Grand Miramar – The Upcoming Player in the Timeshare Scam Industry

The companies that are involved in fraudulent timeshare sales in Mexico, change rapidly, and we at Mexican Timeshare Solutions are committed to informing travelers to Mexico about the newest perpetrators of timeshare fraud.

Be aware of Grand Miramar selling practices so you don´t fall victim of timeshare scam on your next vacation to Vallarta.

We have been receiving more inquiries from timeshare scam victims who have purchased memberships at the Grand Miramar Resort & Spa, which is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Previously, we did not receive many inquiries about this resort, but they have obviously changed their sales tactics to try to sell more timeshare memberships.

Unfortunately, they are using many of the fraudulent sales practices used by other resorts in the area to boost their sales, the most common being the rental or resale scams.

GM is partnered with a few different resale and rental companies; however, the most recent one that they have been referring clients to is called High End Rentals.

The GM sales representatives assure prospective timeshare buyers that High End Rentals will sell their previously owned timeshare for a profit in order to cover the cost of the new membership.

They also make false promises that they will rent out the new GM weeks, so the timeshare can be purchased as a financial investment.

These rental and resale promises do not come to fruition, and are one of the most common timeshare scams used to induce clients into buying timeshares that they would not normally have purchased.

The disturbing aspect with the GM timeshare scams are the high ticket prices that the clients are paying for their fraudulent memberships.

With most timeshare companies, the price of the timeshare ranges from a few thousand dollars up to larger amounts; however, with GM, most of the memberships we have seen are over $25,000 US.

As outlined on the GM website, they claim to be a “a luxury development located high in the “Beverly Hills” of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”.

As a luxury property, they are able to attract affluent customers, who are good potential timeshare purchasers.

Often their clientele already own high priced timeshares, so they are more likely to purchase at a higher ticket price when offered the resale of their old timeshare for a greater value than what they purchased.

In addition, High End Rentals is charging clients several thousand dollars for the listing and transfer fees, a large increase over other rental and resale scam companies.

Most GM clients don’t realize upfront how much they are paying for this so-called service, because they are billed through GM directly, yet another difference from previous resale scams where the client was informed to contact the broker after they were home from their holiday, and at this point were informed about the additional listing fee.

The other disconcerting trend that we have noticed with the GM timeshare scam victims is the fact that most of them have paid their timeshares in full within a few months of their purchase.

With other timeshare companies, customers typically finance their purchase and pay it off over several years.

Obviously, the salesmen at GM are aware of the fact that their clientele can afford to purchase a timeshare in full, or have good credit and can finance their purchase at lower rates through outside sources.

This benefits the timeshare company, namely GM, because many of their clients have paid off their $25,000 + memberships before even realizing that they were a victim of timeshare scam.

In order to induce clients to pay, GM has High End Rentals state that they give preferential treatment for the rental plans and resale of previously owned timeshares to the Grand Miramar owners that have paid in full.

Until the client has paid off their membership, they will not receive the money for the resale of their old timeshare, or the rental income of their GM weeks.

Unfortunately, they are very convincing in enforcing this idea, and many clients end up paying off their memberships, only to realize later that the sale of their other timeshare will never go through, and they will be the owner of two timeshares with two corresponding maintenance fees.

Grand Miramar is very tricky in their timeshare scams, and even more recently, we have noticed that they are not issuing contracts on their own letterhead, but are now using the name “Platinum Access”.

These clients are also referred to High End Rentals. When the clients have problems, they are told that both Platinum Access and High End Rentals are separate entities, and therefore GM is not responsible.

However, the name of the company that charged for the Platinum Access membership and the High End Rentals fees on the credit card slips is GM.  This fact is an indication that these companies are all subsidiaries or affiliates of GM.

If you have been scammed by Grand Miramar or one of their timeshare companies in Mexico, please do not hesitate to contact us at Mexican Timeshare Solutions.

We would be happy to consult with you to provide you free information on how we can resolve your timeshare fraud situation.

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