REAL CLUB Timeshare, is a SCAM?

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Timeshare scammers are very astute, and unfortunately, being smart is not always enough to protect you from these con artists.

Timeshare scams are taking place in Mexico and involve many timeshare resorts including The Real Club.

Learn how several people are being scammed by these people.

The Real Club has resort sales locations in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Its legal name is Club Real Resort S.A. de C.V.; and this resort is one of the most fraudulent in the timeshare industry. You can find timeshare complaints in:

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The Complaints

Real Club timeshare reviews are full of complaints. If you take a look around the web you will find lots of complaints about this timeshare resort. What people complaint most about is:

  1. People purchase a timeshare with them because they make tons of verbal promises which are not on the contract.
  2. The timeshare salespeople promise to rent the timeshare as a financial investment and to pay off the membership.
  3. When timeshare owners try to rent their timeshare weeks, they are referred to another company that charges a listing fee and the rental is never completed.
  4. It is nearly impossible to resell your timeshare unit and some timeshare owners ended up being ripped off by timeshare resale scam companies trying to sell it.
  5. Real Club charges ridiculous amounts of money for a timeshare property that you don’t own entirely.
  6. Timeshare maintenance fees are the worst part because they increase year by year.
  7.  A Real Club timeshare is not flexible; you are subject to many conditions and restrictions.
  8.  It is almost impossible to make a reservation in the hotel, and you are never able to use your timeshare unit.
  9. The timeshare sale tactics of the timeshare salespeople are unethical and high pressure.
  10. They promise that they have a company that will buy your old timeshare for a considerable amount of money.



Is Real Club Timeshare a Scam?

Because of the lots of timeshare complaints about Real Club and the way that the timeshare sales are done, many people assure that Real Club timeshare is a scam.

A timeshare property should never be considered as a financial investment.

Before making any purchase, it is important to read the timeshare contract very carefully and asks all the questions you have; if it’s possible do a research of the company, but NEVER sign anything under high pressure tactics.

 A Big Mistake

Is well known that timeshare scams are increasing and lots of vacationers are falling victims of these scams. As soon as you hear these timeshare lies at the sales presentation, say no and walk away.

If you have experienced a timeshare scam with Real Club , do not feel hopeless. Fortunately, there is a good solution to get out of a timeshare contract: the timeshare cancellation.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions we offer you advice on your timeshare issue without charging any upfront fee.

We help clients with all types of timeshare complaints. Get rid of a timeshare is possible; just contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you get out of your situation.

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