TIMESHARE RESALE Market: Why is Always a FRAUD?

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Are timeshares worth it?

It is widely known that tourism is a very large field for productivity and for doing business as well in the United States as in Mexico.

It is common to find a timeshare as part of this business world, which is commonly presented as a great option for vacation to exotic destinations, having your own suite available with just one reservation away.

The timeshare industry it’s been a huge thing in the tourism business for almost 50 years, starting in the United States of America.

For sure, it has made history since it comes as a different way to possess a property, and this also has helped to generate a culture of rest.

Due to the diversity of hotels, destinations, activities and gastronomy, the travel options and experiences multiply.

So what they enjoy in the timeshare is the comfort of a luxury suite with several rooms and beds, it may even be that the timeshare has a second floor.

To this is added the full kitchen, several bathrooms and the privacy of being with your own family.

With timeshares you basically own a fraction of a property where, (according to OPC’s) significant savings are obtained with discounts on conventional rates, which ensures over time prices that would very possibly increase in the long term.

OPC’s or people in charge of selling ownerships present the benefits of timeshares like have the capacity for accommodating five to eight people, something that is not regularly obtained with conventional hotels.

Hotel rooms usually come with a room only beds and other small furniture, which cannot be as convenient for large families.

Being accommodated on different floors and small rooms, will make it difficult for them to be together.

The speech in order to sell a timeshare will have people feeling a sense of security and planning, and considering that when owning a timeshare, they will have their vacations insured year after year, for an acquired period.

According to this Forbes article, owning a timeshare has its advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to the fact that you’re willing to put up with the cons of owning one.

Timeshare resale market

We advise you to beware Mexican timeshare companies specially, since the scam is potentially likely to happen in this exotic and touristic country, as well as the timeshare resale market scam.

Unfortunately, timeshare has acquired its own bad fame due to misinformation, deceiving salespeople, and once you own one, it starts to get annoying having to pay elevated maintenance fees, which are necessary, but at the same time, some companies elevate the rates in a way that is exaggerated, as some timeshare owners have claimed.

This is when the lack of information has its consequences. Foreign people not knowing what they are getting into, the language barrier and the reality of being a timeshare owner.

This has them facing a hard time since in Mexico, the timeshare business works differently than in the USA.

After experiencing this, timeshare owners just want to get rid of the ownerships, give it away, or pass it to some family member for the reason that it’s been a long time since he owns it, and now he can’t cancel the contract according to the timeshare seller they bought it from.

Besides, the rescission period might have expired.

Timeshare owners tend to fall into the time share resale fraud. They put the timeshare on sale on the internet.

He posts it on some site and receives a call from a timeshare reseller who has someone who is able to buy the property right away. This is the way the timeshare resale market typically works

How reliable is the Time share resale market?

Acquiring a timeshare seems like a good idea for the families who were just convinced, and sometimes pushed to buy a timeshare in a luxurious resort, until it is time for the monthly fees, taxes and extra costs, even worse when a timeshare owner realizes he has to pay those charges for the next 30 or 40 years, or whatever the time the owner acquired the timeshare for.

Sales people even found a way to keep increasing their economy working with the time share resale, claiming it’s the best way to sell timeshare properties that owners don’t want to keep paying.

Once this happens, some owners decide to give up on their timeshare properties and start looking for the value of timeshares in their area, so they can resell it, and often what they find is time share resale companies offering their services on the buy and resale of properties.

When timeshare resale companies want to actually resell, in exchange for many claimed benefits, they ask for a really low sum of money in the timeshare resale market. Some people say they have found timeshares for $1 USD.

The fraudulent sales people might contact you first, proposing a timeshare resale promotion or offering their help, so you can sell your timeshare fast.

They will usually pose as a reliable timeshare resale company, showing you a web page and documents that seem legitimate.

They can even create a false sales contract. If you are looking to sell and want to avoid this fraud, be sure to use an agent who charges a commission instead of upfront fees.

When a reseller contacts you by phone, they insist that the area where your timeshare is located is on demand and many people are interested in it.

They will claim they could help connect you with a potential buyer in a short period of time. Sometimes, the call is directly to inform you they have someone who is ready to buy your old timeshare for the price you stated.

Timeshare resale market reviews

Like we said, the most desperate people may think it’s the fastest and best option to resale their properties when the truth is different from this, as looking up into the timeshare resale market reviews, you can find what dissatisfied timeshare owners have to say.

Several review websites have shown the truth about buying a secondhand unit in the timeshare resale market reviews that are posted every month.

TripAdvisor, Redweek, Complaints Board, Yelp, and many other websites dedicated to rating venues, restaurants, hotels, and tourism-related businesses, they all have found that the timeshare resale market is not a safe place to purchase an ownership.

But quite the opposite. They end up being misled, and robbed. A total scam.

What we always advise is taking a look at some of the timeshare resale market reviews and then decide at your own judgment, but of course, the best you can do is canceling your timeshare contract.

The faster, the better. Why? Because there is a really short period for doing so.

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