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Avoid Timeshares: Here's Why

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Have you ever considered acquiring a timeshare property? You're not alone; a timeshare plan is perfect for people who frequently travel to a specific destination, are looking for shorter vacations, or whose vacation weeks don't change regularly.

However, something that many don't think about is the profitability of a timeshare. A timeshare...

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The Risks of Timeshare ownership and How to Avoid Them

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Have you ever thought about buying a timeshare? You are not the only one; a timeshare plan is ideal for people who plan to travel to the same destination often, or who are looking for shorter vacations or whose vacation weeks change often. However, as with all markets, there are fraudulent companies in the timeshare market; in this article...

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Timeshare Fraud: The Hidden Risks of Timeshares

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Timeshare has become a very important business in the world of tourism. In Mexico, the United States and other American countries, timeshares are a convenient way of vacationing for tourists.

By purchasing a timeshare, people can travel for a specific time each year to a desired tourist location.

This sounds great until you realize what goes...

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H10 Timeshare & Resorts: All You SHOULD Know About it

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This chain of hotels it’s mainly located in the Caribbean in the Canary Islands, Mallorca, Costa Dorada, Riviera Maya in Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

The rest of the resorts, also called urban destinations, are in Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, London and Berlin.

The Caribbean hotels, which belong to the Ocean by ...

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TIMESHARE RESALE Market: Why is Always a FRAUD?

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Are timeshares worth it?

It is widely known that tourism is a very large field for productivity and for doing business as well in the United States as in Mexico.

It is common to find a timeshare as part of this business world, which is commonly presented as a great option for vacation to exotic destinations, having your own suite available...

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PUEBLO BONITO Sunset Beach Timeshare: PROS & CONS

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Located on the beaches of Los Cabos, México, Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach is known for being an exclusive high-end resort which contains luxurious and equipped rooms that promise a great experience for its guests.

The resort has ten fine dining restaurants, including a beachfront Japanese and Mexican restaurant, as well as bars ...

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Timeshare Points System

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Is Timeshare Worth it?

One of the common attraction buyers find on timeshare properties is that you have guaranteed vacation accommodations in beautiful locations.

Timeshare often allow you to travel for a fixed number of days during a specific period of  timeshare year after year.

For those who plan vacations ahead of time and are...

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Are Timeshares a Good Deal? NO!

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The timeshare industry is known for presenting all the luxurious benefits of having a property, but what is really a timeshare? Are timeshares a good deal?

It is a business developed by the tourism industry through which, under different modalities, people buy a membership, in some cases for a fixed week, in a fixed suite or buy apartments...

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Donating your Timeshare [WITHOUT GETTING SCAMMED]

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In Mexico, it's really common for timeshare owners to give up on their properties due to the scammer sales people and fraudulent companies flooding the touristic industry.

Nowadays, timeshare cancellation companies are really used to listen to this kind of stories from clients who all they want to do is ditch their timeshares.


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What is wrong with the timeshares business? In this article, we will discuss popular questions and doubts related to the timeshare sale industry: is a timeshare worth it? You may be wondering, and the truth is it depends on many factors.

Usually the answer does not turn to be really positive. Here in this Forbes article, the threats...

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