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The Club GRUPO PRESIDENTE – Another timeshare SCAM?

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The Club Grupo Presidente includes great hotels in Mexico and around the world in beautiful destinations. But beware; many travelers are falling victims of these beautiful resorts.

The resorts at Club Grupo Presidente are located in the main cities and the best beaches in Mexico. But there is a dark side of this club: timeshare...

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If you think that buying a timeshare in Mexico sounds more trouble than it is worth, probably you are right, especially if you accept the deal from Royal Holiday timeshare.

RH, with bases in Mexico, is doing a giant business selling timeshares to vacationers. But RH is not selling properties, the timeshare sales rep make people ...

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If you are headed to this popular resort on vacations, chances are you’ll encounter an aggressively friendly man or woman offering you a free meal or a gift, but with the condition to submit to a timeshare pitch.

At first sight you will think that there it would be no harm, but this is the way timeshare companies get your attention...

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CANCEL a Timeshare Contract How Many Business Days Do I Have ?

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If you just signed a timeshare contract in Mexico, and you realized that you really don’t want your timeshare, or you feel that was a mistake, you can cancel your timeshare contract if you are still in your rescission period. Learn about the business days to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico.

Many people think about reselling...

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Tips to REBUILD your CREDIT After Purchase a Timeshare

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Did your timeshare purchase affect your credit score? Now is the time to start rebuilding your credit. It will be hard at the start, but it won’t be impossible.

Learn easy tips to rebuild your credit after purchasing a timeshare.

A lot of timeshare purchasers don’t take the time to carefully read their timeshare contract because...

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TIMESHARE EXCHANGE Company, Which Is The Best?

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If you own a timeshare, you probably already know about the opportunity to do an exchange.  There are many companies, but the two largest are RCI and Interval International.

One of the common promises made at timeshare presentations is that your timeshare will be easy to exchange, but this is easier said than done.

There are...

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FIXED Week and a FLOATING Week, What is the DIFFERENCE Between Them?

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A timeshare could be a good option for some people, especially for big families who like to travel to the same destination for a number of weeks every year, that’s why timeshares are usually sold as a one-week program.

Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare ownership is the right to use a property for a certain period of time, usually weeks.


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SOL MELIA Timeshare: The AWFUL Truth

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Sol Meliá is a huge hotel and resort company from Mexico that operates worldwide, with beautifully decorated rooms and nicely manicured grounds with scenic views that are breathtaking.

It sounds like a wonderful vacation, and it is until you sign on the dotted line.

Taking advantage of the beautiful places they have, Sol Meliá...

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Buy a TIMESHARE, What FEES are Involved ?

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If you are thinking of buying a timeshare, you should do your research before signing anything.

You have to keep in mind all the terms and conditions established in the contract, and you must know what fees are involved in buying a timeshare.

Even though most people hate them, timeshares still remain one of the top sellers in the...

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