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Timeshare Attorneys, When is time to use their services?

Timeshare Attorneys, When is time to use their services?
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When you get the sense of frustration and betrayal knowing that you made a purchase that was not what you were promised, it is logical to seek professional help to cancel a timeshare contract and try to recover the money you paid.  The question is: When is a good time to seek for a timeshare attorney?

Realizing that the promises offered when buying a timeshare will not be met, it is time to seek professional help. Time is of essence because the faster you get help, the more and better resources you will have to fight the timeshare development.

There are several ways to get help, there are companies that offer to cancel timeshares and there are timeshare attorneys who also offer these services.  MTS, has the expertise and knowledge of  how timeshares work. Also, at MTS, we have lawyers whose expertise is in timeshare contracts. But will talk about this later.

Pros and cons of hiring a timeshare Attorney

A popular phrase is "knowledge is power" applies in cases of timeshare fraud. It is important to be well advised when you are about to dispute a purchase with a Timeshare Development.

You need to evaluate the fee that will be paid for the services of a professional in the field. There are timeshare starting at $ 2,000 USD and other that start at $ 50,000 USD or more. The higher the amount, the more convenient to utilize the services of a timeshare lawyer. Based on my experience, there are people who seek the cancellation of a contract that was bought ten years ago and they don´t pay maintenance fees anymore, in these cases, trying to recover any money is out of the question and my recommendation is not to spend any more money trying to cancel and just leave it at "stand by".


Who is the best choice in terms of timeshare Attorneys?

Usually, timeshare attorneys or timeshare cancellation companies offer free initial consultations. I recommend you to call them and clarify all your doubts in regards of your situation. Also, request clarification on the results you should expect from their services. If necessary, request everything you are being offered in writing and also when you read your contract, read "between the lines" details. Remember that the reason you're reading this article is because you were offered unfulfilled promises verbally that were not in a timeshare contract.

Once you have reviewed the reputation of the company or timeshare attorney, follow your instinct, Does the person you have spoken to inspires you trust them with your timeshare claim?, How much knowledge he or she has about the subject? When using the services of timeshare cancellation it is necessary to trust the person that will be helping you.

 A very important rule that you should obey in the timeshare industry is: Never pay in advance for a service, even if is the cancellation of a timeshare. This is the golden rule in an industry whose reputation is constantly questioned.

If a company or a timeshare attorney is asking for money upfront for paperwork, documentation, retainer, etc.., Get away immediately, if you continue with the process, most likely you will become a victim of fraud again. Always work with a company or timeshare attorney willing to work under a contingency basis.

 A new wave of timeshare fraud is that rental companies and timeshare resale’s companies are now calling customers offering a cancellation service with an upfront fee. What irony! Of course, we already know what results we can expect from these companies. This is why it is very important to pay only for services rendered.

Cancel your contract once and for all

cancel timeshare contract

Do you need advice to cancel a timeshare contract? The answer in most cases is "YES". Ideally, if you don´t want your timeshare anymore the timeshare developer should buy it back. Unfortunately, they sell timeshares and don´t want them back in their inventory. They are interested in having you paying the mortgage for the timeshare and annual maintenance payments. For this reason and more, you can rest assured that the timeshare developer will do everything they can, within its capabilities, to keep you paying month after month.

The cancellation can be accomplished within one to six months in most cases. There are cases where your timeshare attorney or cancellation company will need to invest more time, you need to ask at the time of your free consultation the estimated time it will take to complete the cancellation based on your specific case.

Do not fall victim of fraud again!

timeshare fraud

A very important rule in the timeshare industry is: NEVER pay in advance when looking for TIMESHARE SERVICES. This rule is essential if you want to hire a company or a timeshare attorney.

Follow these recommendations when seeking a timeshare cancellation company or a timeshare attorney  and I assure you the odds that you will cancel your timeshare contract will increase consi

If you’re already a victim of a Mexican timeshare fraud, you shouldn’t be hopeless, being that not everything is lost.  You should contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a full advice that will help you to cancel the contract you’ve made. You can also give your testimony to other people to aware them about this scam.  Contact Mexican Timeshare Solution today in order to receive a free consultation on your timeshare matter.

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Leave your comment below and share your opinion with us. To know more about timeshare Scams go to: How do timeshares work?

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  • Carlos Daniel SperanzaMarzo 1, 2019, 1:29 pm

    adquiri un tiempo compartido a perpetuidad en Estados Unidos, en el Vacation Village at Weston pero lo deseo vender ya que en mi pais (argentina) el dolar se ha disparado y no puedo seguir pagandolo. Me quisiera liberar de el

  • Diana Marcela Zuleta GrimonApril 6, 2018, 2:55 pm

    Hola buenas tardes Soy de Colombia mi nombre es Diana y adquirí una tiempo compartido en Orlando con Orange lake resort en kissimee en febrero 26 . Después de terminar mis vacaciones estuve investigando por mí cuenta sobre estos tiempos compartidos y la mayoría de resultados fueron negativos . Empecé a leer detenidamente cada una de las letras pequeñas que aparecen en los términos y condiciones del contrato y hay muchas cosas que no concuerdan con lo que me dijeron , por ejemplo que podría usarlo de por vida , obviamente pagando la cuota de mantenimiento anual , pero en el contrato dice que es solo por 3 años . Entonces realmente solo he pagado 1.000usd , pero quisiera cancelarlo desde ya , no sé si es mejor esperar y pagarlo y aprovechar el uso de lo que pague o pagar por una asesoría para cancelarlo desde ahora. Por favor consejo!

  • Leopoldo Guzman August 18, 2016, 8:07 pm

    Resolver problemas con 2 tiempo a compartidos en Mexico
    Uno Es Mayan palace or GRANDMAYAN /GRANBLISS
    Otro ES DE ROYAL

  • JanethAugust 25, 2014, 7:24 am

    Many people think that it is very easy to simply stop paying for what has already been bought, but reality is as explained here, things may get worse, I agree with the advice, you must always be informed about the consequences before you purchase anything.

  • Ilyce Glink and Samuel J. TamkinJuly 11, 2014, 2:16 pm

    My 86-year-old mother cannot get rid of her paid-in-full timeshare. The maintenance fees are hurting her financially. She has tried to sell and/or donate it to a charity without any luck. How can she dispose of it? Do we, her beneficiaries, have to take it over? Can she just stop paying the maintenance fees?

  • jwopanamaJune 30, 2014, 2:31 pm

    In my experience of attending several timeshare promotions, people don't need to "assume" that the timeshare will go up in value as you state-they are told that by the salesperson.

  • ShellyJune 9, 2014, 1:01 pm

    We are trying to fight for our cancellation and refund. We canceled on day 5 but they are telling us they are not subject to Mexican laws (we were in Puerto Vallarta) BUT they are telling us to get a Mexican lawyer. Which is odd.

  • tom deniaitMay 29, 2014, 10:44 am

    If timeshare is such a scam, why do multi-billion dollar hotels allow them to have their marketing teams inside them? I own timeshare and see it as a great investment. You negative people simply cant afford it. Who is the real scammer, the people selling or the ones simply using them for “free” tickets??

  • tom deniaitMay 29, 2014, 10:44 am

    If timeshare is such a scam, why do multi-billion dollar hotels allow them to have their marketing teams inside them? I own timeshare and see it as a great investment. You negative people simply cant afford it. Who is the real scammer, the people selling or the ones simply using them for “free” tickets??

  • dmApril 7, 2014, 7:11 am

    Timeshare is a mess! so frustrating when they wont let you to cancel it after 10 days, what they expect while on vacation? some Rich people are just greedy, cant believe some big resorts they ripped people off, getting consumers to pay their big resorts

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