PUEBLO BONITO Sunset Beach Timeshare: PROS & CONS

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Located on the beaches of Los Cabos, México, Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach is known for being an exclusive high-end resort which contains luxurious and equipped rooms that promise a great experience for its guests.

The resort has ten fine dining restaurants, including a beachfront Japanese and Mexican restaurant, as well as bars and lounges.

There are also 6 lagoon pools, a spa, a kids's club, and a play area.

Not to mention, the Pueblo Bonito Sunset timeshare units inside the resort and the Pueblo Bonito gateway membership they are known to offer.

Like the many other resorts in the Pueblo Bonito Chain, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is known for its timeshare market, since a Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare can have a lot of amenities due to its location in front of the beach, most of these people are interested in a sunset timeshare.

People who visit this hotel are often interested in a Pueblo Bonito timeshare and come visit to directly negotiate with the people in charge of selling timeshares, there are other people who already own a timeshare in Pueblo Bonito but decide to do and are other people who already own a timeshare in Pueblo Bonito but decide to do a timeshare exchange and spend a week in Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare.

Pueblo Bonito Timeshare Facts.

It is worth mentioning that Pueblo Bonito timeshare does not have the best reputation among timeshare complexes.

Most of the Pueblo Bonito Sunset timeshare sales are made, as in the rest of the resorts, under high pressure sales tactics, many of members in Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach feel that hey have been lied to and scammed and most of the timeshare contracts are being misrepresented.

Like it's mentioned in this Complaints Board entry, many former owners have experienced this kind of mistreatment.

Another of the most common scams at the time of purchase is that the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach seller will make several promises to you related to the amenities you can find in a timeshare at Pueblo Bonito to sign their contract.

However, the contract clearly states that any verbal promises made by the sales associate are not valid unless those promises are stated within the contract.

A great number of sales people tend to get advantage from the language barrier.

They will speak to costumers in English at the time of negotiating, but many times the contract will be in spanish, making it hard for people to understand what they are getting into.

Sometimes, without noticing, they can be sent to credit collections to force contract payment in case of non-payment.

Pueblo Bonito membership

Pueblo Bonito Sunset timeshare sale market is no the only service that Pueblo Bonito offers.

The resort also has a Pueblo Bonito membership system, to which guests are invited to be part of. There are different types of memberships.

A common one is the Pueblo Bonito Gateway membership, in which, according to salespeople, you can enjoy many amenities by getting enrolled.

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Claims to offer the best customer service for its members, but compared to what former members have stated, this only happens if the current member is up-to-date with the payments.

Other common complaint mentioned it's if they have any questions or concerns about their Pueblo Bonito membership, the associates are more likely to tell them than they will send the information through email.

But this doesn't always turn out to be true, as many members have claimed that this email will never arrive.

The most common response for any unhappy customer with a Pueblo Bonito membership is to upgrade your membership no matter what.

If you are unhappy with it and end up paying more for a membership to begin with, they weren't happy.

The results of owning a Pueblo Bonito membership are very similar to the Pueblo Bonito Sunset timeshare owners.

Like we said before, people are very likely to be scammed and manipulated by the sales person at those meetings guests are forced to attend in order to sell a timeshare Pueblo Bonito resorts.

Pueblo Bonito timeshare sellers often misguide in Mexico, since they are being lied to.

According to PROFECO (Consumer protection agency in Mexico), after you purchase a timeshare in any Mexican resort, in this case a Pueblo Bonito Sunset timeshare, you have the right to cancel before this recession period.

The best thing you can do is getting help from this agency if you find yourself in trouble with timeshare fraud.

PROFECO Cancellation Letter

The consumer protection agency's purpose is to protect consumer rights. They have a department to protect consumers against abuses or fraud by Mexican companies.

Several timeshare scam victims that purchased a Pueblo bonito Sunset timeshare draw upon this department to get help.

PROFECO should be able to help you rescind from a timeshare contract in Mexico in case you suspect you've been scammed or have found out that you were indeed a victim of a fraud, even if you are a foreigner. 

In order to get PROFECO to work with your case, you have to send a letter. It is important to send this letter during the business days to canceling a Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare contract in Mexico.

It is also important to keep evidence that you sent the cancellation letter on time.

First, you need to know what information you must include in the timeshare cancellation letter within the business days for canceling your timeshare contract in Mexico.

This is the list of information you need to add int the letter:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Contract number
  • Contact information
  • Contact information
  • Body of the letter with a statement that you are requesting the cancellation.
  • Date of purchase
  • Signature

It's important to know that the best way to get rid of a timeshare is canceling it. It is a legal way, and it's the most convenient action you can take towards a scam.

There's many people who resale or put their timeshare out for rent. Sadly, this does not always work out for most of the timeshare owners.

As many of them have told in consultations, the timeshare resale market can be as fraudulent as the timeshare sales from resorts.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we can help you cancel your timeshare contract with Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.

We do not charge any fee upfront, this is our best guarantee. Contact us for a free consultation on your timeshare matter and get ready to cancel your timeshare.

To receive more information about a Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach timeshare, send a WhatsApp to +52 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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