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Why are TIMESHARES considered a FRAUD?

  • Timeshares are often considered fraudulent or deceptive schemes for several reasons. Here are some reasons why they are associated with questionable or deceitful practices:

Aggressive sales tactics: Timeshare salespeople often use high-pressure tactics to convince people to buy. This can include lengthy presentations, promises of benefits that don't always materialize, and emotional strategies to pressure...

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How to Cancel a Timeshare and How Many Days do I Have to Cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Theses are two of the many doubts you'll probably have when you acquire a timeshare for the first time.

Like countless resort guests that had been rushed to purchasing a property for a relatively high amount of money when visiting holiday destinations...

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CANCEL a Timeshare Contract How Many Business Days Do I Have ?

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If you just signed a timeshare contract in Mexico, and you realized that you really don’t want your timeshare, or you feel that was a mistake, you can cancel your timeshare contract if you are still in your rescission period.

Learn about the business days to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico.

Many people think about reselling...

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What are the Rescission LAWS for TIMESHARES in MEXICO?

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The right to cancel cannot be denied. If you try to cancel, the timeshare salespeople will tell you that you lost that right when you signed the contract.

But this is not true. Mexican law on timeshare cancellation provides that purchasers have the legal right to cancel their timeshare contract without penalty.

Learn about the rescission laws...

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7 steps to Successfully RESCIND a TIMESHARE

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Owning a timeshare is becoming unattractive.

There are thousands of timeshare owners who purchased such property, and they realized they needed to get rid of it because they really don’t need it, or because it is not what they were expecting.

Learn the 7 steps to successfully rescind a timeshare.

Most people who attend a timeshare presentation...

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How to CANCEL a TIMESHARE after the Cancellation PERIOD Has EXPIRED

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Buyer’s remorse is one of the worst feelings that we could ever experience, especially when it comes to buy timeshares.

Timeshares are an expensive purchase, and you could lose thousands of dollars in case you get stuck with a fraudulent contract.

The bright side is, however, that there is a possibility to cancel a timeshare properly...

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When Can You CANCEL a TIMESHARE Contract?

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For many years, the appeal of timeshare ownership in a hot vacation spot attracted millions of buyers.

However, the industry has been gaining a bad reputation.

The truth is that timeshares might be suitable for some people, but the big scam about them is that they are being sold using unethical methods.

As a result of this, there are thousands...

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We all have experienced buyer’s remorse, but buying timeshares that are ridiculously expensive and practically worthless must be one of the most painful experiences for you and your pocket.

However, there is always a bright side, and in this case, the bright side is that there is a way to get out of timesharing legally.

Learn more about...

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How To Rescind a Timeshare Contract?

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A timeshare can turn into a big headache and a strain on the wallet. Learn more about timeshare cancellation and how to get out of a timeshare contract

The Timeshare industry is well known for being very vulnerable to scams; consequently, vacationers and timeshare owners should be aware of timeshare investments, phony offers to rent or resell...

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Cancel a Timeshare, What Are the Advantages?

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The timeshare industry has been in the lion’s mouth for the last couple of years, and it has generated lots of controversy and discussions in many forums and blogs on the web.

However, since we’re living in an economic downturn, anyone would expect that the timeshare sales would collapse, but instead,  the sales seem to be...

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