TIMESHARE Contract LOOPHOLES: How to Protect Yourself

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As it has been discussed in the past on this blog, the main reason that people who have bought a timeshare end up hating it, is because of these same general financial problems that seem to have no solution.

Either because of the incompetence of the timeshare sellers or because the owners did not know what they were getting into by attending the famous meetings.

It's unbelievable the trouble a person can get into accepting a timeshare vendor's invitation to a free breakfast or drinks.

They can offer you whatever they can think of for free in exchange for people agreeing to talk with them for an hour.

This article by RedWeek indicates how these pressure techniques are still going on to this day.

We know what a big headache this can be for people who are not originally interested in buying a timeshare.

So much so, that they end up agreeing to sign a contract, which they are not given the time to review.

Many times, this contract is not even in the language of the person who acquires the timeshare, which opens the way for sellers to take advantage and place timeshare contract loopholes.

There are people who take their time to read a contract and make sure they are doing the right thing in purchasing a timeshare and not being surprised later.

Such contract loopholes are the main thing that creates misunderstandings and ambiguities in the agreements, in such a way that details that were not mentioned, are still omitted by salespeople to timeshare buyers.

Loopholes are supposed to be a problem in business, therefore, the law states they must be avoided at all costs in all kinds of contracts.

Regarding the timeshare business in Mexico, loopholes are too frequent. A vast number of people say they feel cheated when acquiring a property of this type in Mexico, especially after realizing the omissions found in the contract.

A certain percentage of these people get the right legal help and turn to companies that get you out of timeshare.

Mexican Timeshare Business

It is known that the timeshare business plays a very important role in tourism and the Mexican economy, as well as it is known that people who commit fraud have taken advantage of this situation.

An example for this are the so-called call centers companies, which aim to attract tourism to Mexico from the main tourist markets such as the United States and Canada.

These companies are clearly phonies which act fraudulently and cause damage to the image of the most attractive vacation destinations in Mexico.

These shell companies are very difficult to detect. They are also known as ghost companies and therefore try to pass unnoticed even in the database managed by the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies at the national level or in the National Tourism Registry.

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency has issued an alert in this regard and warns consumers about sellers who sell customer information to scammers.

The US government has also addressed this problem, warning American tourists about Mexican timeshare fraudsters.

According to Profeco, in 2021 these fraudulent companies have scammed people with vacation memberships in resorts and timeshares where buyers tend to find Timeshare contract loopholes.

One of the top mentioned companies is Grupo Vidanta, which you can find in the helping timeshare owners reviews in travel blogs, as a topic with many complaints.

This company is known to work for many high-end resorts in vacation destinations in Mexico such as Riviera Maya, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Peñasco, Acapulco and Mazatlán.

Companies that get you out of timeshare

Many times, people find out their 5-day cancellation period is over. So they wonder if they could truly get rid of their timeshare.

The truth is, canceling a timeshare is the best way to terminate a timeshare contract, and it’s also legal and safe. Are you in this situation?

Getting help from reliable companies that get you out of timeshare is one of the main keys to get the job done, since people in this position run the risk of being scammed out of their desperation.

It’s common for timeshare owners to turn to the resale market without thinking about the consequences.

Also, people buying the cheapest secondhand timeshares on eBay, for example, end up being victims of deceit. Both situations are what is usually found on the internet. On timeshare websites that are clearly illegitimate.

Companies that get you out of timeshare will guide you better through the recession process. A good idea is to make sure this company is worthy of your trust.

You can look up for comments about the company helping timeshare owners and reviews as well as the timeshare attorney reputation before requesting their services.

A reliable timeshare cancellation company should not charge you up-front either.

Thinking about reselling your timeshare?

When owners learn about the Timeshare contract loopholes, disadvantages and issues of keeping a timeshare, they start looking for a way to get rid of the property, and more than often what they find is resale companies offering their services on the buy and resale.

All of this with the intention of recovering the money invested. They may think it’s a fast solution, when the truth is very different from this.

Another solution they try is selling the timeshare back to the resort developer thanks to a program some of them offer.

But almost always happens that the resorts do not reimburse the money invested, but the owner can save money in the mortgage payment and maintenance fees (which we know it’s a great sum in the end)

People asking for help from resale companies basically get scammed salespeople working in such companies tend to manipulate and mislead people who don't want to keep paying for a timeshare.

Those people will contact desperate sellers and claim that they have spotted a person interested in the property, next, they will give them a good deal in exchange for your used timeshare.

Beware of these shell companies, there are many customers who had fraud experiences from getting their services, as they expressed in their helping timeshare owners reviews, such companies vanish as soon as people send the payment.

Your best option is to get a timeshare lawyer with a reliable reputation, in the aim to avoid fraud.

If you have purchased a timeshare in Mexico, we are able to help you. Contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a free consultation and cancel your timeshare.

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