Timeshare Exchange System; How to Use The RCI?

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A timeshare might sound like an appealing purchase for anyone, considering that timeshare presentations are full of promises and big expectations that leave most of their assistants blown away.

Therefore, lots of families buy a timeshare with the anticipation of traveling all over the world with it. Learn more on how to use the RCI exchange system to do so.

Timeshare Exchange

A timeshare exchange, also known as a timeshare trade or timeshare swap, is a one-time trade for a resort in a different location.

This can work in many different ways, but most of them require a hard work and a lot of patience.

Sometimes you have to be able to find another timeshare owner that is willing to exchange his week for yours, and most times you have to begin the arrangements for the trade with over a year of anticipation.

However, there are several timeshare exchange companies that have the goal to facilitating that job for you, and RCI is one of those companies.


How to use the RCI Timeshare Exchange System

RCI is the biggest timeshare exchange company in the world. The process to exchanging your timeshare goes through two different phases: preparation and booking.

These are the detailed instructions on How to use the RCI timeshare exchange system:

-The Preparation-

  1. First, you have to deposit your timeshare weeks into the RCI system. This can be done through the RCI website, in the “Deposit Section”

  2. Think of the time of the year that you would like to travel, as well as the destination

  3. Think of the resorts that you would like to stay at. Take into consideration that they have to be part of the resort directory

-The Booking-

  1. Register on the website and communicate with an RCI representative

  2. Choose and select the week that you would like to exchange and ask for assistance to book a resort

  3. Provide your dates for your planned travel to the representative

  4. Contact the representative to check availability at the resorts that you would like to go to

  5. Make sure to tell the representative to book the week that you have previously chosen

  6. Pay the trading fees

  7. Save the exchange confirmation that is emailed to your account

Problems and Complaints

Despite RCI being the biggest timeshare exchange company in the world, you still have to be very careful before exchanging your week, as there are many things that could go wrong during the process.

Take into consideration that you have to book the resort as soon as possible, sometimes even up to two years in advance, which can be a problem for some families.

Also, you must know that a membership fee needs to be paid, whether you exchange your timeshare or not.

These are some complaints made against RCI:

Time to Get Out

Unfortunately, not everybody has been able to exchange his timeshare effectively, in fact, we have known of people who have tried to exchange their timeshares for years, without any success.

 At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we assist travelers who feel they were scammed by deceptive timeshare sales practices.

If you are a victim of a timeshare scam, contact MTS for a free consultation.

We will work hard to cancel your contract, regardless of whether you purchased your timeshare two days ago or 2 years ago. We handle cases from anywhere!

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Timeshare Trade: A possibility to travel all over the world?

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