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Timeshare Travel Vs Travel Agency. Which Is The Best For Your Pocket?

Timeshare Travel Vs Travel Agency. Which Is The Best For Your Pocket?
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Many people purchase a timeshare travel under the pretention they will save money on the long run on Cruises, Hotels, airfare or car rental. Know if these claims of savings are true.

Timeshare Travel

Timeshare Travel is the right to own a week at a certain resort yearly. Timeshare salespeople often lies to convince potential buyers that they are purchasing a timeshare that will provide them with deep discounts on travel in the long run and potential for thousands of dollars in profits.

Timeshares as means of saving money on travel expenses

Some common timeshare scams are claims that the timeshare will allow the client to vacation at much lower rates than if they purchased online or through a travel agent.

The following research shows that the real cost of the timeshare travel is far more than if the client purchased a package vacation online through Expedia, proving that the discounts promised by the salesperson are one example of timeshare fraud. Please read the following so that you can avoid becoming a victim of this deceiftul industry.



We compared the price of using a timeshare week to the price of booking package deals to the same resorts using expedia.com. We determined the average price of using the timeshare based on actual client information from our database. The price quotes are based on a a party of 2 people, on a weeklong vacation from Los Angeles to the following destinations for the dates of December 4 – 11, 2010.

Puerto Vallarta
-Grand VelasPlaya del sol GrandParadise VillageMayan PalaceGrand mayanVelas Vallarta
Average Timeshare price$53.854,00 $10.575,00 $31.650,00 $19.903,00 $38,751 $23.560,00
Annual Cost (based on 30 years plan)$1.795,13 $352,50 $1.055,00 $663,43 $1291.70 $785,33
Average Maintenance Fee$800,00 $500,00  $799,00 $1.299,00 $649,00
Floght from LA (2 persons)$832,00 $832,00 $832,00 $832,00 $832,00$832,00
All inclusive fees (2 persons)$2.100,00 NA NA NA NA $1.155,00
Total weekly fees (2 persons)$5.527,13 $1.684,50 $1.887,00 $2.294,43 $3.422,70 $1.987,00
Expedia package price (2 persons)$3.900,00 $1.136,00 $1.302,00 $1.602,00 $2.032,00 $2.518,00
% Cheaper through Expedia29% 33% 31% 30% 41% 26%
Grand VelasRoyal Elite Sandos CaracoRoyal Elite Sandos RivieraRoyal Elite Sandos PlayacarGrand Mayan
Average Timeshare price$16.432,00 $53.000,00 $14.356,00 $16.830,00$12.326,00$42,14
Annual Cost (based on 30 years plan)$547,73 $1.766,67 $478,53 $561,00$410,87$1,40
Average Maintenance Fee$799,00 $1.249,00 $649,00 $599,00$549,00$1.199,00
Floght from LA (2 persons)$900,00 $900,00 $900,00 $900,00$900,00$900,00
All inclusive fees (2 persons)NA $2.100,00 $1.260,00 $1.120,00$1.120,00NA
Total weekly fees (2 persons) $2.246,73 $6.015,67  $3.287,53 $3.180,00$2.979,87 $2.100,40 
Expedia package price (2 persons) $1.944,00 $3.950,00  $1.702,00  $2.354,00 $2.196,00 $1.880,00
% Cheaper through Expedia>13% 34% 48% 26%26%10%
-Pueblo Bonito Emerald BayPueblo BonitoEl Cid MarinaTorrenza
Average Timeshare price$13.549,00$29.800,00$21.177,00$18.139,00
Annual Cost (based on 30 years plan)$451,63$993,33$705,90$604,63
Average Maintenance Fee
Floght from LA (2 persons)$832,00$832,00$832,00$832,00
All inclusive fees (2 persons)NANANANA
Total weekly fees (2 persons)$1.982,63$2.724,33$2.296,90 $2.036,63
Expedia package price (2 persons)$1.770,00$1.676,00$1.716,00$1.714,00
% Cheaper through Expedia11%38%25%16%


As you can see from the chart above, the cost of booking a vacation package on expedia.com is anywhere from 10% - 48% cheaper than booking the same trip directly through the timeshare company.

This chart also does not factor in the opportunity cost for the client. For example, if a client purchases a $20,000 timeshare, the money is essentially gone, whether the timeshare is legit or not. At the end of the plan (ie. 30 years), the client no longer has the right to use the timeshare, and as such, there is no value to the property. On the other hand, if the client invests the $20,000, that they were going to spend on a timeshare, at 3% interest for 30 years, they will have $48,545.25. If the client invests wisely in deeded properties or other types of high return investments, the loss of buying a timeshare vs. purchasing an investment compounds even further.


Buying a timeshare under the impresion you will save money on the long run on travel expenses such as airfare or cruises equals to being a victim of timeshare fraud. Timeshares will barely provide you a small discount on accomodations and that´s it. Timeshares will not provide you, in most cases, any discounts on your vacation expenses.

If you have purchased a timeshare based on these fraudulent promises, and are not happy with the value you are receiving for your investment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions will provide you with a free consultation to analyze your situation and let you know upfront if we can cancel your contract and achieve a refund of your hard-earned money.

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  • paty May 9, 2016, 10:40 am

    none ! the best that you can do is to quit your timeshare membership , agencies are another part of the huge timeshare scam, for own experience is the worst deal that i ever done .

  • Daniela K.April 16, 2016, 1:18 pm

    Para mi ni una de las 2 se me hace una buena alternativa , por propia experiencia les puedo decir que todolo que tenga que ver con tiempos compartidos es una estafa , de verdad si pueden invertir su dinero en algo mas haganlo , un tiempo compartido es solo una deuda infinita .

  • Leobardo N.September 8, 2015, 12:51 pm

    En mi opinion no me sirvio de nada , lo que si puedo decir es que inverti un buen de dinero en esto de los tiempos compartidos , lo use a lo mucho 2 veces y ya me estaban pidiendo que actualizara mi membresia lo cual ccostaba mucho mas, me negue pero me salieron con el cuento de que cmo habia firmado un contrato debia de hacerlo , no recomiendo involucrarse en esto de los tiempos compartidos, saludos.

  • claw89July 26, 2015, 8:44 pm

    I dont know , but actually i think that many people notice how timeshare works, i mean, i think that nowdays is more diffcicult to some people to felt on a timeshare trap , on the internet we can find tons of information about how to get out of a timeshare, consequences, and many scams , like this blog of course, tnx for share the info.

  • ElizaDecember 16, 2014, 12:23 am

    Its obvious that the companies want some commission , but the true is that in many cases that "commission" is more than the price of the timeshare or equal, i was very naive when i bought a few years a timeshare, worst thing

  • simeon foggSeptember 17, 2014, 1:12 pm

    there are many ways to get rid of timeshares and none of them is easy. It seems like it’s easy to rent out your timeshare unit but in reality it’s just like reselling it. It’s hard to find someone to get interested in your timeshare.

  • DavidWrightSeptember 3, 2014, 3:08 pm

    I purchased a seven night vacation at The Royal Cancun during a timeshare presentation for Royal Resorts (aka: Interval Servicing Co Club Internacional de Cancun ). Upon returning home from vacation 5 days later, I went online and discovered I was charged double the rate to stay at this resort.
    I immediately contacted customer service and cancelled my stay at The Royal Cancun and Contacted Visa to dispute the $375 down payment I was charged. I was assured by Royal Resorts that my account would be cancelled, I would owe nothing and receive my down payment back. A month later I received a bill in the mail from Royal Resorts. I contacted customer service again and was assured it was only a mistake and I owed nothing, at this time they mailed a letter to me showing my account was closed and my account balance is $0.
    I begin to think I am finally out of this scam until a month later when Visa calls to inform me that my down payment still has not been refunded. I call customer service again and again and keep getting the run around and am told someone will call me back (which never happened). Upon my last call to customer service they finally tell me they have no plans on refunding the down payment I made.
    I now have to go through the Federal Consumer Protection Commission to try to get my money back from this scam. Please beware Royal Resorts cares nothing about there customers and only about ripping people off!!!

  • Sophie MullerAugust 7, 2014, 1:48 pm

    There are good timeshare properties out there. However, most of them have a waiting list of qualified buyers to purchase when the owners decide to sell…..If it’s being heavily promoted, pushed or tarted up to look good, assume its trash and don’t waste your time. If you want a good time share, you will still have to pay for it but go through legitimate channels..

  • KerryJuly 28, 2014, 9:28 am

    My uncle wants to give me his timeshare. I live in New Jersey. I took a liking to cruising over land based vacations. I would like to take it but need to know the pitfalls. If I decide later after I have taken it can I just surrender it without any credit damage?

  • beccaJuly 21, 2014, 2:01 pm

    We bought a timeshare in Mexico and then added points to include our family. We have access to RCI and Hilton, but we have not been able to book either of these in 2 years. We seem to only be able to book Mexico. NOT VERY HAPPY. Plus, it is work and we are charged to look for bookings on RCI.

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