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It is estimated that purchasing a timeshare is one of the worst investments people can make, it is not even considered an investment nowadays, but few people know about this.

At least, people who have been scammed by the same resort that sell timeshares. Now they are looking for timeshare legal help as well as ways to get rid of the timeshare property.

Such people stated that before taking the decision of looking for the best timeshare relief companies, they took a good read at the contract, and after reading the small print, they realized many things were not stated as promised by the sellers.

A frequent complaint is the annual fees, they go up every year and some owners found it useless to keep paying for them.

Timeshare lawyers and their services are often requested by people who want to terminate a contract because they are unable to use the unit.

Sometimes for personal reasons, but also the fact that they can never find an available date to use it. Is this scenario similar to yours? You may need a timeshare cancel attorney.

Are you one of those people in need of legal timeshare aid? We know it could be a big mess, the process of getting rid of a timeshare.

Even more, canceling a timeshare in a foreign country, stop worrying and keep reading to learn about the solutions. There are a couple of options to you in case you are looking for timeshare legal help.

You certainly can get timeshare legal aid, requesting the services of an attorney who specializes in timeshare cancellations and fraud.

You can also search for the best timeshare relief companies in order to get the legal timeshare aid you need.

Timeshare recession law in Mexico

Now that you wish to terminate a timeshare contract in Mexico, you need to learn about the Mexican timeshare recession law.

In Mexico, timeshares are marketed as holiday ownership or as leases.

In Mexico, timeshares have a usable life of three to one hundred years.

When you own the timeshare during that time, you will be forced to pay annual and monthly fees. It is possible that this will be rather costly. Take into account rising maintenance fees and a high-interest mortgage

Article 56 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law must be understood if you want to know how to cancel a timeshare in Mexico.

This statute applies not just to Mexican nationals, but also to foreign tourists. Article 56 of the Consumer Protection Act is a law that protects consumers.

This article stated that owners have a 5 business day period to rescind from the contract.

Many times, resorts and timeshare companies lie to costumers, saying they will not be able to cancel once the papers are signed.

But as you have read, this is a lie. The law states otherwise completely, and this is why it is very important for foreigners to stay informed before doing any purchase in Mexico.

Article 56 of the Consumer Protection Law requires that any consumer who feels they have been cheated must mail or personally deliver a written cancellation letter.

You need to explain your situation and how you fell victim to high-pressure sales tactics.

Selling your timeshare. A good idea?

In the despair of cutting ties with the monthly timeshare charges, several owners turn to the resale market, in hopes to recover some of the money invested at the beginning.

But we would not really recommend this option since the market is full of fraudulent timeshare resellers that may even pose as timeshare lawyers and are ready to deceive you.

A timeshare property can be difficult to sell because you will be competing with many other timeshare resellers as well as new timeshare resorts in the area.

Sometimes, the contracts may stipulate that the timeshare company receives a commission for their sale, or place other conditions on the resale.

Some timeshare owners end up selling their unit on eBay for much less than what they paid for. They would rather let it go for very little than keep paying maintenance fees.

This article explains how you can even find $1 USD timeshares online. Of course, this could be a benefit for buyers. A timeshare cancel attorney will suggest you to avoid this option too.

Timeshare Lawyers: cancelling after the recession period

It’s not uncommon for owners to find out their 5 business day period is over. There are many timeshare owners who have been with a timeshare contract for years and then decide they want to cancel it.

If this is your situation, you have the option to check on the best timeshare relief companies and get a consultation with them.

These companies are in charge of assign you an attorney who specializes in timeshare issues and will guide you in the process of cancelling a contract

Make sure that a company is legitimate. You can in the timeshare attorney reviews before getting the service from them.

Also, don’t forget that the timeshare cancel attorney must not charge you up-front.

The timeshare attorney reviews can also be found on TripAdvisor, RedWeek, Yelp or any other websites and blogs of tourism/timeshare interest.

Many of the reliable companies that offer timeshare lawyers are located in Google My Business.

Or make sure they appear in the right upper corner as a local business when you google it. The timeshare attorney reviews must appear in the search.

In Conclusion.

We can conclude that timeshares can be a headache and lead to unnecessary legal issues, besides creating financial stress for you and your family. If you were victim of a fraud, or you are simply rushing to cancel a timeshare in Mexico, you should get right away.

In case you are too late for the recession period, and attorney who specializes in timeshare is your answer.

Remember, cancelling is the safest way to terminate a timeshare contract.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we help timeshare buyers who feel they have been scammed. We offer a free consultation, contact us and free yourself from your timeshare.

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