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Timeshare resorts offer different plans to use their units. One of the options is the points-based vacation plans.

Learn more about this system and why many owners want to sell their points.

In order to gain popularity and reduce its bad reputation, Timeshare industry found itself obligated to innovate their timeshare systems.

 Nowadays, there are different plans to buy a timeshare, and one of the most popular is the points system.

Timeshares were first sold as fixed weeks. That means the owner had the right to use the unit during a specific week each year.

If the owner wished to stay more than week, or bring along more people and guests, he had to buy another week.

Timeshares worked like this for a long time, but being this system complicated and inflexible, came to need to think on something new to attract more customers.  

After, the fixed-weeks system, the floating time was introduced. With the floating time, timeshare owners had the opportunity to stay at the resort during a specific season, and the week period was no longer fixed, but determined by a year season.

Now, the points system is gaining popularity.

This article will explain more about the points system and why are many timeshare points for sale.

Timeshare Points System

Timeshare points-system was introduced as a way to innovate timeshare industry.

This vacation plan has been introduced in recent years.

The points system allows the use of the unit in different seasons each year, and not only fixed weeks, like most timeshares do.

In this concept, the club members acquire a number of annually allocated points.

These points are used to exchange for holiday accommodation.

Advantages of the points system:

  •  It is much more flexible than the fixed-weeks program
  • You may choose your location
  • You may choose the size of the unit
  •  You may choose the length of your stay

Disadvantages of the points system:

  • There is no guarantee you will be able to book a certain week due to the FCFS (first-come-first-serve) basis, so you have to make reservations with long anticipation.
  • There’s a high fee of joining a Points Club
  •  There are annual fees you have to pay, even if you don’t use the unit
  • The value of the points will decrease from the first purchase price, as well as happens with a regular timeshare.
  •  If you don’t use them, points can expire
  • They never seem to be enough. Most times, you have to buy additional points to exchange your timeshare, stay at a bigger unit or stay for a longer period.

Points vs. Weeks and Timeshare points for Sale

There’s been lots of chatting about which system is best, and the points system seems to be more accepted than the weeks-program, even if the fixed-weeks are still more known.

For week owners, the cost to convert weeks to points is very high.

Because of the flexibility of the points-system, many timeshare owners would be happy to convert their weeks to points, but the fee they have to pay is absurdly high.

Nevertheless, both programs are essentially the same: It’s still a timeshare. These are some companies and organizations where you can find some timeshare points for sale:

  •    RCI Points®
  •   Wyndham Fairfield Resorts
  •   WorldMark
  •   Disney 
  •  Marriott 
  •  Hilton 

The amount of points that is required to stay at a certain type of unit, or at a certain period, will vary depending on the points value system provided by the resort.

As well as with regular timeshare units, there are numerous timeshare points for sale in different websites, and the price on the resale market is way less than the original purchase price.

If you are a points-owner willing to sell your timeshare points, there are a number of websites where you can list them, such as eBay, RedWeek or TUG’s, but don’t expect to sell them easily.

Timeshare points are hard to sell and there are still many people who don’t understand how they work.

On the other hand, if you want to buy timeshare points, it is always better to buy from the resale market that straight from the developer.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to save money, timeshare points are not the option. Travel agencies make vacation packages that end up being cheaper than owning a timeshare, without having any commitment with a resort.

We are not telling you not to buy timeshare points, but before making any purchase, it is important that you understand all the terms and conditions a timeshare contract establishes, and how timeshare points system works.

Want to get rid of your timeshare points?

Regardless how timeshares are presented, either as fixed weeks program or points-based system, it is a fact that there’s a huge number of timeshare owners who want cancel their contracts.

 If you are a points-type owner, and you want to get rid of your points, the fastest solution it is not by listing your timeshare points for sale.

Timeshares are hard to sell, and the most effective solution to get rid of them is by cancelling your original contract.

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