El CID Timeshare: Top 10 COMPLAINTS

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El Cid is a beautiful resort with locations in Mazatlan, Cancun and Cozumel.

Its legal name is El Cid Vacation Club S.A. de C.V., but unfortunately, El Cid Vacations Club has become one of the biggest timeshare scams in Mexico.

At El Cid Resort’s timeshare presentation, vacationers are offered an El Cid timeshare points for sale package, given that they work with two rental companies: Phoenix Vacation Property Management and Platinum Exchange Services Corp.

El Cid has gained a very bad reputation in timeshare matters, and there are a lot of complaints on several websites like Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, Red Week, etc.

The Top 10 Complaints About El Cid Timeshare

1. At the timeshare presentation, salespeople offer potential clients false promises of discounts on airfares, cruises, car rentals, etc.

2. Timeshare sales tactics are hard-core and very long-lasting. Salespeople are well trained to tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign their contract.

3. Maintenance fees and assessment fees increase very constantly, and most timeshare owners cannot afford their timeshare properties anymore.

4. A Salesperson doesn’t let their buyers know that they have 5-day cooling-off periods if they want to cancel.

5. At the sales presentation, salespeople tell buyers they will not pay an annuity, but this is a lie.

6. Salespeople claim that timeshare points have more value than they actually do for exchange purposes.

7. Salespeople tell the clients they will receive their full contract on a CD delivered to their home address. They don’t receive a full copy to review and decide if they want to cancel within the 5-day rescission period.

8. El Cid offers to resell a previously owned timeshare or take it over in trade. This never happens.

9. El Cid stated that points never expire. But when you try to book, you are never able to do it; you have to make your reservation 1 year before, and it is not sure that you are able to do it.

10.They do not respond, and the people on the phone have very poor customer service.

If you would like to read more complaints about El Cid Timeshare, visit our black list of timeshare fraud resorts.


What to Do if You Get Scammed

If you feel you were scammed by the el Cid timeshare salespeople, and you were told false promises and what they offer is not the same as what is in your contract, do not feel ashamed of your purchase.

Take action with the El Cid Vacation Club lawsuit and start withthe El Cid Vacation Club cancellation.

Thousands of people fall victim of these fraudulent resorts, but the good news is that there is a way out.

Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions today for professional assistance; we can help you cancel your timeshare contract.

Timeshare cancellation has many advantages, but the most important is that you will not have any obligations to the resort.

Contact us for a free consultation and full advice on your matter. Our associates have several years of experience in the timeshare industry.

It’s time to get out of your timeshare contract.

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