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Sell timeshare? Scam most times

Probably, if you don't follow these simple rules.

The Internet is if full of timeshare scam stories from people who tried to sell their timeshares and ended up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on unscrupulous timeshare brokers who are promising to sell timeshare scam properties.

I have created a simple list of warnings to avoid falling victim to fraud when trying to get rid of your timeshare.

Common fraud scenarios for a timeshare Sale scam

  • FEES IN ADVANCE - Selling a timeshare has a very similar process to selling a house. When selling a house, you don't pay any upfront fees; this is the same case with timeshares. Beware of anybody asking you to pay fees in order to cover closing costs.

  • COLD RESALE CALLS - Only trickery companies call consumers, claiming to have a buyer waiting to purchase your timeshare. They use pressuring techniques and create a sense of urgency to get money from people.

  • COLD CALLS FROM TIMESHARE FRAUD RECOVERY COMPANIES - Believe it or not, if you paid a company to sell your timeshare, it is most likely you will receive a call from a timeshare fraud recovery company to "assist" you recovering any money you paid to "sell the timeshare scam"resale company. Of course, you need to pay a "small fee" in order to obtain help.


Tips to protect yourself from becoming a victim of sell timeshare scam

  • Never give away your credit card number to a telemarketer or anybody claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare.
  • Don't wire any money. Credit card companies might help in the dispute process; in the case of bank deposits or wire transfers, you are on your own.
  • Don't fall for timeshare presentations where high pressure is used as a closing technique.
  • Never sign a timeshare contract on the spur of the moment. Ask for copies of the contract, read it, sleep it over and the next day, if you really liked the timeshare, read the contract again.

Think about it

Why would someone buy a timeshare for more than it is worth when all they have to do is turn around and buy it for pennies on the dollar on eBay? Is there anyone wishing to buy your timeshare for more than what you paid for, just because you don't want it? How could I sell timeshare scams when I don't want them in the first place?

Next time you pick up the phone and someone tells you they will sell your timeshare for a profit, do yourself a favor, hang up the phone, and report it to the proper authorities. You are helping yourself and other people avoid becoming victims of timeshare fraud.


There is not a "hot market" for timeshare. On the contrary, timeshares are very difficult to sell and barely hold any financial value on the resale market.

Remember that to cancel a timeshare, you don’t have to pay an upfront fee. Mexican Timeshare Solutions works on a contingency basis and only collects a fee if the contract is fully cancelled; otherwise, no fee is charged.

Contact MTS for a free consultation and full advice on your timeshare matter. It’s time for you to get away from that contract.

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