Timeshare Escrow Companies: SCAMMED by Taylor Trust Company

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New forms of timeshare fraud are being developed by scam artists every day.

Learn the new trick used by these swindlers to keep getting money from people: all they want is to sell their timeshares and be done with it.

Mexican Timeshare Solutions has undertaken an investigation into the legitimacy of many companies, such as:  

Wade Capital Management
Taylor Trust Company
Advantage Trust International
Continental Resources - Eagle Marketing
United Assets Group, Blusky Management, A! Financial Solutions - World Luxury destinations

These timeshare escrow service companies claim to be involved with timeshare ownership sales and to be a "timeshare closing company".

MTS has received several calls from clients and the office of the General Attorney from Florida requesting our assistance into this matter. 

The operation

These so-called "timeshare closing companies" contact timeshare owners and claim to have a buyer ready to purchase their property for much more than what the timeshare owner paid for in the first place.

They send phony documents from Secretaría de Hacienda (IRS) and PROFECO (BBB) requesting to pay for taxes and timeshare fees in order to get their timeshare sold.

Obviously, these fees are paid upfront and are anywhere from 5% up to 30% of the selling price and usually need to be wired transfer to an address in Mexico.

Wiring money is the same as handing over cash; once you have paid for it, it is irretrievable.

If a timeshare owner pays for it, it is more likely this person will never receive any money from the sale of the timeshare.

The reason for this is that there was never an actual buyer.

These timeshare transfer companies created this scheme to get the money clients paid, supposedly to the Mexican IRS.

This scam modality is becoming more popular over time, and it is very important to educate timeshare consumers not to fall victims to these deceitful practices.  

Taxes and fees for selling a timeshare in Mexico

Since in Mexico timeshares are a right to use and not really a real estate purchase, There are NO FEES to be paid to the Mexican Government, the Mexican IRS or PROFECO.

In fact, the only timeshare transfer fee a Mexican timeshare owner might need to pay is the transfer fee the resort will request in order to change the name of the contract to the new owner. 

Do I need to use the services of a "timeshare closing company" to sell my timeshare in Mexico?

Unlike owners who own timeshares in the USA or Canada, in Mexico, most times all that is needed is a simple request to the customer service department of the timeshare resort to transfer the contract to a new owner.

The resort will accept this for free or for a charge that might exceed a few maintenance fees.

Advice for owners wishing to sell their timeshares.

Don't agree to anything until you have had a chance to check out the company that contacted you. 

Ask for all the information in writing.

Ask if this company is licensed to sell real estate.

Deal only with licensed real estate brokers and agents, and check their credentials.

Accept reality: timeshares are a family investment and not a financial investment. A timeshare sold on the secondary market will never be sold for the original retail price.

People who expect to sell their timeshare for more than what they purchased are the best targets for these fraudulent organizations.

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