ROYAL ELITE Timeshare, The 10 WORST Things About it

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Royal Elite Timeshare scams are very common, since that’s one of the most fraudulent companies in Mexico.

They have a terrible reputation regarding timeshares; that being said, a Royal Elite Timeshare is not a good purchase at all.

Royal Elite is one of the worst timeshare companies in Mexico. It is one of the companies that tries to highly pressure you into buying a membership.

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The Company

Royal Elite’s legal name is Sandos International S.A. de C.V. They work in Mexico under the names of Royal Elite, Royal Elite Playacar, Royal Elite Caracol, Royal Elite Sandos and Royal Elite Exchanges.

Royal Elite works with Rental Companies such as Royal Elite Exchanges, Elite Equity Transfers, Premium Timeshare Depot and Sierra Rentals and Resales.

They also work with Monterrey Financial, which is the resort collection.

The 10 Worst Things About Royal Elite Timeshare

Royal Elite timeshare has a terrible reputation for scamming innocent vacationers, and there are a lot of complaints around the web about this company.

Here are presented the top 10 complaints about Royal Elite timeshare:

  1. Royal Elite’s salespeople promise all sorts of services and amenities. Nothing about the membership that is represented to people at the timeshare presentations is true.

  1. When you contract with Royal Elite timeshare, you are also enrolled with RCI and Holiday Systems International (HIS), which assist with cash exchanges for Royal Elite weeks that people don’t use, and other travel services, such as 50% discount hotels, airfare, etc. None of it is true. Its advertisements are also false.

  1. They promise that you will be able to rent back your weeks, but you cannot find a company to rent your weeks, and you cannot get hold of anyone from RCI to exchange your weeks either.

  1. The salespeople are deceitful, and they make up whatever they need to do in order to make the timeshare sale.

  1. Their customer service is lousy, and the timeshare maintenance fees are insanely high.

  1. The timeshare presentation that should last 90 minutes, as Royal Elite salespeople offer, turns into 3 hours.

  1. Royal Elite never responds to their clients' emails or phone calls.

  1. They offer you a membership with the understood that they will sell your old timeshare, and by doing this, you are going to be able to keep your Royal Elite timeshare with the money they provide from your old timeshare.

    They never sell your timeshare, and you end up owning two timeshares.

  1. Timeshare owners are not told that they have 5 business days to cancel the contract with no penalization.

  1. Royal Elite has the worst customer service ever known.

What to Do if I Was Scammed by Royal Elite Timeshare

If you own a timeshare ownership, and feel you have been scammed with your purchase, there is a reliable solution to get out of the deal.

Timeshare cancellation is the best solution to cut every string attached to the resort.

Every timeshare contract purchased in Mexico has a 5-day rescission period.

Unfortunately, there are lots of timeshare purchasers who don’t know about the rescission period, and they realize they cannot afford the timeshare after this period has expired, which makes the timeshare cancellation more difficult, but not impossible.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a legitimate company that assists timeshare owners who feel they were scammed by fraudulent salespeople, like the Royal Elite’s salesperson.

Contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions for a free consultation and free advice on how we can help you resolve your timeshare complaint.

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