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How to Cancel a Timeshare and How Many Days do I Have to Cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Theses are two of the many doubts you'll probably have when you acquire a timeshare for the first time.

Like countless resort guests that had been rushed to purchasing a property for a relatively high amount of money when visiting holiday destinations in Mexico.

They agree to sign the paper, so sales people leave them alone, thinking that they will be able to cancel it later.

" Can I cancel my timeshare agreement later if I'm not happy with it?" they ask the salesperson. But according  to numerous timeshare owners, the experience is often the same.

In websites like Reedweek, TripAdvisor or Complaints Board, they share how they have been lied to despite they have dealt with notorious and well-known resorts.

They express how they cannot believe they have been deceived with such hoax by beautiful and luxurious resorts.

Either the unit is a mess, or is not what salespeople showed then on the pictures, non-fuctional or bad quality furniture, the main complaints from owners about timeshares are also about promises made by salespeople.

As part of this fraud, numerous salespeople don't even mention how long is a timeshare contract.

The salesperson, for example, claimed that they can resell the client's previously owned timeshare for a large sum of money and the purchase of the new timeshare will be covered by this resale.

They also tend to offer an equity exchange or trade-in program. Lastly, they might promise that they will rent out weeks for a large profit and issue a check to the client within a few months so that they can pay off the timeshare with the rental income.

As you can read, salespeople take advantage of tourists since they are visiting a different country and might know nothing about the laws and consumer rights that can even apply for foreigners in Mexico.

We advise you read more about PROFECO, the Federal Agency Consumer Affairs and what they are in charge of, I could be very useful for any foreigner who wants to do business in Mexico.

If you just bought a timeshare, and you feel that you were put under pressured into signing the agreement, or simply you realized that you cannot afford an expense like that, you can try cancelling a timeshare agreement instead.

Read more to know your about timeshare cancellation policy and your rights during the process of how to terminate a timeshare contract. We will also explain how many days you have to rescind from timeshare purchase. 

Travelers often go to timeshare presentations to get the gifts, like vouchers and free drinks or meals but at the end they are misled and finally put under pressure but at the end they are pressured, and as a result of the hard sales pitch, they sign a timeshare contract even they had no intention to buy.

In the meantime, while owning a timeshare, people find out how long is a timeshare contract and refuse to keep up with the timeshare fees for such a long time.

The buyers realize the best option is getting out of timeshare agreement.

Many requests for cancelling a timeshare are done by owners who felt under pressure to sign a paper.

That's when they ask the resort where they buy it from: can you cancel a timeshare purchase? The common answer is that the resort can't do anything to help.

These people, looking for a way on how to get out of a timeshare contract, are often lied to.

At the beginning, before signing a contract and after explaining to you how long is a timeshare contract, the sales person might warn you about losing your right to cancel it, but they can help you to resell it, when the truth is far different from that.

They won't ever let you know how to cancel timeshare, or how to terminate timeshare contract in a legal way, because it isn't really convenient for them.

This is why you must know about the timeshare cancellation policy as soon as you're being offered a timeshare property.

Can you Cancel a Timeshare Purchase?

If now you are asking: Can you cancel a timeshare purchase? The truth is, you can actually follow certain steps to rescind from timeshare purchase while you proceed with the timeshare cancellation policy.

The key is to act quick and be patient, since you have a really short period to cancel a timeshare agreement on time after your ownership purchase.

Can you cancel a timeshare in a legal way? The following links also have information on how to terminate timeshare contract

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Timeshare Cancellation Rights: How Many Days Do I Have to Cancel a Timeshare Contract?

Can you cancel a timeshare? If you don’t want your timeshare anymore, you have timeshare cancellation rights.

The time you have to cancel a timeshare purchase, which is the rescission period, will depend on the state or country the timeshare contract was signed.

Now that you're wondering how many days do I gave to cancel a timeshare contract? For timeshares purchasers signed in Mexico, there is an only 5 days cancellation period for cancelling a timeshare, known also as the 5 day rescind from timeshare period.

Another tactic salespeople use to prevent timeshare cancellations, and keep clients away from making valid their timeshare cancellation rights, some timeshare companies tell them that they have 30 days to cancel their timeshares with no penalization when the buyers ask:" Can I cancel my timeshare agreement? ".

This people believe in what the timeshare salesperson says and do not read their contracts, which stipulate only 5 days to rescind from timeshare period.

As a timeshare owner, you must notify the timeshare resort in writing for the cancellation during the rescission period.

If you properly cancel your timeshare contract within this period, all the money you paid must be returned.

But remember, you only have 5 days, so you won't deal with the process of having to cancel a timeshare after rescission period.

If you find yourself in this last situation, don't worry. It is still possible cancelling a timeshare agreement, but you will need help from a timeshare cancel company, which will guide you on how to cancel a timeshare within 5 days and getting out a timeshare agreement after the 5 days period has expired keep reading to get more information on this topic.

How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

How to cancel a timeshare within 5 days? One of the main steps is writing a letter for this request:

The cancellation of the timeshare must be done in writing and send it during the 5 days cancellation period, now that we answered your question of "how many days do I have to cancel a timeshare contract?, the next step is writing a letter which should include the next information: 

  • the owner’s name, just like it appears in the timeshare contract
  • the owner’s address, phone number and e-mail address
  • the name of the timeshare company from which one you bought the timeshare
  • the description of your timeshare
  • the date when the purchase was made

It is also necessary to stipulate that you want to cancel your timeshare contract, and send it via certified mail.

Timeshare Cancellation After the Rescission Period Has Expired

Can I cancel a timeshare contract after the recession period has expired?

If the rescission period of 5 days has already passed, you still can cancel your timeshare contract, but it will be more difficult for you to accomplish the process.

In this case, the best thing you can do is to hire a timeshare attorney. Or get help from a timeshare cancel company, which will help you to get out of a timeshare agreement.

How to Cancel a Timeshare: The Risks

Can you cancel a timeshare purchase quickly? Beware of timeshare companies that claim they can buy or resale your timeshare back, exchange it or rent it.

You must understand how risky is obtaining fast results in the look for how to get out of a timeshare contract.

After deciding to ditch their timeshare property, the majority of owners fall for fraudulent companies that will only steal their money.

They may look up on the internet: cancel my timeshare agreement? Or sometimes the question is: can I cancel a timeshare contract after the 5 day period? And what they may find is these illegal companies that can be anywhere in the world, just posing as a local service in your area. How convenient right?

They call themselves timeshare agents or brokers. Sometimes they pose as real state agents to seem more professional and trustworthy.

They and are willing to take advantage of people who couldn't legally cancel their ownership on time, and since despair has created a business door for them, they often scam desperate owners who are tired of paying the monthly fees, which are not low.

Timeshare Brokers: Can I Cancel a Timeshare Contract With Them?

The answer these "agents" will give you is normally too good to be true. Instead of telling you how to cancel a timeshare, they claim they will sell your property to someone else for an excellent price.

Desperation leads people to seek help and get fast results, so they agree to get services from timeshare brokers.

Are you looking for help in how to get out of a timeshare contract? At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we are specialists in timeshare cancellations, and we can help you cancel your timeshare no matter what is the situation you have.

With experimented associates, we can provide help in fast. Do not hesitate, and contact us to get the assistance you need.

To receive more information about timeshare cancellation rights and how to cancel a membreship, send a WhatsApp to +52 1 333 239 6589, fill in the form in the contact section or call us at +1 714 277 3662.

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