Timeshare Travel Vs Travel Agency. Which Is The Best For Your Pocket?

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Many people purchase timeshare travel under the pretension that they will save money in the long run on Cruises, Hotels, airfare or car rentals. Know if these claims of savings are true.

Timeshare Travel

Timeshare Travel is the right to own a week at a certain resort yearly.

Timeshare salespeople often lie to convince potential buyers that they are purchasing a timeshare that will provide them with deep discounts on travel in the long run and the potential for thousands of dollars in profits.

Timeshares are a means of saving money on travel expenses.

Some common timeshare scams claim that the timeshare will allow the client to vacation at much lower rates than if they purchased it online or through a travel agent.

The following research shows that the real cost of timeshare travel is far more than if the client purchased a package vacation online through Expedia, proving that the discounts promised by the salesperson are one example of timeshare fraud.

Please read the following so that you can avoid becoming a victim of this deceitful industry.


We compared the price of using a timeshare week to the price of booking package deals to the same resorts using expedia.com.

We determined the average price of using the timeshare based on actual client information from our database.

The price quotes are based on a party of 2 people, on a weeklong vacation from Los Angeles to the following destinations for the dates of December 4–11, 2010.

As you can see from the chart above, the cost of booking a vacation package on expedia.com is anywhere from 10% to 48% cheaper than booking the same trip directly through the timeshare company.

This chart also does not factor in the opportunity cost for the client.

For example, if a client purchases a $20,000 timeshare, the money is essentially gone, whether the timeshare is legit or not.

At the end of the plan (i.e., 30 years), the client no longer has the right to use the timeshare, and as such, there is no value to the property.

On the other hand, if the client invests the $20,000, that they were going to spend on a timeshare, at 3% interest for 30 years, they will have $48,545.25.

If the client invests wisely in deeded properties or other types of high-return investments, the loss of buying a timeshare vs. purchasing an investment compounds even further.


By buying a timeshare under the impression you will save money in the long run on travel expenses such as airfare or cruises equals to being a victim of timeshare fraud.

Timeshares will barely provide you a small discount on accommodations and that's it.

Timeshares will not provide you, in most cases, provide with you any discounts on your vacation expenses.

If you have purchased a timeshare based on these fraudulent promises, and are not happy with the value you are receiving for your investment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our experienced staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions will provide you with a free consultation to analyze your situation and let you know upfront if we can cancel your contract and achieve a refund of your hard-earned money.

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