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Tafer residence club and resorts is a Mexican company dedicated to hospitality with a growing portfolio of award-winning properties, including resorts and boutique hotels and Tafer timeshare services.

The owner and developer of tafer residence club has more than 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, actively leading the hotel group with the help of a competent team of executives.

The luxurious vacation destinations in Mexico offered by Tafer residence club and resorts include: Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos, with Resorts in the Riviera Maya and soon will open another one in Cancun.

This company has also been recognized in the business of selling luxury residences, such as ownerships, as an option to acquire a Tafer timeshare, which have been controversial due to dome bad experiences from former owners.

They ended up cancelling their Mexican timeshares for many reasons.

The resorts include entertainment centers, with the opening of a shopping center called Tierra Luna, which has nine boutiques, open-air art and craft galleries, a spectacular carousel for children and three michelin star restaurant in one of their resort complex in Puerto Vallarta, where Hotel Mousai opened six years ago, a new generation of designer hotels located in beach destinations, and the Tafer residence club timeshare.

Tafer resorts recently opened its second tower, in which more than 20 million dollars were invested. According to Forbes, Tafer resorts currently operates 12 hotel complexes and by 2027 expects to double the number of keys and reach 8,000 rooms between its own and converted hotels.

As luxurious and high-end as this hotel is described to be, it is thought that regarding the timeshare services it offers, there have been many problems stated on the internet by people who have purchased a unit in the Tafer residence club timeshare.

Several of these people indicate in Tafer resorts timeshare reviews that they are not happy with some of the offered things, from the service, the hotel staff, and the contracts signed when buying a timeshare.

Find out the Tafer residence club and timeshare reviews

We know that acquiring a unit in the Tafer residence club timeshare can be a very pleasant, highly luxurious experience, as well as the dream of many people who wan privacy and their own space on one of the beaches in Mexico.

If you are someone who plans to buy a timeshare property, pay attention to the following Tafer residence club reviews that had been exposed about this lavish resort.

We will compile in a list the most common complaints expressed by owners of timeshares in Tafer hotels and resorts.

These Tafer resorts timeshare reviews are found on different websites dedicated to publishing opinions and reviews about local and tourist businesses.

Some examples of they are TripAdvisor, Yelp, Complaints Board or Red Week

It is strongly suggested that before doing business in Mexico with a real estate person or before investing in large amounts of money such as timeshares.

You can certainly check the reputation of the salespeople you are dealing with. The reviews of the resorts or timeshare developments can also be investigated on websites such as TripAdvisor or our blacklist.

Many of the Tafer timeshare complaints are:

  • The initial payment is very expensive. These Tafer resorts membership can be really great and nice place to stay, but in the end it's not worth it.
  • They only allow you to use it 1-2 weeks a year, which is very little for what you are actually paying (not to mention you have to keep paying for the maintenance fees)
  • The dates people usually want to visit Mexico are almost never available. We are talking about the holidays such as Easter and New Year's. Even if the resort appeared available, people claim they were denied the reservation service on the phone.
  • You have to pay maintenance fees forever (or as long as you own the timeshare) and they go up every year. Many owners consider this one ridiculous.
  • The contract is almost never in your native language, which makes it difficult for owners to read the small print. They later encounter surprises that the staff is not willing to solve.
  • The experiences with the salespeople staff are terrible. You can notice the manipulation and their ability to deceive right away, and some people even claim they signed out pressure.
  • Sales people will lie to you about the contract cancellation. You will have to sign a contract waiving your right to cancel.
  • You are at risk of being sent to the collection department.

Tafer resorts membership: is it worth it?

Apart from the timeshare services that Tafer residence club offers its guests, there is also the possibility of being a member, since it is most likely that you will be offered a membership when you stay at the resort.

Such membership does not have any cost apparently, which makes it more attractive for people to enroll on it.

The tafer resorts membership is known as a program called Tafer rewards, which supposedly provides several benefits and options for its members, such as better prices and an even more personalized experience.

The guests who become members of said program were promised to receive the best prices on rooms and suites at all hotels belonging to the Tafer chain.

Other mention that they became members since they were promised to receive before anyone else discounts and special offers, but in the end they did not really save much money on their trip.

Members are normally convinced they will enjoy promotions available at all hours to purchase travel certificates, and travel whenever they want.

They personalized experience, Tafer resorts membership offers to guest, tries to persuade people into thinking they don't have to worry about a thing during the stay.

What the resort does is to keep documented, and in detail, the member's preferences, for instance their credit cards, drinks and dishes they order the most, as well as other options to speed up their check in.

The pre-saved preferences above are supposed to provide members with attentive service and a better experience, but many of the Tafer resorts membership have stated that it did not make any difference from the normal resort service they had in the past, nor did they save great sums of money.

Timeshare lawyer to cancel a Tafer timeshare

Mexican Timeshare solutions is a company that works under contingency basis and doesn't collect any fees until the contract is cancelled. Contact MTS for a free consultation to give away your Tafer timeshare.

To receive more information about Tafer timeshare and resorts, send a WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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