H10 Timeshare & Resorts: All You SHOULD Know About it

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This chain of hotels it’s mainly located in the Caribbean in the Canary Islands, Mallorca, Costa Dorada, Riviera Maya in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The rest of the resorts, also called urban destinations, are in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, London and Berlin.

The Caribbean hotels, which belong to the Ocean by H10 Hotels division, created in 2008, are five-star resorts located in front of the beach, with a wide variety of high-quality services and facilities.

The chain is known for the promotion of the H10 premium membership cost and timeshare services.

H10 resorts seem to be one of the most acclaimed and recommended vacation destinations by tourists in the Caribbean.

By booking with H10 hotels, they claim that you will be able to enjoy the comfort of all their facilities. Not only hotel rooms are what this resorts offer.

You can acquire an H10 timeshare right in front of the beach or get an H10 premium membership.

One of the attractions for an H10 timeshare and Caribbean hotels is of course the beach. It is clear that there you will find the most beautiful coasts in the world and equipped with hotel services.

Several guests that have stayed in H10 hotels have stated in their H10 premium membership reviews how great are the amenities in such resorts like the beaches in the Caribbean, the ocean views from the rooms, food, bars and the general experience as a guest in the resort.

But when it comes to owning an H10 timeshare, the reviews and opinions turn a little bit different. 

Of course there are many people who enjoy investing in timeshare ownerships, having a well-maintained designated property to visit once a year or more can be great, and is supposedly less expensive than buying a whole new home.

However, there are also some common timeshare complaints that must be considered if you are thinking of buying timeshare with H10 or another resorts.

Common H10 timeshare complaints

Timeshares are not really a good investment, and the proof is on the complaints made by former and actual owners. Said complaints are generally posted on blogs and touristic review sites like RedWeek, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Complaints Board.

The financial aspects of these properties are probably the major reason why owners want to cancel a timeshare, those can generate most of the timeshare complaints.

Timeshares can be offered in the market and sold as good investments, but there are so many people trying to get rid of their timeshare, that trying to resell one is highly difficult and will not make a lot of money.

The timeshare salesperson at H10 will limit when and how the buyer can sell their timeshares and may require that they own their timeshare for a period of time before they try to resell it.

Unlike real estate, timeshares are not as attractive to buy, and you are not likely to recover the money invested in the beginning.

Another aspect of the financial complications stated in the reviews, are the maintenance fees you have to pay, as they can be quite high, and this is in addition to having paid for the timeshare.

Some people just decide to stop paying for the fees, which, according to this article, could be a bad idea.

When considering costs, people should think about not only the price to buy and the price to hold, but also the price to travel to their timeshare destination one or more times a year.

This can increase costs, depending on the location of the timeshare, and must be weighed when considering the total vacation investment.

While a timeshare may be beautiful or attractive, it may not provide enough a great variety of vacation dates. There has been also posted as complaint that people are limited by what they invest.

They only get the amount of time they pay for, and they can only get it at certain times of the year, and some others can’t find available dates when they want to use the timeshare.

Another timeshare complaint is that many people must vacation in the same place every year.

There are timeshare exchanges, but these could lead to more fees and, in some cases, timeshare owners have been surprised with bad quality and dirty exchange timeshares, ending up disappointed.

Apart from the complaints about the timeshares, in the complaint blogs can be found opinions about the H10 premium membership cost, which is a famous membership many guests are invited to access for the purpose of having a deluxe experience.

H10 premium membership reviews

H10 hotels insist that the treatment of the guests by the staff is one of the greatest advantages, as well as their clean facilities, which will allow you to spend nice stays.

They claim to offer a great number of options for you to enjoy, when upgrading you to an H10 premium membership.

These options have to do with relaxation, partying and a good ambience, like access to restaurants, spas, swimming pools, gyms, nightclubs, a theater, bowling, and many other facilities that can be found inside the H10 hotels.

In this NY Times article you can find in which situations is really worth it signing up for a resort elite status.

Checking on the H10 premium membership reviews, much can be found about this H10 premium membership cost related to the experience it offers.

And the truth is, this experience is very similar to the timeshare reviews and opinions. People claim they don’t see much difference on being a common guest and being a premium member.

You can realize that the H10 premium membership reviews clearly state that people feel like they have been lied to, since they could have spent the membership money in a suite and still experience the same benefits, so we would suggest you to think again next time you stay at H10 resorts Mexico and get a membership offer.

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