Timeshare Regulations in Mexico: What You Need to Know

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Mexico is a beautiful country, surrounded by stunning beaches and exotic landscapes; it is the perfect vacation spot and a desirable getaway. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world arrive to Mexico with the expectation to have a great vacation.  However, there is something that scores of vacationers complaint about: the constant timeshare hassle. Timeshare scams in Mexico are on the rise, and people should be watchful about this. Know the timeshare regulations in Mexico and what to do if you feel you were scammed.

Timeshare Industry in Mexico

Just after the USA, Mexico is the second country with more timeshare developments in the world. While vacationing in Mexico, it is very common to be approached on the streets by several OPC’s (Outside Public Contact), who are the ones in charge to invite people to the timeshare presentations. There are testimonials of people who have felt stalked and harassed by them, as they can be very persistent. Even so, there are some vacationers who accept the invitation in order to get the free gifts they are offered to go.

It is completely ok to go and attend the sales pitch, on the other hand, vacationers should be very careful as these presentations are very high-pressure and many people end up signing the dotted line.  Remember that timeshare salespeople can give you loads of verbal promises, but without any written confirmation.  Do not underestimate their ability to do timeshare sales, they do it every day and they very good at it. Visit our Black List of Timeshare Fraud Resorts to know the most fraudulent timeshare companies in Mexico.

Timeshare Regulations in Mexico

Due to the big number of timeshare complaints, the Mexican authorities decided to strengthen the already existed timeshare regulations. On October, 2012; the Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) along with the Mexican Resort Development Association (AMDETUR), signed a collaboration agreement to improve and fortify the timeshare consumers’ rights. Some of the main clauses decreed in this timeshare agreement are the following:

 Immediate attention mechanisms will be promoted by AMDETUR members, in order to offer prompt, timely and quality attention to the consumers.

  •  Advertising: PROFECO will prosecute a monitoring of the publicity made by the timeshare providers, in order to verify if they follow the Federal Law on Consumer Protection.           
  •  Both PROFECO and AMDETUR agreed to arrange training courses for their members, regarding the timeshare providers’ obligations and the consumers’ rights.                                                            
  •  Personal data protection: Obligations and responsibilities were established to protect the privacy rights of consumers.         

If you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, you should also know the following facts:

  •  You have a 5 business day cooling-off period, which is also known as the rescission period to cancel your timeshare contract
  •  It is not allowed the use of gifts and prizes without informing the consumer the real purpose of the offer
  • Timeshare developers must comply all the obligations established on the timeshare contract

In order to spread more information about the new timeshare regulations, PROFECO has made virtual brochures to aware the customers before buying a timeshare.  The aim of the new changes made on the timeshare regulations, is to protect the consumers’ rights and to avoid timeshare scams. Timeshare scams have increased in the past years, and the Mexican government is aware of this.  Therefore, it became necessary to establish a new standardization that regulates the activity and sales practices made by timeshare companies.


Before you purchase a timeshare in Mexico, you need to think very carefully how you will use your vacation ownership, don’t feel pressure into buying, and take your time on it.  Also, do an internet search on the company and be sure that it is legit and honest.

Being Scammed in a Foreign Country

Unfortunately, regardless of the several warnings about timeshare scams in Mexico, many vacationers have become victims of timeshare fraud there.  Nevertheless, please do not judge the whole country for an unfortunate event.   Be assured, that the vast majority of Mexicans are hard working and honest people.  Timeshare cancellation is possible, even after the rescission period has expired.

If a Mexican timeshare fraud sounds familiar to you, you have come to the right place. At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we assist timeshare purchasers who feel they were scammed. MTS is the only company that doesn’t charge any upfront fees, if we cancel your timeshare contract we get paid, if not, you don´t waste any money. Contact MTS for a free consultation on how we can help you to release you from any timeshare obligation in a legal-reliable manner.

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