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Our staff at Mexican Timeshare Solutions have extensive knowledgeable about the timeshare scams perpetrated in the vacation ownership industry and our mission is to share articles about this changing industry in order to prevent innocent vacationers from purchasing timeshares fall under fraudulent premises.

Special Assessment Fees - Aren't Timeshares Supposed to Relieve Stress?

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A special assessment fee is a payment to the owner's association in order to offset an expense. This is an extra fee in addition to the ordinary maintenance fees.

Over the years, many timeshare developers have changed the wording of their contracts to better protect their interests.

Some timeshare owners are sent a bill for a special assessment...

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Reading Between the Lines: Unveiling Hidden Pitfalls in Timeshare Contracts

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You made an agreement with your husband not to purchase anything, no matter what you were going to be told at the timeshare sales presentation.

Then, why did you end up walking away with a nice briefcase full of paperwork and a $20,000.00 USD debt in credit cards?

When making large financial investments, it is very important to read the fine...

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Timeshare Upgrade: The Worst Decision, Avoinding Multiple Scams

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Salespeople working in the timeshare industry get excited when touring timeshare owners; why? Because chances are that they do not like their existing timeshare and are about to offer a "magical" solution: buy their timeshare under the promise they will sell their existing one for a profit.

Have you been in this situation? Learn how...

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Timeshare Debt Collections? Can The Resort Affect My Credit Score?

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The main reason people stick to their timeshares is that they are afraid that the resort will affect their credit score if they stop paying for it.

Learn the possible outcomes you, as a client, have to cancel your timeshare while also protecting your credit score at the same time.

My timeshare went into collections

Many clients contact...

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Seniors Suffer Over Timeshare Scams: Tactics Behind and How to Counteract Them

Timeshares are meant to be an investment tool to secure future vacations at a reasonable price. Learn why seniors are easy targets for resorts to fall prey to timeshare scams.

The timeshare contracts are normally made for a period of 25-30 years, and some for up to 99 years.

At Mexican Timeshare Solutions, we receive several calls and emails per day from seniors who have been taken advantage of for ...

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Timeshare Salespeople: Recognizing Players and Avoiding Scams in Mexico

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Buying at timeshare full of decisiveness is not a one-man job.

There is a process that starts from the timeshare salespeople that contacted you at the airport, the street or the lobby of your hotel to the last person, which would be the customer service department.

Learn the role each of these employees plays.

Timeshare sales are carefully...

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Grand Miramar – The Upcoming Player in the Timeshare Scam Industry

The companies that are involved in fraudulent timeshare sales in Mexico, change rapidly, and we at Mexican Timeshare Solutions are committed to informing travelers to Mexico about the newest perpetrators of timeshare fraud.

Be aware of Grand Miramar selling practices so you don´t fall victim of timeshare scam on your next vacation to Vallarta.

We have been receiving more inquiries from timeshare...

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Timeshare cancellation or donation should not cost you upfront!

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Never pay upfront to cancel or donate your timeshare. If you do, you might be losing more money down the drain. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud when looking for relief from your timeshare purchase.

Timeshare cancellation

The timeshare industry is growing rapidly, with more companies preying on timeshare fraud victims.

If ...

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Getting Out Of Timeshare Contract:The Truth About it

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Getting out of a timeshare contract is not as easy as it sounds. Financial obligations were made, and the resort developer will not let you off the hook very easily.

Learn the most secure way to unload a timeshare that only gives you headaches.

Thousands of International travelers, particularly from the US and Canada, have fallen victim to...

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Timeshare RESALES = Timeshare FRAUD

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"A few months ago, I went to a sales presentation, and the sales representative asked if I was interested in selling my timeshare for about twice what I paid for it.

The offer was only available for that day, and we agreed to buy the timeshare.

We left a down payment of U.S. $4,000, and the remainder was to be financed over 3 years with ...

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