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Mexico is the second country in the world in development and commercialization of timeshare properties, after the United States.

Cancun and Riviera Maya cover 60% of the sales of this service in the country. But also, when it comes to common timeshare complaints about scams, the numbers are pretty elevated in Mexico.

If you are someone interested in acquiring a vacational property for you and your family, you may want to take a look at the most common complaints or reasons people want to get rid of a timeshare:

Clients are unable to cancel: The first and most common complaint is timeshare cancellation. This one is almost impossible to accomplish, as some timeshare owners have stated in their timeshare cancellation reviews.

Which can be posted in TripAdvisor, the number one reference of millions of travelers in the world when researching a new destination or planning a trip.

This portal contains the opinions of those who receive the services of hotels, restaurants and tour operators, including timeshare claims reviews.

Sellers won’t help you out: There are two frequent cases. The fraudulent salespeople let a secretary answer the phone and tell them that she cannot receive the message, some others say that they are not allowed by the seller to make a cancellation, and the procedure must be done in an office that is located outside the vacation destination.

Despite the fact that the law establishes that consumers must have the possibility of canceling a service by the same means that they contracted it, they communicate in the timeshare cancellation reviews that sellers go out of their way to avoid them from doing a contract recession.

Pressure sale tactics: when foreigner couples just want to spend a good time in the beaches of Mexico, many of them are pressured into signing for a 100-year debt in timeshare fees.

Although they did not want it, timeshare salespeople will not accept a no for an answer. It is incredible how some of will not let you go without signing a contract.

Which makes many people uncomfortable and with a feeling they just did a bad investment.

A second strategy is pushing you to keep the property. Sellers will lead the client with various offers so that he does not terminate the contract: a new and better room, hotel, reducing the maintenance fee costs, updating your membership, among others.

Maintenance fees are just too high: It is known that timeshare prices are already high, in exchange for enjoying a luxury property in another country, but this becomes different when compared to maintenance prices.

As many timeshare owners point out, these prices go up every year, to the point of being too high to pay, when owners can really only use it a few times a year.

You don’t always get what you buy: Another common timeshare complaint is that the units do are not the same as what the owner was offered. Sometimes, buying in a high-end resorts does not guarantee a deluxe timeshare unit.

Even if you pay the price for it, timeshares can come with all kinds of complications. From nonfunctional appliances to old and dirty rooms and furniture.

You can never find an available date:This is one of the reasons that users want to terminate their contract. In the timeshare cancellation reviews, is manifested this great dilemma.

Owners say they acquired the service for a high season and due to the high number of users on those dates, they have not been able to use the service for two or three years, leaving them thinking this investment was never worth it.

The federal Consumer Protection Law

According to The Federal Consumer Protection Law stated by PROFECO, it is illegal for a company to retain the user when he no longer wants the service.

However, timeshare salespeople use a number of tactics to keep the costumers, avoiding a contract cancellation.

Like is manifested in the timeshare claims reviews It is very common for them to hide, so that the people who contracted a timeshare service cannot find anyone to carry on with a cancellation.

This Federal Consumer Protection Law, indicates that timeshare users have five business days to cancel the service without penalty.

If they do so within that period, the company must fully return any payment that has been made. In this case, a timeshare company.

To avoid the drag of a bad investment, you have the possibility of verifying if the company is registered on the PROFECO commercial bureau page before contracting the service, since a great number of common timeshare complaints that have been attributed to ghost rental vacation companies, scamming foreigner consumers.

Almost 40% of timeshare users said that the fees they pay for the service are higher than the service they receive: type of room, hotel and destination.

Profeco recorded in a survey conducted four years ago. In the same survey, just over half of users felt that sellers withheld information about timeshare features and prices from them during the purchase process.

From January to August, PROFECO has imposed 40 fines for an amount of over 2 million MXN. Last year, the fines amounted to 7 million MXN.

So far this year, PROFECO has accumulated 1,904 complaints related to the claim timeshare reviews we discussed before. Last year there were 2,614.

Are you too late to cancel?

Many desperate timeshare owners turn to the resale market without thinking about the consequences. Even people who look for a cheap secondhand timeshare eventually fall for the $1 USD timeshare deceit. 

It is not uncommon for people finding out their cancellation period is over. So they wonder if they could truly get rid of their timeshare.

The truth is, canceling a timeshare is the best way to terminate a timeshare contract, and it’s also legal and safe.

Timeshare lawyers

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