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How long do I have to wait to get a confirmation on a cancellation of a timeshare contract?

How long do I have to wait to get a confirmation on a cancellation of a timeshare contract?
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If you just bought a timeshare and you feel like you were pressured to buy it at the timeshare presentation, then maybe you are trying to get rid of your timeshare contract. Read this article and find out how long you have to wait to get a confirmation on a cancellation of a timeshare contract.

Timeshare cancellation should be done as soon as possible. If you don’t feel happy with your purchase then is time to cancel your timeshare contract.

Most of timeshare owners don’t know that there is a rescission period in every timeshare contract, this period depends on the country where the purchase was made, in Mexico we have 5 business days. If you didn’t know about this, I recommend you to read the next articles:

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When can you cancel a timeshare contract?

What is rescinding a timeshare?

Rescinding a timeshare is a way to legally cancel a timeshare contract, sometimes with the possibility to get the money you pay back and with a certain number of days, as we mentioned before, in Mexico, the cancellation period is 5 days.

At the timeshare presentation, some timeshare salespeople ask you sign away your right to cancel but you still have the legal right to cancel your timeshare contract.

Many timeshare purchasers want to cancel their timeshare after the rescission period has expired making the timeshare cancellation more difficult, but not impossible.


How to cancel a timeshare contract?

To cancel your timeshare contract, you may follow the next easy steps:

1. - Read your timeshare contract very carefully and focus on the clause about the timeshare cancellation.

2. - Write a timeshare cancellation letter and set it to the timeshare resort via certified mail. In the cancellation letter you have to include the following information:

- Your name, exactly the same as it appears in your timeshare contract.

- Your telephone number, your e-mail and your address.

-The name of the timeshare developer.

- The description of your timeshare property.

- The date that you purchase the timeshare and a statement that you are cancelling your timeshare contract.

3. - It is very important that you keep evidence that you cancelled your timeshare on time.

How long do I have to wait to get a confirmation on a cancellation of a timeshare contract?

In the timeshare contract cancellation process usually takes about 15 labor days to get your money back and the timeshare cancellation.

Sometimes, the timeshare owner decides to file a credit card dispute and the refund process may last more than the 15 days. The credit card company will inform the resort that the charge is being disputed on the basis of timeshare fraud, telling them that they have to refund the money during the period of 45 until 60 days.

As you can see, the cancellation of a timeshare contract that was sold under false promises is a complicated process that requires expertise and knowledge of the timeshare industry.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we specialize in the cancellation of timeshare contracts purchased in Mexico. Our associates have full knowledge of the timeshare industry and we are able to resolve timeshare scam cases. Contact us today for a free consultation and free analysis of your timeshare scam situation.

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  • Rommel Marzo 2, 2018, 3:46 pm

    Actually the resorts gives you like 5 days, that was the regular time to cancel the membership if you want, but i knew many cases that the resorts managers dont give you the official documents of your timeshare contract, so is impossible to cancel it in that time without that, good luck and stay sharp.

  • RayJuly 20, 2015, 8:57 am

    i had experienced 2 situations that involve the timeshare scam , me in the middle, 1 year ago a couple of friends sold us a mexican timeshare, at first we think that was the deal of our lives to my husband and i , before that we start to receive calls for salepeople demanding us to pay high maintenance fees , thousands of dollars, yes, big problem .

  • JacquelineJuly 12, 2015, 6:32 pm

    we make some crazy things, without thinking before on the consequences, by the way , these are another trap , in first place, if your are researching to get some timeshare on any place of the world, pls think twice, at first could be a good idea but the reality is like a nightmare that never ends...

  • WillJune 29, 2015, 11:29 am

    If you are a tourist you must now that the first thing that you need to know is how terrible could be to get involved on a timeshare, timeshare field is very nasty and expensive, all the promises that the resort said are only lies.

  • KSinNYCJune 26, 2015, 3:38 pm

    We did one at the Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta. "Two hundred dollars" turned into "the equivalent of two hunded dollars in pesos" and 90 minutes turned into almost 3 hours. Mr. KS started going over the numbers with them (he's in finance) and of course that added about half an hour. But it was interesting to see and the almost-200 dollars paid for pretty much all of our food on the trip.

    My other favorite part was when they made me go back to the room so they could verify that I was over the age of 23.

  • CalypsoJune 1, 2015, 4:06 pm

    I wish it were possible to just walk away from our timeshare! It has been nothing but problems and I can't wait to just be done with it! It has cost us so much money and I'm sorry that we ever bought it. I know we will take a huge loss on selling it, if we can even do that.

  • Michael MooreMay 15, 2015, 12:21 pm

    timeshares are NOTHING but a scam. The salespeople tell you one thing, then once you make the purchase, you find out it was all lies. If you know anyone who is contemplating buying one, tell them not to waste their money. For the amount they would spend on it, they could easily take a vacation once a year, and they won't be saddled with maintenance fees, etc.

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