todo es parte de su plan para que de alguna forma entretenerte y caigas al final , mucho cuidado.

  • Ricardo OvalleAugust 24, 2015, 10:18 am

    Hola a todos , supongo que la mejor forma es decir siempre no , despues de todo no te pueden obligar a comprar algo .. eso si he pasado por ello y de verdad que los vendedores son unos expertos en el tema, te ofrecen mil cosas y te hacen ver que sera la inversion de tu vida, cosa que es todo lo contrario , en conclusion es simple, solo decir NO gracias, saludos

  • Jerry July 7, 2015, 10:19 am

    Creo que lo mejor que uno puede hacer para no caer en estos fraudes , es nisiquiera aceptar ir a una presentacion de estas, mas bien nisiquiera pararte por un resort, desgraciadamente hasta las personas de transporte publico de la ciudad te llevan ahi sin saber, y como uno es de fuera y no conoce te dejas envolver, obvio porque le dan comision al de transporte, es mucho tiempo el que se vive en una presentacion de estas, expuestos a una gran tension y si no compras se molestan los vendedores.

  • Juan Ochoa June 30, 2015, 10:12 am

    quiero vender mi tiempo compartido que tengo en Paradise Club Puerto Vallarta ya completamente pagado , quiero hacer una negosacion de la venta , no quiro pagar nada de dinero en compcepto de pago anticipado evitando ser estafado.

  • Melanie B.May 18, 2015, 10:04 am

    damn, if your are looking to buy a timeshare pls think it twice.. i had a very bad experience with a resort in Mexico , my error started whwn i went to a timeshare presentation , once there, i exposed to a high pressure so finally the salespersons convinced me to buy some weeks , now i have a lot of complaints..

  • Karla FerrerMarzo 10, 2015, 10:09 pm

    hola, necesito que me asesoren, así lo hizo mi hermana así la enamoraron y término comprando un tiempo compartido, pero nunca le dijeron que si lo compraba la obligaban a seguir pagando, ella ya tiene pagado su tiempo compartido y de hecho se anula ahora a finales de marzo, pero ella ya no quiere ir por que si va se activa y tiene q volver a comprarlo, le dijeron que tiene q pagar mantenimiento del departamento y ella no quiere entonces no sabemos que hacer, prácticamente va a dejar perder sus 20 mil pesos para evitar pagar de nuevo el tiempo compartido. es en el hotel el Cid en la Riviera Maya.

  • kapakOctober 14, 2014, 11:34 am

    Mayan Palace, a beautiful place to visit but I wouldn’t want to own there!

    My story is similar to many others. I arrived at the Mayan Palace in Nuevo Vallarta and attended a 90 min presentation. Five hours later I signed a contract after being offered guarantees of high rental fees for my timeshare and the ability to pay off the contract by selling my existing timeshare. I believed this was a sure win situation. It was, for them.
    Being a timeshare holder already they zeroed in on the maintenance fee. I was promised that I could avoid paying a maintenance fee by simply returning one of the weeks to them to use. This would be easy because they gave me two for the price of one. (Nothing is free, there price is very high) I have discovered after returning home that I don’t turn it in to the resort, I have to hire a rental company with no guarantee of the $1700 dollars they had assured me I would get..
    At the presentation I was put on the phone with a broker in timeshares to discuss selling my existing time share. I was told by Robert, the timeshare broker, that I would have no problem selling at a nice price that would easily pay off the timeshare with the Mayan Palace. He would start working on it and I was to contact him when I returned home. When I called the number the Mayan Palace representative gave me I learned that no one by that name worked at the agency. A quick look at prices for places similar to mine revealed that I would get much less than I needed to pay off the Mayan Palace.
    Back in Mexico that evening after the presentation I began to worry about the “deal” especially since my wife was not with me. How was I going to tell her. What would be her reaction? I was told that I couldn’t cancel the contract because I would loose the $5300 dollars I had put on my credit card as the down payment. I have learned since then that this in NOT TRUE.
    Since returning home my wife and I have notified our credit card company which told us that we have a 10 day period in which cancel the purchase which we have done. We have also informed the Mayan Palace and Desarrollo Marina Vallarta that we have cancelled our contract. Our visit to Mexico has been tainted by this experience and I doubt that we will ever travel there again. We are telling everyone we know about the lying, half truths and the deceptive sales tactics of the Mayan Palace sales people and avoid there resorts in general.

  • AngelJuly 28, 2014, 8:32 am

    nunca acepten la platica de “90 minutos” en realidad se tardan hasta 4 horas para convencerlos de comprar una membresia que es todo un fraude

  • Roger BullJuly 11, 2014, 2:27 pm

    Want a free time-share? Some people are just giving them away

  • Roger BullJuly 11, 2014, 2:27 pm

    Want a free time-share? Some people are just giving them away

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