TIMESHARE EXCHANGE Company, Which Is The Best?

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If you own a timeshare, you probably already known about the opportunity to do an exchange.  There are many companies, but the two largest of which are RCI and Interval International.

One of the common promises told at the timeshare presentations is that your timeshare will be easy to exchange, but this is easier said than done.

There are lots of timeshare owners that were told about the possibility of travel around the world, and they have never been able to achieve a timeshare exchange. 

Timeshare Trade: A possibility to travel all over the world?

Timeshare Exchange

A timeshare exchange is also known as timeshare trade or timeshare swap. This is a one-time trade for time in a different resort.

An exchange gives you the possibility to explore new destinations.

Timeshare owners can make exchanges in many different ways, but most of them require a hard work and a lot of patience, because there is not an easy task.

Sometimes, timeshare owners use the services of exchange companies, to facilitate the exchange.

Timeshare Exchange Company

A timeshare exchange company is a corporation that specializes in timeshare trades.

This company allows you to announce your week with them, and you can choose from the inventory of the weeks that other timeshare owners have listed.

But before getting too excited there are few things to know about  it:

  • Timeshare exchange costs money, given that timeshare exchange companies charge a membership fee, and this fee needs to be paid before to do the  exchange.
  • Not all  companies are legitimate. There are lots o timeshare scams in the timeshare industry.
  • Not all timeshare weeks have the same trade power. This depends of the location of your timeshare.

A large network of resorts is affiliated to these exchange companies. The two largest timeshare exchange companies are:

RCI (Resort Condominiums International): This is the most popular timeshare exchange company. It has over three million members around the world and about 4000 affiliated resorts.

II (Interval International): This is the second largest timeshare exchange company. II has around two million members and about 2,500 resorts affiliated.

Disappointed of Your Timeshare?

There really is no “best” timeshare exchange company. What works best for you will depend on where you want to go, and the trading power of the weeks you own.

Timeshares might be good for those people who enjoy traveling to the same place every year, but if you are a world traveler, you don’t need a timeshare.

Due to the difficulty to exchange a timeshare and the timeshare exchange companies that are fraudulent, many timeshare owners decide to get rid of their timeshare properties.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, our goal is to assist timeshare owners who feel they were taken advantage of by fraudulent salespeople and deceptive sales practices.

Contact MTS for a free consultation and fully advice on how we can help you get rid of your timeshare as soon as possible!

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Timeshare Exchange Companies and the Price to swap your timeshare

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