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Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letter

Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letter
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You might´ve just purchased a timeshare in Mexico when reading this article. If you are not sure you want to "own" a piece of paradise in Mexico, you can cancel your timeshare contract and recover your money if you purchased with in five days.

If you have purchased a timeshare in Mexico but have cold feet, it is possible to cancel your contract and recover the monies you have paid so far.The cancellation of a timeshare is divided based on how long ago you purchased your membership; if you purchased within 5 business days, you should be entitled to the cancellation of the contract as well as a full refund of your deposit; if your purchase was more than 5 business days ago, do not dispair, there is also help you can receive to stop paying for your timeshare.


Timeshare cancellation within five business days

If you purchased the timeshare within five business days from today, you can cancel your purchase by requesting so to the timeshare resort. First of all, you must submit a document requesting the cancellation of the contract and the refund of your money specifying that you will expect to receive the amount paid.

The shipping methods NOT useful as evidence of your cancellation request are:

timeshare cancellation

Very important!!!

Another aspect to keep in mind is that many timeshare resorts will not answer back to your cancellation request and you can lose your opportunity to cancel your timeshare and recover your money.  In our years of experience, it is very common that the timeshare salespeople lie to the clients and give them false information in order to never receive a cancellation request from them.

 If you are reading this and you have a feeling that something is not right, or If you submitted your cancellation request more than 15 days ago and the resort is not answering back or denying the cancellation of the contract please contact us as soon as possible to get a free consultation and to have further detail about the cancellation process and recover of your money.

The tricks and delaying tactics

if you are outside Mexico, the distance can be a disadvantage in your situation and it can cost the cancellation of your contract, this can make difficult the follow up of your case and to attend your hearings with PROFECO. A lot of times send the letter does not guarantee the cancellation of your contract, it is essential to hire an attorney who knows perfectly the timeshare laws and he can  follow up closely your hearings. Do not throw away your down payment and avoid to lose thousands of dollars in a debt  just to save a few dollars.

Timeshare cancellation after five business days

timeshare cancellation 5 days

If your purchase was made more than five business day ago, the cancellation becomes more complicated but not impossible. The resorts will put obstacles and traps to avoid cancellation but the cancellation of a timeshare contract is achievable with the assistance of MTS

Another drawback for contracts that have passed the 5 days to cancel prescribed by law is that that if you don´t cancel your contract propertly you might be facing:

  • Being sent to collections
  • Having your credit rating affected
  • Calls from debt collectors requesting money
  • Lost of any chance of recupe any money given to the resort

If you are still convinced that you no longer want to continue with your timeshare we recommend you to use the legal path and not only stop making payments; failing to so, will definitively affect your credit score and ruin your plans prepared for the future.

If you already sent your cancellation letter within 5 days and have not received an answer from the resort after 15 days, don´t despair Contact us, at MTS we will offer a free consultation to advise you on your case, get your money refunded and cancel your contract.

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Leave your comment below and share your opinion with us. To know more about timeshare scams go to: Mexico Timeshare Scam

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  • javier aguirreOctober 20, 2016, 1:42 am

    buenas noches, mis papas acaban de adquirir el dia 15 de este mes un tiempo compartido el cual quiero cancelar, respecto al contrato dice que tengo 5 dias habiles para la cancelacion del contrato, ojala me pudieran ayudar

  • Juan Felipe Martínez Hernández May 3, 2016, 7:28 am

    Hola necesito de su ayuda ya que contrate un tiempo compartido el día sábado 30 de abril y checando muchos comentarios en internet veo q estoy a tiempo para cancelarlo ojalá puedan comunicarse conmigo saludos

  • Claudia ADecember 18, 2015, 4:57 pm

    que buen sitio, voy a cancelar con Fiesta Americana Vacación Club, prefiero dar por perdido lo que hemos pagado que seguir tirando nuestro dinero, te explican todo tan bonito tan bonito y tan rápido, además te inventan que es solo por ese día una oportunidad única, todo empezó porque nos ofrecieron de regalo un desayuno donde nos explicarían el plan. Ojalá lean todos estos comentarios antes de firmar.

  • AngelaDecember 14, 2015, 11:25 am

    Gracias por compartir , mis papas intentaron hacerlo , pero creo que el resort hizo caso miso d esto , no hubo mas opcion que buscar ayudar profesional para poder cancelarlo , si mejor no quieren vivir una mala experiencia no se involucren en esto de los tiempos compartidos.

  • XAVISeptember 28, 2015, 10:09 am

    This could be useful , but at least this is not a guarentee .. if you actuallly involved on a timeshare problem you should contact people that know what to do , many times we act as we know all the problem but is not true, we could make things worst, keep in mind that timeshare cancellation is not an easy task unless you know where to go .

  • helenJuly 16, 2015, 11:12 am

    I had a horrible experience with timeshares. I've purchased my timeshare 3 years ago, and it's been impossible to get out. I was pressured to sign a contract, and i was also scammed, they never did what they promised. I just want out of this situation.

  • Claudia CanizalezApril 27, 2015, 9:56 am

    Son muy buenos los tips de este blog , pero a decir vd se necesita mas que hacer una buena carta, por mi experiencia que tuve en eso de los tiempos compartidos puedo decirles que son unas personas muy problematicas, jamas pude usar mi tiempo compartido como supuestamente debia de hacerlo , una verdadera pena

  • VioletAugust 25, 2014, 9:49 am

    Is there an answer to getting rid of a timeshare? Mine is paid for but I am still paying maintenance fees. I have never used it. What happens if I just stop paying the fees? Does anyone know about TransferAmerica? They claim to be able to help you get rid of timeshare and fees.

  • AnaAugust 18, 2014, 7:23 am

    Very helpful. I didn't have any idea on how to make a timeshare cancellation letter.

  • Bill RogersJuly 11, 2014, 2:19 pm

    You don't buy a timeshare as an investment. You buy it because you want to use it.

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