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Timeshare Cancellation Rights: How many days do I have?

Timeshare Cancellation Rights: How many days do I have?
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If you buy a timeshare and you feel that you were pressured into buying, or simply you realized that you cannot afford an expense like that, you can cancel your timeshare purchase. Read more to know your timeshare cancellation rights and how many days you have to cancel.

Travelers often go to timeshare presentations to get the free gifts, but at the end they are pressured, and as a result of the hard sales pitch, they sign a timeshare contract even they had no intention to buy. That’s when they decide to get rid of the timeshare contracts, as we have seen in:

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Timeshare Cancellation Rights: How many days do I have?

If you don’t want your timeshare any more, you have timeshare cancellation rights. The time you have to cancel a timeshare purchase, which is the rescission period, will depend on the state or country the timeshare contract was signed. For timeshares purchasers signed in Mexico, there are only 5 days cancellation period.

To prevent people from cancelling their timeshare contracts and make valid the timeshare cancellation rights, some timeshare companies tell them that they have 30 days to cancel their timeshares with no penalizations. This people believe in what the timeshare salesperson says and does not read their contracts, which stipulate only 5 business days to cancel the timeshare contract.

As a timeshare owner you must notify the timeshare resort in writing for the cancellation during the rescission period. If you properly cancel your timeshare contract within this period, all the money you paid must be returned. But remember, you only have 5 days.


How to write a timeshare cancellation letter

The cancellation of the timeshare must be done in writing and send it during the 5 days cancellation period. This letter should include the next information:

  • the owner’s name, just like it appears in the timeshare contract
  • the owner’s address, phone number and e-mail address
  • the name of the timeshare company from which one you bought the timeshare
  • the description of your timeshare
  • the date when the purchase was made

It is also necessary to stipulate that you want to cancel your timeshare contract, and send it via certified mail.

Timeshare cancellation after the rescission period has expired

If the rescission period of 5 days has already passed, you still can cancel your timeshare contract but it will be more difficult for you to accomplish the process. In this case, the best thing you can do is to hire a timeshare attorney.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we are specialists in timeshare cancellations, and we can help you cancel your timeshare no matter what is the situation you have. With experimented associates we can provide help in fast. Do not hesitate, and contact us to get the assistance you need.

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  • helenOctober 22, 2018, 8:52 am

    does the rescinding information have to be in the contract?

  • Francisco De HowittJuly 1, 2018, 8:58 am

    Tengo un tiempo compartido con westgate lakes resort & spa no nos dieron la información correcta y ahora nos acosan con llamadas y amenazas que nos van a demandar y que nos van hacer efectiva la demanda aquí en nuestro país Ecuador, ayuda por favor.

  • Norma AguirreFebruary 1, 2018, 4:03 pm

    Supuestamente cuentas con 5 dias, pero a mi hermana le paso que una ves que firmo todo los tramites, el contrato dijeron que se lo mandarian al siguiente dia, cosa que le llego casi 2 meses después ! de esta forma los 5 dias que te dan no sirven de nada, tengan mucho cuidado .

  • Karla sahagunApril 9, 2016, 2:25 pm

    Supuestamente son 5 dias.. durante la presentacion de tiemp ocompartido te juran y prometen que si compras en CUALQUIER momento puedes hacer la cancelacion , yo lo vivi , y es una mentira ..quise cancelar puesto que ya no podiamos seguir pagando y la señorita me dijo que ellos no hacen eso. asi que bueno esta por demas decirles que no caigan en esas trampas

  • john DutkowskyApril 5, 2016, 12:44 pm

    I purchased a time share at pacifica bonita in Jan. I cancelled in writing on day 3 (well before the 5 days). I called cc company immediately. Somehow went to security and fraud dept. They put hold on funds, I sent documents, so did the resort. They said we had to pay. I called back and talk to billing and they put a hold on it. The sale rep in email said contract was cancelled and we would get refund. I emailed their business office asking for a letter showing it was cancelled...nothing. Suggestions

  • shoegalDecember 29, 2015, 5:14 pm

    We bought a Fiesta Americana Vacation Club with 4800 points about ten years ago. The membership was fully paid and up to date when we traded it in through an equity transfer company when buying another timeshare in Mexico four years ago.

    Now we have received a notification from the Fiesta Americana Vacation Club that we are being sent to collections for outstanding maintenance fees. So we called our resort that took the Fiesta Americana on trade while being here in Mexico on vacation and were told that apparently the Fiesta Americana was never transferred because the trading company went bancrupt thus WE ARE STILL OWNERS of the Fiesta Americana!!!!

    Now since the trade was supposed to happen four years ago the resort that took the Fiesta Americana on trade state there is nothing they can do for us and so I find myself in a nightmare.

  • DonnaDecember 11, 2015, 4:53 pm

    Do not attend a presentation at Vallarta Gardens. They lie and misrepresent what they have and then scam you in worst way. They are located north of Bucerias. We looked them up on reviews and rescinded our contract the next day after researching the reviews on internet. profeco is handling our complaint. We also cancelled our credit cards and the charges from them before they got through the bank. I still can't sleep right after the experience. I used the rescission letter I found here. Thanks for guidance I found in the blog.

  • RickNovember 27, 2015, 5:40 pm

    Royal Elite is known for being one of the most fraudulent timeshare companies in Mexico: Salesperson claims that the all-inclusive fee is per couple, but in reality it is per person per night. Clients can often book the vacation cheaper online without using their timeshare, than with booking their timeshare and paying the maintenance fees and all-inclusive fees, being that said, you definitely don't wanna end up with a Royal Elite Timeshare. Can someone tell me how to get out of this?

  • ReneeNovember 16, 2015, 4:51 pm

    I visited the resort on a timeshare tour and unfortunately I fell for the sales pitch after a very nice breakfast and a four hour sales pitch, they simply want me down. After returning to my home a week later, I came to my senses and realized that as a recent retiree I could not afford this. I called the resort and asked if I could cancel my contract and was told that I would lose my $2700 deposit, which I cannot afford to do either. This is a blatent tourist trap, caution all not to waste your time going for the gifts they promise, it will cost you so much more in time and money.

  • Carlos LoorNovember 10, 2015, 11:51 am

    I bought a timeshare 2 weeks and a half ago with Mayan Palace resorts, I have called to cancel my timeshare but Mayan Palace does not give me any information about it. What can I do?

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