Timeshare Points System

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Is Timeshare Worth it?

One of the common attraction buyers find on timeshare properties is that you have guaranteed vacation accommodations in beautiful locations.

Timeshare often allow you to travel for a fixed number of days during a specific period of  timeshare year after year.

For those who plan vacations ahead of time and are comfortable with a set schedule, these properties may seem attractive.

Many tourists prefer to stay in a larger timeshare property rather than a hotel room because they will have access to a separate kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Sales people claim that owning a timeshare property will allow individuals and families to have access to luxurious resorts with excellent amenities. But are timeshare really worth it? 

If you are interested in owning such properties, we advise you to beware of timeshare companies and resorts that carry with fraudulent sale tactics.

Since several timeshare owners have complained before about this.

Timeshares work with different systems. Fixed week (the most popular), floating week and the timeshare points system.

Fixed week: A fixed weekly timeshare gives the buyer the right to exclusively use the property for a specific week each year.

While the advantage of this structure is that the buyer can plan an annual vacation at the same time each year, the disadvantage is that it can be extremely difficult to change the fixed week to another period if necessary.

Floating week: A floating weekly timeshare gives the buyer exclusive use of the property for a week or weeks during a pre-defined period, or even for the entire year.

While more flexible than the fixed week system. The "floating week" may not be available during busy times of the year, and must be booked in advance to find availability.

Points system: Timeshare points are similar to airline miles. These points can be spent on weeks at different resorts, giving you more options to the common timeshare stay.

Although the points system provides users with more vacation options, there are often found frauds in the timeshare points resale.

Timeshare Points System

How does the timeshare points system works? If a resort offers timeshare points for sale, then an owner has the possibility to exchange their timeshare stay for points to use at another resort to timeshare unit.

The amount of points that the owner can earn for a week of stay in his property depends on the location, the size of the property the services, etc.

A timeshare that is larger, more luxurious in a desirable location would naturally be worth more pints than a smaller place with fewer amenities.

Many resorts and properties get together to allow the timeshare point system to be spent between multiple companies.

This gives owners more choice in their vacation plans and more flexible use of their timeshare.

Depending on the contract, timeshare points may also be supposedly applicable for use on car rental services or other purchases.

Who else is allowed to use the timeshare point system? Timeshare points are not only available to timeshare owners.

Individuals can purchase timeshare points to use at different resorts based on their vacation preferences.

These timeshare points for sale, are found externally. People might get offers in the streets near the touristic zones.

While timeshare points for sale are apparently more flexible than a timeshare week at a property, there are still some disadvantages.

Any timeshare still has restrictions and limitations on availability, so you must know you are not completely free to plan your vacation.

Also, the cost of staying in timeshare properties is often much more expensive than hotel stays and vacation rentals in the end, and this is the main reason why people wonder if are timeshare worth it or try to cancel timeshare contracts after a while.

The Resale Fraud

In case you were wondering if are timeshare really worth it to own, the truth is after experiencing what owning a timeshare is, several people have complained about the disadvantages of it deciding it's time to get rid of their timeshare.

So what they do is opt for one of many options to do so.

It is known that it's nearly impossible to sell or give back the timeshare to the resort who sold it.

Unless you rescind from your contract in order to cancel it for good, with the help of a timeshare lawyer, which many people don't know, it's the best option available.

Before realizing they have the option to legally cancel a timeshare, owners decide to do what is easily available: reselling their timeshare.

Sadly, the timeshare resale market turns out to be as fraudulent as the tactics of the salespeople selling regular timeshares. The scam of timeshare points resale, it's also included in this business.

In the resale market, you can find timeshares are sold from $1 USD. Owners will even give it away for donation because they want to quit paying the maintenance fees.

In this Business Insider article are some other facts timeshares are sold this cheap.

Many people fall because the offers sound like a pretty good deal, but be on the alert, if they refuse to reveal the buyer's personal information or other details, and ask you to pay an upfront fee, this is a red flag for scam.

Learn How the Fraud Works

The fraudulent salespeople use a technique known as cold calling.

They contact people looking for a cheaper timeshare, proposing a secondhand timeshare promotion, or offering their help, so they resell a timeshare faster.

Find some ways here to prevent the scam.

They introduce themselves as real estate agents working for accredited timeshare companies, showing a web page and documents that seem legitimate.

They can even create a false contract. If you are looking to sell and want to avoid this fraud, be sure to get help from an agent who charges a commission instead of upfront fees.

The majority of the time they will ask for upfront fees, so be careful.

When a reseller contacts you by phone, they insist that the area where your timeshare is located is on demand and many people are interested in it.

They will claim they could help connect you with a potential buyer in a short period of time sometimes, the call is directly to inform you they have someone who is ready to buy your old timeshare for the price you stated.

This fraudulent company's websites can be easily found and, most of the time, are easy to access by people who are desperate to get rid of their timeshare, without knowing that the best option is to look for "timeshare lawyer near me" and just cancel the timeshare contract for good.

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