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I Received a Fake Summons from the SAT for Tax Evasion After Trying to Sell My Timeshare

In recent years, timeshare owners have been targeted by scam companies posing as reliable intermediaries for reselling these properties. These companies use deceptive tactics to obtain contact information and trick customers with false promises. Here’s how these scams operate and how you can protect yourself from them.

The Scam Method

  1. Obtaining Information: Fraudulent companies acquire lists of...
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The Risks of Hiring Timeshare Resale Companies

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The concept of timeshare has been popular for decades as a way to enjoy vacations in luxury properties without incurring the high costs of ownership.

However, in recent years, numerous timeshare resale companies have emerged, promising to relieve owners of their obligations.

While it may seem tempting, hiring the services of these companies...

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